Saturday, May 31, 2014

Walk The Wall Registration opens June 2nd!

My daughter, was sponsored by International China Concern (ICC).  Each year, ICC organizes a walk-a-thon called Walk the Wall (WTW). Participants from all over the world sign up, get sponsors and walk, raising money for the many abandoned and disabled children in China.  WTW helps children just like they did for her!

I am coordinating the Indianapolis' Walk the Wall event.

Registration opens June 2nd!!  Please either register for the walk, or give a donation, or spread the word.  This is for an amazing, life changing cause!

2014 Walk the Wall in Indianapolis is Saturday, September 13, 2014 at Cool Creek Park and Nature Center. Registration is at 9:00am and the walk starts at 10:00am This is for families, all fitness levels, ages, strollers, bikes, you name it!

For more details see

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nehemiah 1-2

Today was a crazy day.  Just busy at work and busy at home.   I'm not complaining, I love being busy.  I can't stand being idle too long.  But now and then you do want a moment to collect your thoughts then be go, go, go!

Well, since Saturday, Ashton has had a sinus infection.  She has a terrible cough and sneezing with projectile snot.  So, I went to the doctor on Monday and she prescribed prednisolone for her.  She said that if Ashton wasn't better by Thursday to add amocicillin to knock it out of her.  Then she wrote me the prescription that day in case we were to use it.

Come today, Thursday, and my poor baby is still coughing and her nose non-stop running.  It's made her wake up cranky every morning.  She's just not quite her happy-go-lucky self.

So I head off to the drug store to pick up her prescription.  I drop off the script and look around the store.  I look at frames, newest makeup, things to pass the time.  I end up buying some hand lotion for work, for my bottle has been out for about a month, and it's to the point I'm using the pump stick to scrape the bottom of the container trying to get the last of the lotion out.  Then Ashton's name is called and I go back to the pharmacy to pay.

Then the price comes up.  $66!!  What?  I literally gasp.  The pharmacist exclaims, "What?"  I said, "It's 66 dollars!  I wasn't expecting that.  I just paid $1.50 a couple days ago for Ashton's prednisolone."  "Oh." and just brushed my shock off.  I then inquired more.  Did they use our insurance, did things change, why was this one so much more than the amoxicillin we've bought before for her.

I find out that this is amoxicllin and clavulante potassium.  So this added stuff increases the price significantly.

Now I know priorities, I think I have them pretty straight.  The health of your child is right up there with the most important priorities to take care of.  But it seemed ridiculous to pay that much to cure a runny nose.  I would buy it if I had no other options, but I had to try and see if there was another way.

Maybe at another pharmacy it's cheaper?  Maybe I can talk to the doctor and see if she can get straight amoxicillin with out the clavulatne potassium?  I had to try.  I didn't see it as not taking care of my child, but finding alternative to make it more affordable.  It just may be pushed back a day or so.

So I asked her to take it off and if I could have the script back.  The pharmacist said sure.

Then a hand laid on my shoulder.  I turned to the person beside me.  It was a sweet woman, about my age, shorter, but I couldn't place her.  My mind scrambled to think how does this woman know me?  But I didn't know who this stranger was.  I didn't even see her in line when I was waiting by the pharmacy.

She spoke, "God has put it on my heart to pay for your child's medicine."

I'm sure I turned red.  Yes, it was too much, but I wasn't looking for someone to pay for it.

"No, no, no.  That is so okay, thank you."  I was grateful, but also so flustered.

She never stopped holding on to my shoulder.  She kept it there like a tether. "Please, will you allow me to pay for your daughter's medicine."

"Really.  It's okay, I'm going to try and find it cheaper somewhere else."  I really wanted to take care of my girl, do the responsible thing and do it on my own.  How would it be if someone else paid for my daughter's medicine.  I'm not that desolate.

She just repeated herself, "Please, will you allow me to pay for your daughter's medicine."  And that's when I noticed and focused her simple gold cross necklace with what could have been a wedding ring on the chain with it.

That's when something clicked.  It was no longer about someone else paying, it was God saying let me take care of you.  I am here for you.  Please, don't deny me.

And how could I?  How could I deny God?  We so much want to control our lives and be in charge and take care of ourselves.  Could I step back and remember that it is God that leads my path, not me?  That it is His will, not mine.  I could tell no to this woman, but I could not tell no to God.

I nodded and said in a small voice, "Okay."  I can't remember if I thanked her, but I did ask, "What is your name so that I can tell Ashton that you and God helped her today."

She said, "Michelle".

She swiped her card and then turned on her heal and walked away.  She disappeared around an aisle.  After I got my medicine, when I walked out of the store, she was no where in sight.

I don't know why God chose today to give me a powerful God moment.  I love God moments, and this one was loud and clear!  I know that I am blessed; and I know that He is looking out for my amazing daughter.  I know that I will pay it forward one day.  I don't know how or when, but I will.  I am so grateful for Michelle today and for God to show me blatantly that he is watching over and caring for my daughter. I hope to be able to return the favor to someone else, when God has put it in my heart to do so.
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Picnics

Today was a busy day.  We had Families with Children from China's Memorial Day Picnic.  Ashton loved the playground, there were tons of slides and swings to choose from.  She just kept on going.  She was running about and only stopped to eat and drink.  Every time we'd step away for a "parent" break, she would be sad asking to go back to the playground.

Most of the families have daughters in their tween years.  But Ashton had fun with them too for a bit.  she would want to be chased or watch them with the big bubble makers or play with their dogs. She had a blast, but it was mainly because of the playground, which we will have to go back very soon to.

Then it was off to the family picnic. Ashton was excited to see LauLau and Grandma.  She kept asking over and over on the drive there if they would be at the picnic.  She was excited to see them, however, the horses were a bigger surprise and eclipsed her excitement to see her family.

My Godmother was giving Ashton's cousin, Ms. E (who is 6 years old), a little ride.  Ashton was eager to do the same.  No fear.  And got right on.  She was thrilled.  She was really gentle and calm and rode Chance around a couple times.  She even got to pet him which thrilled her.  She is so good with animals.  I was so proud of her.  Of course the moment she got off, she asked to get back on!

We then drove to Grandma's house to say good bye and cool off a bit before the ride home.  It was a busy, long day.

Ashton of course is her usual step always ready to go and on the move.  

She said good-bye and then we had a fun bath time with lots of bubbles, per her request.  Naturally, when rocking her to bed, she asked if she would get to go back to the playground.  My girl!
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sprinkling Bubbles

Today was a busy day.  Ashton thought looking stylishly cute, was out having fun riding her bike and Tinkerbell ATV.  

Her hair always surprises me, it's got so much body and wave, it's amazing to see how it decides to look day to day.  She's got great hair!

Ashton then after a bit she came to me asking to use her Hello Kitty water sprinkler.  She had so much fun.  She would run in and out and now and then sneak off and hug Daddy so he'd get wet!  It was great!

I love her in this picture... she looks so free.

Then she wanted her bubble machine (A little dog that blows bubbles), so we put her in a different dress that I didn't mind getting bubblefied.  And she loved it and wanted them blown in her face!

We had a great time together!  Sprinkler, bubbles... how can it get better?
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Friday, May 23, 2014

First Bonfire

We used to have bonfires in our backyard all the time. I don't know why, but we've just been too busy with other stuff over the last couple years and we've missed doing the bonfires.  

Tonight, we had a great bonfire with our neighbors.  They even brought a small firecracker to set off for the kids to enjoy.  Ashton got to stay up late and loved every bit of it.  She knew not to get close to the fire and sat with us watching it. It was a successful night!

Maybe next time we can do hot dogs and smores.  So much to look forward to!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bongo Drums

They're just so cute together.  Her devotion to her father is beautiful. And the fun they have is infectious!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Painting Pots

Ashton had fun painting her planting pot for her lima beans that she will be growing shortly at daycare.  They should ready to go in soil next week.

I've been very excited for her to do this project.  She will learn to take care of a living thing, to water and provide sunshine... it'll be great.
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Monday, May 19, 2014

So Far So Good!!

So I'm making dinner and So, today I went to wake Ashton.  Surprise!!!  No mess.  No naked baby!  No diaper on the floor or pajamas!  It worked!

Thank the Lord for small miracles!

Later that day we went to Lowes, Ashton found the July 4th display.  She played with the pinwheel for a bit then the American flag.

On the ride home I got this amusing entertainment.

I then put Ashton to bed in her backward pajamas again.  Hopefully, we'll have another successful night.

Before I go on to my next subject, I have to mention Ashton's love of ballet.  I was making dinner and I hear Ashton behind me telling me to turn around.  "See ballet, Mama! Look!"

I turn around and catch her doing this!! Sigh! That's my girl!

Then after I got home I spoke with International China Concern (ICC) about Walk the Wall (WTW) 2014.

 Walk the Wall 2014

Basically, I got this flier shown above.  Is asks to coordinate an event for our area to help raise money to provide life-changing services such as nutrition, medical care, therapy, vocational training and homes for life.  Just like ICC did for my girl at her SWI.

I am forever indebted to ICC and the Sanmenxia SWI for taking care of my daughter.  So, I decided why not, I'll start the first annual Walk the Walk in Indianapolis?

Basically, I've started a planning committee.  We're going to meet and select a location, distance and date for our Walk the Wall event.  ICC will provide the website, fliers, posters, shirts and event support.  We just need to publicize and encourage people to participate and fundraise.  I don't know how it will go, but I'm very excited.  

I am so grateful for getting a chance to give back to the organization that helped my daughter early in her life.  I can't wait to get started.  I have a million ideas and thoughts going through my head.  I hope it's a success.

So much to get started on, but I wanted to "officially" announce that Indianapolis will have a Walk the Wall walk-a-thon this year.  Update will be here and on the future webpage for Indy.  Keep an eye open!

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

To Go Forward, Maybe You Have to Go Backward

This has been a very challenging week.  

Ashton started potty training a few months ago, to her asking to go potty all on her own.  So we bought a toddler potty for her to use.  She was good several times then just stopped.  

We weren't concerned.  We thought she was trying too early and thought it would come back.  

Well, this week she started using the potty again, correctly.  It's great!  But there is this funny side effect.  When we lay Ashton to bed, in teh morning we have found her stark naked.  Her pajamas on the floor along with her diaper.  Her bed soaked!  We tried different pajamas... button, zip, regular, didn't matter, the diaper came off.

We didn't know what to do.  I read up online to see what others had done.  some mentioned that number 2 was involved in theirs!  i'm grateful we haven't gotten to that messy point.  

Well, I saw these Little Keeper Sleeper pajamas and thought, that's great, but I want something I can buy off the shelves now and not order.  I don't think I can take another long morning and the smell.  

My husband said why not turn her footie pajamas inside out.  I said that wouldn't work the zipper would still face front and you can't zip them in back because of the feet.... then I thought why not cut them off?

So tonight is experiment night.  We took one of her footsie zipper pajamas and cut the feet out and put it on her backwards.  By doing this perhaps we can have her not take her diaper off at night.

It's funny how the legs fit with the feet, but cut them off and she has capri type jammies.

Ashton didn't complain when we got it on her.  It looks odd, but hey, whatever works!!  And it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.

So we are hoping tonight will be a normal night with her diaper and pajamas on in the morning.  And we pray that she continues learning her potty training.

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