Thursday, April 24, 2014

The "S"

For months, my daughter has loved to color and will ask me to color with her.  She also will ask me to write out her name and as I do I spell it out for her.  Then she scribbles nonsense while spelling her name out loud.  Then she runs to me excited, showing me she has "written" her name as I view her scribbles.

Well, I know that she's too young to write letters properly yet, so I don't think much about her coloring.  I've noticed she can almost draw a straight line or circles, but it's mostly all over the place scribbles.  But she does love me to spell out her name and write it for her all the time.  And I love to her her spell it herself.

This morning when I woke my precious girl she pointed to my necklace and said, "S"!  I wore my initial pendant necklace this morning and was shocked she recognized the letter.  

It makes sense it's in her name.  It's the second letter in her name and I point it out and spell it out for her... but I never thought she recognized the letters.  This isn't reading by any sense of the word, but technically she read her first letter to me!  I think my girl is learning to recognize her alphabet!

I was so proud of her..  I made sure to give her a high five and have her brag about it to Daddy!

I think her "S" stands for my little Supergirl of a daughter!  She is learning by leaps and bounds!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Daycare Photos

Ashton's new daycare sends me photos of what Ashton does about every other day!  It's so nice to see how she's doing and to see a smile on her face!!!  I got another one today and thought I'd share a few from today and the past that were fun!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

First Easter

Ashton woke up too excited to eat breakfast.  She had eggs to search for and a basket of goodies to look into.

Here she is with her Easter goodies and her fox, Sassy, whom she picked out at the Zoo store the day before.

It's funny, because exactly a year ago we were coming home from China!!

Look at how much she's changed!!  We kept thinking about how she became an American citizen and got to meet her family and friends for the first time.  It was so surreal thinking about how much has happened in one year!!

Now look at her!  Her Grammy mentioned a "Tutu tomboy", and that's what Ashton is a "tutu tomboy"!  She's the best combo of both!

Of course Peyton wanted to see what was going on for Easter.  She loved chewing on the toy dog's bunny ears!

After seeing all was in the basket, we made our way outside for the egg hunt.  We are so grateful for the amazing weather.  Most Easter's are too cold for an outside Easter egg hunt!

Ashton did a good job finding the eggs.  She even found the hard to find golden egg.

Laulau came and she got a few extra goodies.

We all then went to church and then got a call from her Godparents asking if we can stop by before making our way to her Aunt's house.  So we did and she got another Easter basket.

We then made our way to Aunt D.'s home where we had a big meal and dessert.  Ashton had fun with all the toys and running around.  She even got another Easter basket!!!

Then we got home and the neighbor's invited Ashton to their Easter egg hunt!  Ashton looked for a few egg's then stopped ans just started eating the candy.

Ashton had a very busy day!  She really had a blast.  And we are overwhelmed with all the love she had gotten today by friends and family.  She had the BEST first Easter ever!
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Colorful Days

Thursday, a package from Ashton's Grampy and Grammy came in the mail  She got an Easter Basket from them with a small bunny, sidewalk chalk, and candy!  Ashton was ecstatic!  She rarely gets candy.  Thank you Grampy and Grammy it was a big hit!

Ashton has been "practicing" her violin and her feet positions.  We found out that the 1/32 violin is WAY too big for her and we would have to give up violin lessons if we couldn't find one that was her size.  So we found on that is 1/64 and a violin shop is working on it to be sure the bridge and tuning is all right before they give it to her.  I can't even imagine a SMALLER violin than the one we had gotten her.  However, this violin isn't a Ebay cheapie... this time we are getting her a "quality" violin, if you can believe that a 1/64 can be quality.  I shake my head even thinking this all, but Ashton really loves her violin and her teacher believes in her.  I'm really excited to see where it'll go.

Getting ready for bed Ashton put on her new Chihuahua jammies (in honor of Arwen and Amadeus). She's moving out of footie pajamas and into big girl jammies.  It's bittersweet.  However, I thought she looked SUPER cute in her new jammies so I stole a few shots.

Friday, we decided Ashton should play with the sidewalk chalk that Grampy and Grammy sent her.  I think the pictures show the intense fun she had with the colors!

Then our neighbor Mr. D wanted to play with Ashton.  He's only 3 months older than her.  They had fun riding their ATVs and Ashton loved his big wheel!

Then today Mr. D and Ashton had fun with bubbles!  It was Ashton's first time with bubbles!  It was a hit.

Then we went to the zoo.  Ashton was dying to see the polar bear.  We saw him twice.  First when we got in and last before we left.  The last time we were at the zoo was in October.  This was the first time she would name the animals.  She had a lot more interest.

It was a fun day, the weather was perfect!  And we're looking forward to a beautiful Easter tomorrow!!
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Different Way to "Play" the Violin

It's more conducting I guess, but regardless she cracked up doing it over and over.  I gotta say her laugh is infectious.

She still loves to play it the proper way.  I never have to encourage her to "pretend play" I have to encourage her foot positions when playing, but not to hold the violin... but now and then you have to throw those rules out the window and do something different... and this would be that.

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