Monday, January 27, 2014

Ready for My Close-Up

Whenever I whip my camera out and Ashton notices, she stops whatever I wanted to take that photo of and moves to the camera saying, "I see.  I see."  And I hadn't even snapped one photo yet.  

She loves looking at photos of herself.  Yet it's very hard for me to get the girl to pose or keep up what's she's doing to take a photo.

Yesterday,  I'm sitting on the couch while she's playing with her blocks and she comes up to me pointing at the camera.  I ask her if she wants to see photos on it.  And she shakes her head no.  I ask, "Do you want me to take your picture."  She nods and backs up and poses and I take a shot. 

Really strange.  She only wanted one shot.  And she was done.  She wanted to see it of course.  But what I found so odd is she didn't just stand there, looking straight on.  No, not my girl.  First she angled herself a bit away from the camera.  Then she was looking over her shoulder!  Then she stood there still as a statue, waiting for her photo to be taken.  Who does that?!?  She cracks me up.

So, here is the photo that Ashton asked for.  She's really amazing and hilarious! We'll see what her awareness for photography goes.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Cruella de Vil Laugh

Ashton has a few favorite songs, other than just "The Fox".  She also loves the song "Cruella de Vil"  I started singing it to her when she dressed up like her for trunk or treat.  I called it her theme song.  She liked it and continually has asked me to sing it.  

At a garage sale before that time she got a Disney kid's clip.  It's clips that plays Disney songs, and she can recognize them by the picture they have on the clips.  Her favorite has always been Sleeping Beauty's "Once Upon a Dream" which I sing to her almost every night.  Well, we just got her the Cruella song yesterday. 

She loves the laugh at the end best.  

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Singing the Fox Song Solo

Yes, another fox reference.  My girl loves the fox, what can I say?  But this time she isn't singing along with the video, she's singing it all by herself.  You may have to strain to hear it properly, this is toddler words, meaning no enunciation.  But it's definitely the song.

And what's great, the girl can multi-task like her Mama!  She loves to color!  She sings while doing things all the time.

Now if I can just get her to do the dance moves too!  She usually does the morse code tapping with her hand... it's a start.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Ashton was super cute today.  We were eating dinner and I was teaching her instead of asking "Down?" to say, "May I be excused?"

So we went word by word... but she wasn't even close on the word "excused".  It sounded more like "move".  So I tried syllable by syllable. "Ex" she got that. "cu"... she couldn't get the "skew" sounding part of "cu"... and it went all down hill from there.

I was laughing so hard and so was she.  I asked her to hold on and I grabbed my phone and tried to record how she said it and to show her fits of laughter.  I obviously got her misusing the word, and a bit of a giggle, but it doesn't compare to how we were previously.

She's such a joy!  Even her miscommunication or pronunciation is funny!

But not everything is happy go lucky.  She is asserting her independence and we're noticing her testing us and telling us no and seeing what the consequences are.  She still has trouble getting to sleep but it's been touch and go... one night down the other 2 hours of trying and no good.  She's exhausting and can work on your patience.

But it's all stuff... it's nothing compared to how amazing she is and the joy she brings.  This is life and I'd be worried if there weren't downsides.  There has to be a balance.  But overall I think we're blessed to have a very well behaved, loving and funny child.

For example she's like to still watch "What Does the Fox Say?" music video on YouTube.  If I could just buy the video and download it on iTunes (not just the music) I would.  Now and then there's a commercial.  She never understood.  I'd try and explain.. but it didn't work and during the commercial she's saying, "Fox, Fox, Fox...."  It got annoying.

So I'd tell her "Comercialllllll" all silly like, and she raise her head and hands and join in.  Now it's a game.  It's like she looks forward to them to say "Commercial!"  all long and drawn out!  Now and then we swap the word with "Patience".  It's funny how we try to make thing interesting or teach a child who doesn't understand how to wait.   It's a sweet thing... I hope to capture on video one day.   But this is an example of her quirky, silly personality I just love!  Can't wait for more, like today's "Can I be excused?"
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ashton Getting Ready for Bed

Ashton was wearing a turtle neck today, and anytime it's time for Dad to dress or undress her it's always an adventure.  He has trouble finding buttons or knowing what end goes where.  It's hilarious.  I go upstairs hearing them laughing, finding this!!

What a crazy pair!  I love it!

I started getting her ready for bed, of course starting off with picking out some books!

She was just in the best mood and wasn't ready for bed at all.  She didn't want to sleep.  It's so hard to resist not wanting to stay up with her and make raspberries, or sing or whatever her happy little voice asks.  Even moving and fluffing the pillow is funny.  

Today she was overly huggy and kissy... I loved every moment!  She even said thank you for the first time without promoting.  I'm so glad I have an affectionate, sweet daughter!
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting the Cast Off

I have no idea if Ashton had any idea if she knew she was getting her cast off.  But I dressed her up in a fox and gold to celebrate.  She looked adorable!

Is my bow in place?

Can I go upstairs?

Fine, I'll come down

You only get one good shot from the 20 you try to take.

At the hospital, she wanted to take Jacques her "travel" fox who is always in the car with her inside.  So we let her.  She was pushing him all around the room on the doctor's chair.  I only got the last couple seconds of it before the nurse came in.

He took a saw circular saw and was cutting open the cast.  Ashton cried and shook but never jerked away.  I thought she was being so brave for being obviously so scared.

Once it was opened Ashton wanted to put on her boot.  But they wouldn't let her.  They wanted to do follow up x-rays.

So we did the x-rays, again Ashton was scared like crazy, and cried, but stopped the moment we said, "All done."  She said, "All done." and was happy to go back to the waiting room.

She was very scared to show her foot to the doctor after the xrays, so the doctor said for her to go ahead and put on her boot, since Ashton kept asking for it anyhow.  Then the doctor pretended to look at the boot while feeling out her leg.  Ashton felt better.

Everything looks good!  So Ashton got to walk back through the hospital until we got outside.  Then we carried her.  She was so happy to walk again, but also acted like she never wore a cast and was just fine.

But she did love trying on all her shoes again once we got home!  What an amazing girl!
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Last Night in a Cast

Tonight is Ashton's last night in a cast.  So we wanted to take the last photos... unless we remember in the excited of getting it off tomorrow to take any.

We told her it's coming off and she'll have 2 shoes tomorrow, but we don't know if she understands.

What we do know is she loves tap dancing in her cast.  I wonder if she'll still have that enthusiasm after it's off.

I thought it's be really hard with her in it.  But it hasn't been too bad.  But we can't wait to run and play together, cast free, tomorrow!!
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Sleep in Half

Today was a silly day.  Ashton was just all giggles and silliness.

When it was time to rock her to sleep she kept adjusting the thow pillow behind her head.  She was laying across my arms and moved the pillow over her feet.  She then bent over and laid her haed on the pillow over her feet so she was bent at the waist.  She then settled down and was rocked to sleep in that position!

Of course I had to lay her back right.  In doing so she woke up and it took me twice as long to rock her back to sleep.  But it was so funny to have her bent over the pillow sleeping with all this space to my right.

Like I said, silly girl.

The last several weeks I've been "reading" (more like pointing to pictures and flipping back and forth between pages at fast speed) a new story to Ashton.  Every month or so, give or take, we cycle out her books we read.  She has a small collection of board books and we keep her couple favorites and everything else cycles back into her book shelf and about 6 or so go next to the chair to be read before bed time.  

Now her favorite story to read is one that was bought a couple months ago.  I just happened to pick it up for the new book cycle.  This board book had 4 short stories about animals.  One is a pig, one a fox, one a cat and lastly a lamb.  Seeing the fox on the cover with the other animals, I thought she'd really like it.  The girl is fox crazy!!!

We went straight to the fox story.  We saw a baby fox jumping over a log.  Then we saw him crying out in pain.  Next page is him with a "cast" on his leg, just like Ashton.

Ashton points to that picture every night and delights in the association.  She loves that he has an owie just like her.  She points to his owie, and I say yes he has a cast too, an owie like Ashton and he's getting better.

Who knew when LauLau bought this board book months ago that it would hold such significance for Ashton.  

The last page of them shows the baby sleeping with his mama.  I try to tell her to go to bed like him, but of course, she doesn't care about the sleeping page, she likes to see him in the cast like her.

Of course we go over and over that story then on to other stories and back to this one.  I love that it's a fox, it's his leg, and that she loves the "story" so to speak.  It's perfect for her right now.

It's one of those perfect God moments that worked out perfectly for us.  And I appreciate Him helping out in these important details like this.
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Brother's Last Night

Today my brother goes back to Hawaii.  It'll probably be another few years will we see him again.

So for his last night we all went out to dinner.  Ashton had a blast.  She kept stealing tomatoes!  She loved the tomatoes from the salad.

She even fed her fox some tomatoes... which I then had to get the tide stick to get the red stain out of his white fur.

Ashton ate a bit of salad, some chicken, pasta, strawberry, and her favorite a plate of whipped cream.

When we got home we played Pictionary Man.  Ashton loved seeing what we were all doing and would repeat the words we blurted out guessing.

My brother did a hula... and of course Ashton thought it was hilarious and started copying him.  It was very cute.

Then we got her in her pjs and she had fun running around the table we were playing.  She didn't want to go to bed, but staying up for an extra hour did wear her out and she fell asleep pretty easily. 

It was a good farewell night.

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Friday, January 10, 2014


2 nights ago after 3 hours of trying I gave up trying to get Ashton to sleep and left the room telling Daddy it was his turn.

Sometimes she just has to try it out for about 10 minutes and then she falls to sleep.  But this time she would wail if we shifted, try to leave.  It was awful.

My hubby tried for some time and to no avail.  So he decided to have Ashton sleep with me in our big bed and after a few hours he would take her to her room.

Remembering China, and now her with a cast, I didn't think this was a good idea.  She's a thrasher as am I.

I laid down and she laid down, her head in the crook of my arm.  Our Chihuahuas would sleep downstairs that night for their safety.  Of course once Dad left she tried to get up and I'd have to talk her back down.  I kept telling her we were sleeping.  Eventually she ended up on her belly her leg and arm wrapped tightly around me and "sleeping".  I was afraid to move.  But she finally settled down. 

I can't say I slept, but I would go in and out.  Eventually Daddy came to get her and she wailed again.  So he just stayed with her in her room.  He did mention that he wished he got a picture of us cuddled together.  He thought it so sweet.

Needless to say yesterday I was dragging at work and Ashton slept very well during nap time at daycare.

We were worried about last night.  I had nothing left in me to stay up with her.  But Daddy rocked her for about 45 minutes and she cried her usual cray and after 10 minutes was asleep.

I don't know why the usual night the time before, but I'm glad it wasn't the new usual.  All I can figure it starting up daycare again after a long break.

This morning she was her cheerful self.  I put her in Ms. M's dress she got Ashton for Christmas.  I even STRETCHED her stockings over her cast and added a big pink sock to match her pink boot on the other foot.

You can't see the big bow design on it, but it's a gorgeous dark blue with blue glitter sewn in. 

Her little hair flips crack me up! And even with her cast, her favorite thing to still do is go up/down the stairs.

Only one with eyes open, but of course out of focus!

I tell her to smile and this is the cheesy grin I get with eyes closed.  She hates the flash

I wanted her too look good for my brother who will visit her at daycare today and have a farewell diner together tonight.  Then's he's back to Hawaii.

Mentioning Ms. M.,  here is her new bundle of joy that was born on New Year's Eve - Mr. S.  

His big sister is good with him stoking his hair and giving him kisses.  I'm so glad everyone is adjusting.
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today I went to pick up Ashton and was in the hallway getting her coat out of the cubby.  A mom with two children asked me if I was Cheeky's mom.  

I said, "Sorry.  I don't know anyone named "Cheeky."

She said, "Not Cheeky, Chicky."


She said, the little Asian girl.

I said, "You mean Ashton."

She told me her son Mr. G loves Ashton and knows her by Chicky.  She asked him over Christmas break if he missed his teachers and he said he missed Chicky.  She said he is so smitten with Ashton.

I went into Ashton's classroom asking if my daughter was called Chicky.

Her teacher was still there and said yes, she was called Chiquie, short for Chiquita.  She said it meant small.  And lots of students couldn't say Ashton so they said Chiquita or Chiquie for short.  I never knew she had a nickname at daycare.

I find it fascinating the nicknames she's picking up.  

Mighty Mouse

I'm sure she'll get small nicknames her whole life.  Luckily Thumper isn't about her size but being born the year of the rabbit.  I can't wait for more nick names to come.
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ashton and Food

It's been super cold being -12 or whatever, but with the wind chill it was roughly -45.  So with it being super cold and snowing about 12 inches, Indianapolis was pretty much shut down on Monday and some still on Tuesday.

So Ashton and I had LOTS of bonding time.

The other night we tried cheese fondue.  She loved it. she loved dipping the bread in over and over!

Tonight we had Ashton help make brownies.  She helped pour in the ingredients and she helped hold the mixer!  At the end she got to lick the spatula!

She giggled the whole time she ate the brownies when they were done.  I think she felt like she was getting away with something!

The last couple "snow/freeze" days were fun, but am glad we're going to have warmer temps tomorrow.
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting Off the New Year

Ashton as usual didn't miss a beat and didn't sleep in.  She was up her typical time and ready to go.  Of course while waiting on Daddy to get ready, we watched a little Muppets.  Ashton loves Beaker's version of Ode to Joy.  She knows all the words ;)

We stopped by the theater for a New Year's breakfast and headed to the Children's Museum.  We got annual passes for Christmas.

Last time we were there in May while my Dad and PJ visited.  This year it was just the three of us... but we did hit some of the same sites.  See a difference 7 months makes.

In the car New Year's Day

In the car Memorial Weekend 2013

Terra Cotta Warrior New Year's Day

Little more interested?

Terra Cotta Soldiers in May 2013
We first went down the yule slide.

Of course she loved it.  Then we went in to a place where you got elf ears and got to be in a winter wonderland.  Ashton went sock skating, though not long.

She went ice fishing.

Ashton then went down a MUCH shorter slide over and over.  The girl loves stairs and slides.

Then we went to another section where she played some music and drew a few art pieces.  

We tried the carousel again, but Ashton was afraid.  She'd sit in a chair, but not ride an animal.  It didn't matter if Mommy or Daddy were with her.  She rode a giraffe last time with her Grampy and rode a horse with Daddy in Hong Kong.  But now, no way.  Don't know if it's just the wrong day or if she really is scared to.

That's about it.  We did a few other things, but kept the visit brief.  With her cast and her wanting to walk everywhere, we just didn't want to do too much.

We came home for lunch and a nap... for all of us!

We headed back out for some grocery shopping and had some dinner.  Ashton fell asleep fast with on fussing a short time.  My hubby and I decided to watch a movie, which we used to do all the time, and now is a forced, timed luxury.  We made time for our movie, "Stranger Than Fiction", that we hadn't seen in a few years, and enjoyed the down time.  Then it was off to bed.

It was a nice day.  A good day to start off the year.  
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ringing in 2014

We just got back from a New Year's Eve party!  And Ashton had a blast!

We visited with friends and Ashton had fun with a couple older girls and running around in circles and eating new fun foods.

I didn't ever have her stay up later than 10pm the latest before.  We usually have her in bed around 8-8:30pm.  So we were curious to see when she'd run out of steam tonight.

Come midnight, she rang in the new year with all of us.  She had her bottle too to cheer in the new year.

She didn't conk out until 1am!  We then left and she woke up crying in the car seat.  We got her changed out and ready for bed.  She cried for one minute and was out!

Don't see this again until ringing in 2015, but for a 1 day a year thing, not bad. 
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