Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Casting

Definitely a memorable Christmas.

Today we went to Peyton Manning's Children's hospital to see what they wanted to do with Ashton's leg.  She walked on it with a limp and they were so surprised how well she was doing, saying she shouldn't be walking.

They would put her in a boot as she's obviously not in any real pain, to be sure it's protected, but a two year old would just rip it off.  Especially, this girl who loves taking shoes and socks off all the time.

So they decided to cast it.

After they wrapped the first one (before the cast), Ashton pushed out her other leg for them to wrap.  We chose a red cast for her.  We could have chosen green with little Santas on them for her, but with Christmas tomorrow, we didn't want her wearing Santas in January.  But if they had reindeer, we would have done it.  She's crazy about her reindeer.

She started fussing and crying when they had to press on the sole of the cast, to make the bottom flat for her to walk.

They told us that kids are usually wary of the cast and may not walk on it for 3 days or so.  

We were also told:
1) Keep a sock on it at all times, it will scratch wooden floors and her toes are exposed and should remain warm

2) It could itch, and she may jam pencils, spoons, anything up there, so keep a close eye.  By keeping a sock on, it helps alleviate that problem.

3) It can be submersed in water, but all that dirtiness, always rinse it will clean water inside out after any bath to keep clean.

4) Watch when changing diapers or holding her.  You can get a black eye or broken nose if she swings her leg.

5) Keep a boot or anything with a high sole on the other foot for balance.  Don't let her walk around barefoot.

We left to Kohls immediately to buy some socks for her cast.  She wanted to walk and not be held.  She did beautifully.  She walked VERY slowly, and not always holding our hand.   3 days for kids to get used to it?  Wow, Ashton only took half an hour!

They said she only had to wear it for 2 weeks.  We scheduled an appointment and the earliest they had was January 15th.  So it's coming off in 3 weeks.

We're spending Christmas at the in-laws tonight.  It will be interesting how Mr. K, her cousin will respond to her cast.  I'm sure she'll get extra spoiling these next two days!
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