Thursday, November 28, 2013

First Thanksgiving

Today we got to celebrate Ashton's first Thanksgiving.  She was so cute today.  She still had a bad cough and congestion, but no fever!

Regardless, she was ready to play and have fun.  This year we wanted Ashton's first Thanksgiving at home.  Especially now that she has a double ear infection and congestion to fight off.  My mom and Grandma were coming over for Thanksgiving and Ashton kept looking out for them.

Are they here yet?

Don't you just love her turkey butt?

Can I shut myself in?

I don't see them.

Ashton adores Kiki.

Where are they?

Should I drive and pick them up?

They got here and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Of course, Ashton decided to play peek-a-boo with everyone going in the bathroom and opening and shutting the door with her inside.  She thought it was a hoot.  She'd sht herself in in the dark and everything.  Then she was shut in a little too long and this is what I found!

I did it all myself!
She's never done it before, but I guess it's because we usually have the dog/baby gate up and she can't get to that room.  But with my Grandma here, we took down the gates, and surprise!

I think she wanted to help decorate for Christmas?

What's funny is it all went with her!

I think I'm celebrating the wrong holiday.

Can I still dress up as a mummy?

Time to get another role!
We sat her down for her first Thanksgiving.  She seemed to like the green-bean casserole, hated ham, liked the turkey, some mashed potatoes, loved the stuffing, loved pumpkin pie, hated corn, and liked cornbread.

Her feet say, "Gobble"!!  Too cute!

Wearing her Thanksgiving bib.

Time to dig in!

I'm so hungry I need 2 forks!

Of course like any toddler, she dirtied her outfit and so I changed her into a cute one.  But I couldn't get her to smile for the life of me.  But she was holding on tightly to her newest BFF, her fox.

I'm so thankful this Thanksgiving for my amazing daughter!  She's a blessing.  I can't believe God put this girl into my life.  I can't wait to celebrate more holidays with her.

Happy Thanksgiving.
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sick as a Turkey

When I dropped Ashton off, I knew she wasn't feeling good.  I told her daycare that I gave her some advil fever reducer that morning as she seemed crummy, but no fever, but I wanted to play it safe.   She also sounded congested.  But with my husband out of town the last few days and work looming in front of me, I had to drop her off.

Around 4pm I got a call from the daycare.  Ashton got a fever.  I picked her up and took her to the pediatrician.

They said she was congested, but not to bad, the cough was doing her good to keep her lungs clear.  But she also had 2 ear infections.  I was surprised by that, as she didn't tug on her ears or act differently.  I thought other than the cough and congestion, she was acting like herself.  

So today she stayed home (as I worked from home) as I medicated her for ear infections, fever, cough, and congestion.  But she was full of mischief, playing with the pups, her toys, bathing anything in the dog bowls of water, and wanting to see the "What Does the Fox Say?" video over and over and over.

Of course on this very cold, blistering day the dogs were all huddled up together.  They were so cute.  

Dawson, Arwen, and Skylar prepping for Thanksgiving.

Or course Ashton wanted in on the action and they all scattered but lazy Skylar!

Ashton loving on Skylar.

Daddy came home tonight and Ashton was so happy to see him.  He came back with gifts for being gone.  He brought her a little stuffed llama and a fox.  She was crazy about the fox.  She even went to bed tonight with the little fox.

We're hoping she'll be feeling fine for Thanksgiving tomorrow.
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Within the Pages There is a Pirate

For those who know me know I love pirates!  There's a long list of reasons why, but there you have it.  My husband and I even thought of making a pirate nursery at first.  Seriously.  

We now and then call our girl our little pirate.  She's a wonderful mix of girly-girl and tomboy.  We love it.  It feels well balanced between playing with blocks, cars, legos, to holding dolls, reading books, and having a shoe fetish.

When my Dad, Ashton's Grampy, and Grammy sent Ashton a beautiful book for her birthday, I of course checked out the site to see if I could get her one too.  I love personalized stuff.  And I love books.  So personalized books touch my heart, and I hope Ashton's too once she understands more.

Well, I saw the I See Me books had a pirate book, "My Very Own Pirate Tale"  It has beautiful illustrations that spell out her name.  Well, to make it a little different from Grampy and Grammy's I added her middle name.  I knew I wanted to get her something personalized and fun for Christmas.  I ordered it promptly!  

Of course, I couldn't stop there.  I was hungry for more.  I had to scour the internet to see if there were any more personalized pirate books out there.  And I hit the jackpot.  I came across Flatten Me.  And this one not only uses her name, but uses her photo to make her a pirate pictured in her own book! So I ordered the book "Ashton and Here There Be Pirates"!  Score! I ordered one of those too!

And both just came in!!

Aren't they awesome?

I can't wait to give it to her for Christmas.  Again, I don't think she'll really get it, and since it's not a board book, she won't get to handle it too much and it will be more for when she won't try to bend or tear pages, but I love the concept.

At Flatten Me there are 2 other books I'm eyeing.  One about fairies and one about mermaids.  I'm thinking that maybe each Christmas I will get her a new Flatten Me book with a new picture of her in it.  I hope she'll love them.  If not, I do!  I love beautifully written and illustrated Children's books.  And if she has no regard for them, I'll treasure them.  But I can't imagine any kid not loving to see themselves in a book.

Again, we'll have to be very careful as I don't want her to ruin the book.  But I'm thrilled with it!

I already have a hidden stash of things for her for Christmas.  I think all my shopping is almost done, just a few stocking stuffers and odds and ends.  I don't like to shop during the mad rush after thanksgiving unless it's off a computer.  I hate the crowds.  

I love this girl so much.  She brings in an amazing light to the world and gives hope and laughter.  I want to continue to nurture that and teach her the love of God and Christ and hope that she is thankful and giving.  I hope this Christmas, though there will be decorations, carols, presents, that she also learns the meaning behind it all.  That Christ was born for us, our Savior.  She may be too young to understand, but I hope she starts getting that it's not about Santa, but Jesus. 

But I don't want to get ahead.  I like having my holidays in order, and I don't want to shove Thanksgiving aside.  I'm looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We're having one at our house and one at my sister-in-law's house.  So a busy day.  And I'm thankful for it all.
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trying to get a Photo with Santa

When we got Ashton's Claire, we saw a line of kids wanting to visit Santa.  I know Ashton is too young, and she didn't look dressed for the part, but I wondered if she'd do it if she had time with no line.

I know it's not after Thanksgiving... but I knew Ashton would be scared of Santa and thought it'd be a good idea to go get her photo done before Thanksgiving so we'd have more time to have her warm up to him with no line.

So tonight after dinner I dressed my girl up in her Santa dress.  Oh, she looked so precious!  

We even got a little tap dancing number out of our little Santa.

Before we sent we "practiced" with her deer Claire. She didn't want to sit.  But we got her to "sit" long enough for a shot or two.  Pretty much what we were expecting with Santa.

Then of course when not being told where to sit or how to pose we get cute shots of her loving her deer.

Then we're off to see Santa.  We arrive at 6:40.  And there's no Santa there, the seat is empty.  Of course!  That would be our luck.  But then we see a small sign that says "Will return" with a clock set at 7:10.  So we decided to burn half an hour.

We went through the Lego store, the Disney store, and passed by others without buying her one thing.  She didn't seem to really want anything, just enjoyed walking around and taking it all in.

Finally it hit 7:10 and we walked up.  She freaked out!  She wouldn't get within 10 feet of him.  He offered her a sucker. No.  He offered for us to sit with him. No.  He got up behind the chair so she could sit in front. No.  tried to get her near him just by his feet. No.  We tried on and off for about an hour!!  Nothing.

I'm not the kind of parent that wants to have the wailing baby with Santa photo.  Some are like that's reality, that's how it is and it funny.  But I don't want to freak her out.  She has had so many things to fear in life, I don't want her not to trust us.  So we aren't opting for that type of photo.

We put on her jacket and I tell her to say bye.  She says bye and waves.  I then ask her,"Won't you hug Santa bye?"  She goes up to him, almost to his feet then chickens out and runs back to me.  We almost had it!

We are discussing trying to take her back on Monday or Tuesdays when it not crowded and try again, until it works.  It may never, or maybe by Christmas Eve she'll take a photo.  We'll see.  Maybe we're nuts or maybe this is the perfect thing.  I know it won't be the "perfect photo" and it's not all that important.  But I'd like to try.  If not not big deal, but if so, it could be worth it.  And any way it ends, I'm sure it will make for a great story.

Let's see what the next week will bring.

Ashton - 1, Santa - 0 

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Sunday, November 17, 2013


Today we stopped by the mall to pick up a "must have" sweater for Ashton.  The store was out, but able to order online with free shipping, which I couldn't of gotten if I ordered online from home.  So it was worth it!  

As I checked out I bought some cute fox ears on clearance for Ashton.  Oh what that girl doesn't look cute in!

Walking back we passed Build-A-Bear.  Our girl is rarely into stuffed animals, Jean and Violet being the exception.  But I thought take her in and see if anything peaked her interest.

We showed her pandas - no interest.  Showed her the cutest holiday rabbit.

No interest.  We showed her penguins, Hello Kitty, bears, My Little Pony... nothing!  Then she sees it.  It's already stuffed, dressed, on skates, and has a lead to pull so she "walks" with you.  She likes her.  She has fun pulling her around. (When trying to walk our dogs, though small, she ends up dropping the lead when they pull.  No problem with this one.)  But we're not sure.  We walk her over to the unstuffed versions.  She grabs the unstuffed doll to her chest.  I guess we're buying her her first build-a-bear.  (But no skates, shoes, collar, lead... maybe as stocking stuffers down the road.)

Ashton picked Clarice from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

We even bought the red and green polka dot dress.  Just no accessories.

Ashton was scared of the noise of them filling her doll up with fluff.  She got 2 hearts to pick from.  An all red glittery one or a red and white gingham print one.  Ashton picked the gingham heart.  She kissed it before they put it inside the doll.  Then they sewed her up.

Ashton was so happy.  They put the dress inside a house box and put Clarice inside.  We call her Claire for short, as it was easier for Ashton to say.  So Claire doesn't fit in the house boxes like most build-a-bears do.  Her head popped out.  

And if anyone knows about my Miss Independent.  She loves to carry bags, purse, anything.  She was determined to carry Claire back to the car.  And she walked the entire length of the mall back to our car dragging Claire behind her.

We heard lots of "How cute" and saw smiles as Ashton dragged the box behind her with her with happy determination.  Oh, how I wish I got video of her doing it.  But I got a few quick photos.

It was a very heart-warming moment.  It was great seeing her so happy.  Claire is taller than all our dogs.  

We think she loves it because it looked like a Chihuahua.  But we'll never really know.  Maybe it was just the skates... which she doesn't have. Ha!  Regardless, this was a fun memory!
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Captured Moments

Just found a couple of pics on my husband's camera that were taken.

Here is a picture of Ashton and Daddy on Sunday.  They look so sweet together.

And before our Christmas shoot, here is Ashton in her Chinese traditional outfit ready to go... just needs shoes.  That girl always takes her shoes off!  Yes she looks great then, but wait 'til you see her with background and all Chritmasfied!

She just takes my breath away!

As for today, after work I picked up Ashton and she was a mess.  She was screaming crying.  She did so for about an hour.  It was hard!  She just hates the car seat and I was runnign earrands before going home.  She didn't appreciate it.

She didn't calm down when we got home either.  Not until she ate.  She always cries when in the car seat.  She hates being restrained, whether it's being held, in her high chair, car seat, crib... she doesn't like it and wails constantly.  It's hard for us to gauge what is her just not liking being in control and what may be triggering orphanage memories.  We may never know.  But we try to balance her "restraint" as much as possible.

After eating she was totally sweet and all smiles.  She was very chatty and wanted to read to us and she danced for us and was a great entertainer.  

She can be so amazing and light up a room.  She played wither her little people and was sharing her books reading it to us and laughing at the duck who's head is under water.  She kept saying "duckie butt".  She would crack herself up and we'd crack up right with her.  Then she'd hear music and sway back and forth giggling and clapping.  My heart soars when I see her thriving on life like this.

I also got a lot of hugs and cuddles today, which I particularly adored.  I think she's moving away from just being a daddy's girl and being a parent's girl.  I'm loving that she's warming back up to me!

Friday is picture day at school... I thought there was only 1 picture taken at school, but I guess I didn't get the memo that kids today get fall, winter and whatever occasion that can the thought of photos now.  So Friday is holiday picture day.  We'll see... I already have the Christmas photos I want, so they'll have to be amazing.  

Of course true to life, she has a scratch on her nose again.  Just in time for pictures on Friday.  I don't know how she got it, and I'm sure it was nothing.  Just had it yesterday when I picked her up from daycare.  I know kids always get into scrapes, but I swear, Ashton only gets face nicks right before photos only! Ha!

I'm eager for Thanksgiving to get here so I can decorate for Christmas.  I can't wait to see Ashton take it all in.  Who knows, maybe a tree in the house won't capture her attention.  But I think she'll love it and squeal at the fun ornaments and love the music and lights.  This will be a very special Christmas this year.
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Catching My Breath

You think things would have slowed down after her birthday.  However, we still are having crazy weekends and it seems I'm not catching up.  But that's okay.  I love living in the moment with our little girl.

Saturday we were out and about... Ashton was being really good.  That night we had date plans with friends our ours and Lau Lau came over to babysit.  For the first time my mom emailed a bunch of photos of her while we were gone.  These are what I got on my phone and got to see during intermission.

She loves wearing her fox and loves Jean her dog.


Ashton and Black Beauty

Lau Lau said she was saying, "I love you" here.

Yesterday we went and got family photos taken for Christmas.  We don't have them yet, but we won't reveal them anyhow until after the Christmas cards go out.  I'm very excited about the postcards we'll be sending out.  Only 1 family photo came out... and several of just Ashton.  But it's really hard to get a toddler to look at the camera and smile when with her parents it seems!  Whew!  I'm glad we got 1, but I was hoping for several.  she behaved every well.  She loved running in circles and playing with the Legos which she shared well with the other kids, but by the end of it she was done and wanted to go home.

Then it was the Colts game of course and then our neighbors were moving out and we were saying goodbye to them.  Then Daddy was raking leaves.  Of course Ashton wanted to take over.  I wish I got a photo of Asthon raking leaves... she was so cute about it.  Maybe next time.

Then I got a couple of videos.  She asks for "Fox" almost every day.  And we watch it about 5 times in a row.  She loves to watch it.  I swear once she said the entire thing, "What does the fox say?", and I was thrilled.  I tried to get her to say a full sentence to Daddy, but of course she didn't say a word.  We're lucky for 2 word sentences, so repeating that, was blowing my mind.   But we'll see if it ever happens again.

Then we almost successfully captured her signing her ABCs.  She's amazing.  Her comprehension astounds us.

Today I took her to daycare and this time let her walk in rather than carry her.  She let me take off her jacket and go.  No crying!!  I wonder if walking helped or if it was a coincidence.  I'm eager to try again tomorrow!
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Then and Now

Mom found some pictures.  This is the best one of the outfit I wore when I was about 18 months, and Ashton at 2 years.  

I was a cute kid, huh?  But man, sparse on the hair... makes me wonder about Ashton's thick hair and how much thicker will it get?

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