Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween... Sort Of

If you look at my blog in years past, I talk up Halloween every October and wanting to take my daughter out trick-or-treating.  I mainly focus on the costume and what I want to dress her up as... but regardless Halloween is what it's all about.

This year, due to severe weather, Indianapolis and the surrounding townships are moving the official trick or-treat times to Friday or Saturday!  In November!  

The severe weather risk includes all of Indiana.  Mostly time of the severe weather is this evening.  Biggest threats are damaging winds and a few tornadoes   It's rained all day and wind gusts hitting around 40 mph.

I know many parents are happy about this as it's better for their kids not on a school night and avoiding the severe weather.  I get it... but I remember going out in an ice storm trick-or-treating.  There was no make up daty.  And I never did it so long that it interfered with homework or tests... you had one day and you just did it, in snow, rain, whatever.  The weather typically sucked.  The ice storm was the worst!

It feels wrong to ignore today.  Today is Halloween, but pretty much everywhere is celebrating it tomorrow on November 1st.  And we do plan on trick-or-treating tomorrow with the rest of Indiana.

I can't let today go by like it doesn't exist.  There are plenty of holidays I wanted to "move" because it didn't fit the weather.  Heck if Halloween is now based on weather have it the beginning of the month when it's still warmer!  Not in November!  But whatever... I digress.

So, since we want to celebrate the day, somehow, today - we decided we'd dress Ashton up (not in her official Halloween costume, but one I used before) and take her to Silly Safaris Animal Halloween Show.  It was free and inside.  They were having a costume contest, and treats, and animals.  Sounded like a fun time.

We took Ashton and she loved the dogs she saw, but didn't care one inch about the show.  She was bored and wanted to run.  So it was all lost on her.  I loved the show and seeing all the animals.  Ashton started front seat, and it got packed quickly.  There were 3 rows of kids behind us after a while.  But Ashton wouldn't sit still and wanted to run, so we ended up in back letting her down, run, and then she'd fuss and cry and then run again and then go to the water fountain, then eat a pretzel and run again.  It was like that for his entire show.  She missed all the cool animals.

At the end they were reveling the winners of the costume contest.  4th place went to a Geisha (seeing her made me uncomfortable there all night.  Having Geisha as a costume... another talk for later.  Also her parents kept looking at my child exclaiming how cute she was... I mean they actually came in front and knelt down in her face wanting to get a good look at her as if she were an animal.  It was weird.)  3rd place went to Cruella De Vil!  2nd place to a kid dressed up as a farmer on a John Deere mower.  1st place went to a kid dressed up as a box of popcorn.

Ashton then pet the dogs goodbye (one was a Great Dane the other a Boston Terrier).  

We then stopped by a local restaurant that would have Halloween themey stuff around.  It decks itself out for each of the holidays.  It had cobwebs up, spiders, ghosts, and all sorts of things.  It also has great food.

However, Ashton was not her usual self.  She was happy one second and not the next.  She wouldn't stay seated.  But our food was already ordered so we had to wait.  We tried eating it, but her behavior was pretty hard. So we finished what we could, boxed the rest and left.

I wish I could say all that excitement made her tired.  But it was time for a bath, got to wash out the crazy hair.  She loves baths and was wound up.  She was her usual, don't leave me I won't sleep self last night.

I wish I could say we enjoyed last night with her... her first Halloween - technically.  We enjoyed parts, but she just wasn't for most of it, which was hard on us and maybe even her.

Hopefully, tomorrow's November 1st Halloween will be better and Ashton will have more fun and be more involved.
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Starting Off Right

Ashton still isn't sleeping like we used to have her.  The new normal is her not wanting to sleep.  In fact, the new normal dropping her off at daycare is her throwing her arms around my neck and clinging so hard and crying not wanting me to leave.

It's bittersweet.  It is affirmation that she has bonded to us and she does adore me too, even though Dada is still the favorite.  However, that she is afraid we aren't coming back or that she's scared at all, is heartbreaking.  I can only hope that our reassurances will overcome her fears in the end.

But regardless of this new change, she is still a delight.  She shocked her daddy and me yesterday when she sang her entire alphabet!!  Of course she sang it over and over in the car.  When we got home, and I tried to record it, I couldn't get her to focus and sing the entire song.  

So this is the best I have for now.  But I'm working on capturing her singing the whole thing.  It's so cute to hear her sing it.
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Her 2nd Birthday Party

Leading up to the party was the usual chaos   We were making cupcakes and making the cake and setting up decorations, with sick puppies.  All were struck with diarrhea.  Fun!

So we were exhausted, but we got everything done on time.  I just didn't get to take photos of all the balloons everywhere and decorations.  Ashton loved the doggy balloons and the giant big 2 balloon got caught on everything like a fish hook.  But luckily nothing popped and everything went well.  

We got Ashton in her "Violet" onesie, birthday crown and tutu!  She was adorable.  She was greeting everyone and wasn't shy as I expected she'd be.  She was a delight the entire time.

Ashton loves Violet, so we had a Violet birthday for her.  It's harder than it sounds, as there's no Violet tablecloths, accessories or anything like if we had a Hello Kitty party.  But I made her signs and printed of things from the internet so she could have the perfect Violet party.  The colors were teal and violet.  We had paper lanterns, balloons, and Violets everywhere.  We had ice cream pizza, cake and cup cakes.  My mom even took cigar pretzels and dipped them in icing with teal/violet sprinkles.  We had a bunch of fun details.

There was tons of people (over 40 people) and it was insane   First we all ate pizza, then there was pin the collar on Violet, then we sang happy birthday.  Ashton looked like a deer in headlights when everyone started singing.  She was running around all smiles then when they sang, she froze.  She wouldn't blow out her candles.  Again I blew them out for her.  Then her favorite part eating all the cakes.  She had a sampling of everything, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.  

Then it was present time.  And she was amazing.  She was ripping open most of the gifts and squealing with delight over them all.  

After everyone left, then we got a few quick snap shots.  Ashton is very loved and had a great time!  I think her birthday was a huge success!

I think next year will be less sleepless nights of us making cup cakes and cake and custom party details.  Also plan for less people and try to keep it simple.  We'll see if I can keep to that or not. :)
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

1st Birthday with Us

There is no way to express how honored I feel to share this girl's birthday I am.  I missed her birth and I missed her first birthday.  I know her orphanage at least celebrated her birthday, which I am thankful.  However, being her mother and missing those milestones... it's hard.  There is no way I could have known or been there, but it's still hard to know I wasn't there.  I was there in spirit, but not consciously. 

But I'm here now and forever on!  I won't miss another birthday!  Even if she is 17 and doesn't want me around, I'll still wish her a happy birthday and give her at least a card.  And I'll always be thinking about her and loving her.

However, this whole week leading up to her birthday has been so strange.

Why?  The crazy sleeping habits... or rather non sleeping that has suddenly come up.

Ashton won't go don't to bed.  She wails every time now.  It's strange.  Wednesday night before bed she was all anxious.  Nothing wrong, but wouldn't go to sleep.  We finally left her to scream it out and fall asleep from exhaustion.  We just didn't know what else to do.

But as usual, she wakes up her perky self.

Her birthday was no exception.

I got her measured and weighed.  She's almost 2 and a half feet tall and at 20 pounds!!  Yay her!!!

She's never had a donut before, so we decided to go get her a birthday donut.  We drown to DD and Hubby got a chocolate donut, I my blueberry donut and we picked Ashton a pink sprinkle donut.  They let her have the donut for free for her birthday.  Ashton said, "Thank you" for the donut.

We then sat down and I pulled out a candle to put on the donut and we sang happy birthday.  We tried to get her to blow out the candle, but she barely blew.  It was so soft and sweet, but didn't even cause the candle to flicker.  So we blew it out.  But Ashton knew what to do from there.

Before we left, they gave her a special donut made just for her as a surprise on the road.  It was an Ashton special.  I thought that was so sweet. 

Once home we let her open our presents from us.  I hate to wrap gifts.  I'm known to find beautiful bags instead.  I can bag a gift beautifully, but wrapping just isn't my thing.  However, I knew she wouldn't care and kids love to tear open gifts.  So I wrapped her presents.  Funny thing, she didn't know how to tear it open.  She needed a little help.

After playing for a while we then went to the bounce house.  Ashton loved it.  There was a giant blow up slide.  She went down it with Dada or me several times.  She also jumped in a bounce house and played with some balls that hovered in air.  She had a fun time.  She even got free birthday star stickers!

After that we went to her favorite place for dinner, KFC.  Lau Lau met us there.  Ashton ate like a champ!  Then we stopped by Applebee's for the lava cake and ice cream.  We all shared.  It was so good!!

Then we went home and Lau Lau gave her her gift.  Ashton was thrilled!!!  Even Peyton loved it!  Ashton is still a bit short for the pedals, but that doesn't stop her from getting on and off, and pushing it and trying!

It was a fun day together!
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another Crazy Night

Sometimes you just have to call it what it is.  There are good days and not so good days.  Yesterday sucked!

Ashton went down to bed at her usual time and half an hour later wailing again.  I went to get her and have her cuddle with me to calm down after getting her gas drops just in case.  Once in bed she was jumping on the bed, rolling around, having a good time.

No way!

She wasn't feeling badly or having a nightmare, she wanted out of her room to play.  So promptly back to rocking... after an hour she was still as wound up as ever, and we knew there wasn't anything the matter.  So we just put her in the crib to cry out.

That girl can cry forever!!  So one more try!  My hubby knew how much I needed sleep so said he'd do it.  I kept saying it was fine, but he won out.  After almost 2 hours later he put her to bed, still wide awake and wailing again.  We let her cry it out.

Finally, after just over an hour she fell asleep and slept the rest of the night.  Funny thing, I couldn't.  I didn't sleep a wink.  I kept getting up and tossing and turning.  I'm just all off kilter.

Now here I am the last day my baby girl will be 1 year's old.  Tomorrow she will be 2.  My little girl...

I hope I'll be awake and ready to spend the day with her tomorrow.  I'm exhausted and loopy.  2 nights with no sleep.  My hubby and I are taking tomorrow off to spend her birthday with her since we missed all her past birthdays and this is her first with her forever family.

She may not know what the big deal is, but she will know she's loved and that we plan on having a great day with her.

I've looked forward to tomorrow for so long... now that it's here, I am a bit saddened to know a part of her baby-ness, her 1 year old days are gone.  I'm looking forward to all the things ahead, but am very attached to the baby girl who I know as 1.  Yes, it's just a number and tomorrow she won't dramatically change any more than today.  But still, it's a milestone.  Hopefully, I've captured many of her 1 year old moments in writing, photos, and video.

God blessed us with an amazing child.  I pray her birth mother knows on some level that she is alive and celebrating her birthday with much love and happiness.
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