Saturday, September 28, 2013

In the Pumpkin Patch

Today was a very fun, very long day.  It's hard to believe that it is the end of September and October is around the corner.

We picked our friend Ms. M up at 8 am and we drove down south to Anderson Orchard.  There was many vendors, jams, apple orchard, and we spent some time there looking over the crafts and Ashton ate a apple cobbler.

Then we drove north up to Stony Creek Farms.  They had a pumpkin patch, hay rides, hay maze, toy fishing pond, pony rides, bouncy floor, candle making station, and race track.

Of course she noticed the slid first off and went down it a few times.  

We then passed a large haystack.  Ashton was excited to run off and climb it right away.  It was high up.  the top wasn't packed tightly, so we had to hold her hand once at the top so her foot wouldn't fall in-between the hay bales.  She had no fear, of course.  And once at the top and hold our hand, she'd jump off the stacks to get down. Then she'd climb again.  I think this was her favorite part of the day.

We then waited in line (much to Ashton's dismay) to get a hayride to the pumpkin patch.  But once one she seemed to enjoy the ride.  I was so proud that she stayed seated and didn't try to get up.

Then once in the fields, Ashton loved running and climbing the pumpkins.  We picked the pumpkin on the left. 

We then rode back and Ashton started playing in the hay.  It was so cute!

Then back we were hungry and ate a bit.  The cider slushie was amazing!!

We thought her too young for all the fun kids rides and entertainment, but she loved to watch and got to climb the haystack once more.

We then drove to Carmel's International Arts Festival.  Though this is Japanese, it was small for kids, and got Ashton to get her head through.

There was a lot to see.  And we spent a lot of time there.  Ashton's favorite part was seeing all the doggies being walked, and she'd yell, "Doggie" and we'd walk her over to pet each one, no matter the size.  She loved it.

We finished the day off at a great restaurant and got home in time for her bed.  Luckily she was able to have a short nap in the care between places.  She did so well.  I'm so proud of her!  It was a great day.  I think we'll take her to Stony Creek again next year, and it will be even more fun and engaging for her!
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Special Delivery

I awoke Ashton today and she was in a good mood as usual.  I put in in one of my favorite summer rompers, as I knew there wouldn't be many days left to wear it. I dropped her off to daycare and she didn't cry, she was great.  I've been so thankful that she's been back to normal.  Not crying at daycare drop-offs anymore or being fussy upon waking up.  I have my little ray of sunshine back for about a week or more and have been enjoying it so much.

Then around 10 am, I got a call from her daycare.  They said she had 3 diarrheas and per policy I had to take her out for the rest of the day and take her to her doctor as she can't come back until she has a doctor's note releasing her.

I don't really like getting into her bowels, I'm not that kind of a parent, but the call didn't concern me.  She's always had loose stools and so I just said okay I'll work from home and hopefully if she's not acting sick, it'll just be a fluke.

So I picked her up.  She was in the same outfit.  No blowouts.  And she was delightful.  I spoke to her teacher and she said that she wasn't feverish or acting strange, but with the cold season coming up they were being cautious.

I took her home and scheduled an appointment with her pediatrician.  I fed her lunch and while she napped, I worked as fast as I could as I knew it'd be hard while she was up.  I had a hard time spell checking myself with Ashton wanting to sit in my lap and now and then touching the cursor on the laptop bouncing me around and not able to give full concentration.  But I managed.

After her nap we went directly to the pediatrician   I asked while I was there, that her 2 year old check up was in a couple weeks, and if we could combine this appointment with that one in one visit.  Yes they could!  Thank God!  I am so thankful He was able to make it work out.

Ashton was still in great spirits.  The doctor saw nothing wrong and wrote her a note to go back to school, explaining that she was fine and loose for her was her normal.  He was also very impressed with how much she had come since our last visit.  She still isn't on the growth charts, but she is closer than where she was and she is putting on weight and height.  He was very pleased with her motor skills and comprehension and all the things she was supposed to do at her age.

She cried during the shots.  But she was doing so well with everything else.  We were dancing to "The Fox" and having a blast in between being weighed, measured, prodded.  She was a trooper.

I then treated her to a ice cream at McDonald's.  She was happy with her ice cream but was eyeing their indoor playground.  But you must be 3 years old to play on it.  I told her she was too young and next year.  She didn't understand.

We then came home and I was able to get a little more work done as she wanted to play with an empty box.  I of course did stop long enough for a little photo shoot.  She was my "special delivery" today.  And I was so happy to be able to spend the day with her.  She even wore her hair bow all afternoon!  Gotta love that.

My work is so awesome that they are family friendly.  They had no trouble letting me work from home when I told them daycare needing me to pick her up and have her checked out.  I wish I could have an Ashton day once a month.  It was so nice just to have a mother-daughter day.

Of course she's a daddy's girl.  And she found his shirt and was carrying around for a bit.  So I just put it on her.  She thought it was funny.  

She ate great and wanted me to put her to bed.  Again, today was a soaking my daughter in day.  She was great!  I simply am blessed and thankful to God for giving us these amazing moments!  
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Soaking Her In

This is as still as she gets.
You hate to say it, but I'm sure all parents know that there are days you just get by and it's just waiting for the baby to get to bed so you can sleep or not concentrate. You adore them, but some days you just can't wait to have them in bed. 

But today was the opposite of that.  There are days you want it to be all about them and your focus is 100% on them and your bathing in the delight of them.  

We went outside just because and she rode her ATV and ran around.  She was having fun.  During dinner I made a fool of myself feeding her making faces, to keep her laughing.  Then we danced together to Sleeping Beauty's "Once Upon a Dream" and to Ylvis "The Fox".  She thinks "The Fox" is hilarious... she even says "Pow, pow, pow" and giggles throughout the song.  I like to think of it as our song.  (See below.. it's hilarious and makes me very happy.)  If I could make her a fox for Halloween and have her dance the whole song, I would.  She'd be a great fox!  Maybe that can be another nickname, my little fox?

Over the shoulder look.
Anyhow, today was a bonding, soaking, fun day.  We had to pick up some items at the store and she was "pushing" the cart as usual.  She was fun to be with today.  She was singing a lot and just having fun.  She wanted to dance a lot today and she'd say side to side from one foot then the other then twirl.  I was enjoying every moment... wishing I could record these moments, but then I wouldn't be holding her hands and sharing the moments with her.  I hope I can capture these amazing moments one day.  They are so heart warming.

She loves to dance, to sing, to run, to laugh, to make over our puppies.  She may be like most 2 year olds, but she's mine and I adore her and think she is unique and fabulous!  

Are you going to catch me?
Today was just a great day, and I love my girl and just wanted to let her have fun.  Her independent spirit is sometimes waning, but today was encouraged.  She was cute eating on her own, eating her favorite, rice.... making a huge mess of course, but the pups were more than happy to clean up after her as always.

I know she's growing fast, but I wish there was a way to slow it down just a bit.  I am eager to see the new milestones and new things she'll delight and amaze us with.  However, I feel as if I'm already loosing some of her youth.  I'm missing her letting me feed her, I'm missing her being in 3 month clothing and 13 pounds... so tiny... I miss her going into the cabinet door, I don't know why she stopped.  I tried encouraging her to get in and play but she didn't want any part of it.  I miss her clinging to my side and not being brave enough to run off.  

Come chase me... I'm off!
But I know that there will be more things she'll "grown" out of and I'll miss terribly, but there will be many more amazing new things to cherish.

I hope I have many more soaking in days.  I don't want to be so caught up in work and daily routines that I have more survival days than soaking in my baby days.

Only time will tell.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Last 1 Year Monthly Birthday

Today is the last monthly birthday that Ashton is one.  Next month on the 23rd our little girl is two!  Wow!!  I know I've only had this precious girl for 5 months, but still... her 1 year old days have flown by.

She has grown so much.  She's almost 29 inches tall!!  My hubby asked her if she was a baby and she shook her head no.  He asked her if she was a big girl, and she said, "Big girl."  Moments later I asked her if she was my baby and she said, "Baby."  So she's Daddy's big girl and Mama's baby, which is fine by me. 

However, she is getting "rebellious".  She doesn't like her highchair much anymore.  Breakfast is fine.  And she'll stay in it for the first half of dinner, but always ends up in one of our laps.  She doesn't wear a bib or sit in a highchair at daycare, so why would she "regress" at home?  So she hates her bib now and it's hard to get her to wear them.  As she likes to feed herself and is incredibly messy.  At daycare she just wears the mess.  They don't worry about food all over her clothes.  At home, I do.  So I have her wear a bib and try and sit in a highchair.  Sometimes we win with her wearing the bib but sitting in our laps.  We may have to look into a booster seat.  Who knows.  

But she's still a lady.  She still says her prayers.  She says, "please" and "thank you".  Yes, she will say mine and pull her panda pillow away from any dog laying on it, though she wasn't interested in it until a pup rested on it, but hey... she is still a toddler.  At least I can get her to hug out a sorry.  She never says sorry, but she'll hug an apology anytime I ask her to tell anyone she's sorry.  Human and dog alike.  I do love her sweet nature.

Today was another check up for Amadeus.  Below the neck all of his cancer has shrunk.  You almost can't feel some of them anymore.  His neck hasn't changed.  I was told that things are looking good, but his neck bulges are here to stay.  They're predicting that he'll have a couple of good years left in him.

Of course I still want my ten years I was expecting left, and hearing 2 years is better than a few weeks or months, but it's also not saying 3 years, which was mentioned as a possibility before.  I don't know why they shaved off 1/3 of his life in guessing... I did notice. However, I'm not going to dwell on it.  God has his life in his hands.  God has blessed us with him and He knows how long we'll need him down here before his called to Heaven.  He'll be an amazing angel, but I get tears thinking about that so I won't go there.

Right now Ami is still "improving".  The cancer has lessened and that is what matters.  The blood sample looks good.  No kidney failure or platelet problems.  He's so brave going in so often giving blood and being poked and prodded.  I know he doesn't understand.  But I'm still proud of him and his sweet disposition.

Amadeus is in my lap every morning for breakfast and Ashton loves for me to bring him to her so she can pet him first thing.  She gets so excited over it.  She adores my baby boy.  She really tries to be gentle.  I love seeing these two together.  I hope I get to see it for a long time.
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love Bug

It was a lot cooler today than yesterday, so I took advantage of it and dressed Ashton up in a fall ensemble that my Grandma and my Mom got for her and having been dying to see.

Later we changed her out as the black was not good when living with 3 cats and 5 dogs.  So this will have to be a "when we are not home" outfit.

Slowly she's wearing things in her hair longer.  I'm very excited.  Maybe that means she'll actually wear her headpiece for her Halloween costume!  Yay!!

Then she started signing.  We don't know what, but it seems to be some kind of an apple song.  She was being really cute about it.

She didn't wake well from her nap today.  She was very irritable and moody.  So we've been trying to sooth her in a multitude of ways.  We also gave her gas drops just in case.  However, she's very unhappy.  So different than she was before her nap.  We're still working on trying everything under the sun to make her feel better and happy.
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ashton's First Mid-Autumn Festival

Yes, last Saturday Ashton was at a Mooncake Festival.  But I like to think of it as the prequel to the Mid-Autumn Festival we went to today.

Ashton wore her two piggy tails all day!  I was so proud.  I also dressed her in her traditional Chinese dress from when we were in China.  It still fits, but if she grows another inch, the pants will be too short.

We walked around and saw many dragons.  I bought her a rabbit Chinese symbol necklace, that you can only see the black leather straps around her neck.  But I think she'll "grow" into it.
Pretty Dragon

She loved petting its fur.
 Ashton even made her very own rattle-drum. She used almost all the colors she had choices from and I even traced her hands at the end on them.  It was made with paper plates  string and beads... and tape.  She loved it, but it was only held together with tape and fell apart quickly.  We'll reinforce it at home and give it to her again.  We may have to find a authentic rattle-drum.

She loved all the colors.

She did very well.
She loved banging it so much that it fell apart. 

But her favorite thing was running around... of course.  I'd say the Mid-Autmn Festival was a success.  She even loved watching the young girls perform on stage.  She would clap along while they sang in Mandarin.  I hope she gets to perform in Mandarin too, one day.

She clapped along with most of the performances. But man, was she heavy to hold up.

She loved being chased.

Caught me!

Being silly.

Off again.

Falling down and loving it.

We didn't get to making mooncakes this year.  But that is okay.  We're practicing making her birthday cake... you'll see why later.  So, we thought putting money and time into that (while she's sleeping of course) made more sense this year.  So, that is what I'm off to help do now.  Hope it's worth it!
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