Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Moving Up

I have had daycare troubles... to say the least.  First with Ashton being bit in the face, then a couple days later being bit in the face again by the same girl and scratched, the same day, very badly by a boy... left light scars around her eye!  Months later there was the fire.  This is more than awful!  Enough to just want to yank your kid out!

I'd say 2 strikes and out, three is pushing it.  I was ready to leave when I saw the scratch marks.   But it's more complicated then that.  I did look for other means of daycare.  It takes time to look thoroughly.  All there was available was more daycares more than double the price weekly... or in home daycare, which too was more weekly.  And in-home daycare you have to be so careful... and with Ashton coming from a SWI, I wanted her surround with lots of kids as she was familiar with and also had many influences on how to play.  In home daycare, she'd have no one her age, and ones really younger as in months old or way older... and there'd be 3 kids tops.  How could she learn, make friends?  I was conflicted and decided to keep her at her daycare.

This wasn't a lightly made decision, it wasn't like I flipped back and forth from the decision.  But as we have lots of adoption bills, and medical bills coming back, there was no way to really just pull her out and take her somewhere better.  Somewhere better was not close to affordable, and other ones that were affordable, really weren't they cost more and were just as questionable...

So we decided that since Ashton was actually happy where she was, and the fire was not at the daycare, but the church, and the scratch was a isolated incident  the two time scratches was all we were really seeing as a problem.  And it stopped.

Ashton has been learning to clean up her messes, she's learning to count, and can say aqua (water) in Spanish... she is learning both English and Spanish.  This all being said, it doesn't mean I quit or gave up or didn't keep an eye out.

Regardless, yesterday I picked up my daughter to find out that same kid bit my girl again!  This time, thankfully only on the arm and not the face... but still bit!  That made no sense, I thought this was taken care of.  I talked with the staff about it in length, but for the biters protection I don't know who it is and what actions are being done.  But I knew that the parents were frustrated and trying to work something out.

That night I looked into daycares again, feverently.  I knew I couldn't afford more, but I knew we wouldn't get assistance either to make up the difference.  WE'd have to take something out, I didn't know what, but I'd have to budget aggressively.  Maybe no TV and phone and other stuff... I had to find the money somewhere... but it seemed the things we'd cut out were rediculous.  We don't have that much in bills to scale back.  I don't get coffee, or get nails done, or any of that... But her safety was important... but I didn't want to stop living either or what's the point?  I was so conflicted.  However, anything remotely closer to affordability was either closed now or full.  So I had no choice but to keep her there.  

I'm not about to just have a babysitter.  I don't want just that.  I want her in a learning environment, no TV, with music and kids to stimulate her.  I wanted to cry that there were more choices in our price range.  I decided to sleep on it.

Then today, this morning, I got a call, she was bit again by the same child on the arm!  I was livid.  I just talked with them extensively about her not being watched, about her safety, being a target, and that action HAD to be done.  I felt not listened to at all.  I was ready to yank her out yesterday, but this was ridiculous   I told them I had to pull her out or do something drastic, for her safety.  

I hung up.  I was at work and couldn't do anything then.  I couldn't even think!  I didn't know if I could just pull her out.  I felt cornered.  But this was crazy!!!

I got a call back in a few hours.  They said they wanted to move Ashton up to the 2 year old class.  Ashton technically couldn't move to the two year old class until August 2014, as the cut off date for birthdays is August 1st.  Her being an October baby mad this not an option.  However, they said because her birthday was close enough , the older kids would be protective of her and none of them had any biting issues.  They didn't think her size would be an issue.  She can move up next week!

I sat and thought about it.  I don't know what this means for the biter and other "victims" but for my girl's safety, this would be the answer.  She would still have the large group of kids I wanted, she'd definitely be stimulated, and she would definitely be the smallest in class.  But she wouldn't be a target anymore from the younger girl biting her.  She wouldn't move up for another year or longer, depending how much younger she is.  

I really want what is best for her.  We were so deliberate with our few choices we had with our means.  And the others didn't measure up.  We chose the place we did initially, because of the learning environment.  I'm hoping this change will make it like that again.

It's hard when you feel like you're choosing between the lesser evils!  Daycares should not be like that.  There should be nothing but just styles to choose from, not what you can afford.  But unfortunately  that is how it is with having all the adoption and medical bills we have to pay off first.  We don't want to bury ourselves with more debt trying to get another daycare double in price.  We're trying to get out of debt.  

So our decision is to keep her where she is at.  To see how the 2 year old class is for her.  And still keep an eye out for any in-home, safe daycare for her, though I don't  like the idea of it... (It's a personal decision, but if her safety is in jeopardy, then I guess that is our only answer). 

I wish Ashton could talk and tell us how she feels, but all I can do is go off her personality.  she seems to be fine with her daycare.  She doesn't seem to be afraid or have issues.  She loves playing with the cars and trucks and move them all over the room.  Just like she does with her chair at home.  (She has a large dump truck, but doesn't push that around, who knows why.)

Yes, this is a difficult decision, but at least there is improvement.  We're working towards a solution and one that is best for Ashton.  I'd give her the world if I were able, but instead, I'm trying to give her the best education and fundamentals I can afford.  We'll see if we made the right decision or not.

I am hopeful that this is the answer we need and that Ashton will be safe and thrive.Image and video hosting by 


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Chair has Many Uses

My mom got her this chair, and she seems to love doing everything with it, but sit in it!  Enjoy!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

She's 21!

Can't believe my little girl is 21 months old!  She's growing up so fast.  She's now 17 pounds and a little over 27 inches!!

She's learning new words all the time.  Sometimes she only says it once, and not again for a long time, other times she'll repeat anything you say.  It's a riot.

Yesterday during her bath, she was having so much fun with her new toys her Lau Lau gave her.  She was squealing and enjoying using her net to catch things.  She didn't like the dolphin that squirted water though, he had to go!

She still loves to brush her teeth and hair and is just learning to say please and thank you!!

But what is funny is I'm not ready to take her to church still.  Right now it's just us attending church and her going to daycare.  I'm not ready for that.  She's off to daycare 5 days a week already.  What is throwing her to another batch of strangers  going to do?  We've tried having her in church, and she loves the music, but this girl can't sit still so we spend turns out in the hallway playing with her.

We've already missed a lot of small group time.  She's the youngest, and I don't want to leave her alone with the slightly older kids of 8 or so.  And she can't stay quiet or still for group.

I feel so guilty missing out on our religious part of life.  I know God is always with us and we don't have to go out to seek Him.  However, our church family... I feel guilty not being there, after they carried us through the wait and rallied us on.    I'm hoping to reengage soon, but I just don't know if I or Ashton is ready for more "babysitting". 

She's just getting shy of strangers and running to our side, I don't want her to be afriad we're dropping her off all the time and that we're not there for her.  Also, I don't want her to have just babysitting time.  I want her time to be with us, to feel belonging... I feel selfish.  I feel like I'm overprotecting her... I'm not sure of all the conflicted emotions.  But I'm not ready.  I want to be sure she's okay.  She feels secure and safe and understands what's going on.

People who haven't adopted come up to me and say she's adjusted fine and knows everything is good and just jump back into everything.    And coworkers or people who barley know me, our family or adoption, mean well I'm sure, but couldn't be more wrong.  And I can't go into the finites of adoption and just being "babysat".  There's so much more there.  There is still grief.  There is still loss. And there is still a beginning awareness of forever.  I don't want to mess that up because I'm in a rush to "jump back in".  I don't want her just watched by strangers. or have a loss of us twice a week on-top of the times we already drop her off at daycare.  

She's doing well yes, but she has her good days and bad days.  She still can't verbalize all the emotions she's feeling.  She's starting her terrible twos, I think... and how much of that is being two and how much is that her learning her new life, her boundaries, or loss of home?

I love her to death, and I'm trying what's best.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't want her to EVER feel abandoned or loss of love.  I want her to feel that we're always there for her and secure.

I know one day the questions of her birth mother and China will come.  She will have a new feel of loss all over again.  But right now, I want to give her the most secure groundwork I can, so that if she ever does feel loss or confused, she can come to me and share.  And maybe taking her to more daycare or not will or won't change that.  Who knows?  But right now, I just feel like she's still attaching and still learning to take home for granted.  

I don't know if any of this makes sense, but I'm trying my best, honestly, to not shelter her, and let her live life, but still protect her and let her feel safe and home.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Plans for October

I finally figured out what Ashton will be this Halloween.  And believe me, it was painstaking for me.  Of course no one will know until Halloween, but I'm excited about it.  The best part is that her daddy and I will dress up with her.  It will be a family event!  Now I just have to see what the best trick-or-treating neighborhoods are in Indianapolis!!

So I have her Halloween picked out and am in the middle of getting together, but at least there is a plan.  Can't say the same for her birthday.  

I was thinking Halloween theme, but my husband said absolutely not.  That it would eclipse her birthday.  I want a theme, but i don't want it run of the mill theme.  Hello Kitty, though cute, is so typical.  And I don't want a princess, or Winnie-The-Pooh, or anything like that.  I was thinking pirate... but it's hard to gear it to a girl.  I don't want it too fu-fu or too tomboy.  

It will take some time and planning!  I want it to be amazing!  It's her first birthday with her forever family and I want it to be special.  Yes, I know she won't remember it, but I don't want pictures looking back and it seeming just thrown together.  This is important!  But of course I'll have to do it on a small budget, and be creative as I always am.  

Today Ashton had only a few meltdowns.  But again, much better track record than earlier this week.

She had fun chasing the dogs today.  Kiara would have none of it, as the video shows.

Today her Godparents visited for a bit.  Ashton got really shy.  But all had a good time.

Then my Mom came by to take us all out for some yogurt.  Ashton LOVED the raspberry-banana-strawberry mix.  Almost too much.  She wouldn't close her mouth, she couldn't get enough.

It was a fun day.Image and video hosting by 


Friday, July 19, 2013

Just Another Friday

Amadeus ended up not having surgery yesterday for his swollen lymph nodes.  They decided to hold off until all his medication is out of his body and do it the first week of August.  So yay, I guess, kind of.

I heard they paraded him all over the office yesterday because he was so darn cute!  Which he is and he is so easy to carry.  So, I'm glad he ended up having a good day and we have more time to save for his operation, but not happy about having to worry again in the future.  But his health depends on it.  And his neck is so swollen and looks so bad.  He can't even wear his collar anymore.

He is such a  sweet boy and I hate to see him suffer like this.  It's been an ongoing battle since a few of his teeth were pulled last year!

Ashton got a fun day today at daycare.  They asked for her class to come in their bathing suits as they would be playing in the sprinklers today.  I heard she had a good time.

She has been in a great mood lately, but still having her tantrums.  But they're less than they were... thank goodness.

She's still acting wierd about noises.  I think since 4th of July.  We didn't take her to any fireworks.  But I'm curious if the fireworks around the house from neighbors scraed her during her sleep.  I don't remember her crying or anything, but lately any car driving by, a far off train, a plane... not even overhead... but noises scare her.  She runs under our legs and whimpers.  And I think it's getting worse than better.  She used to only do that to the lawn mower, but now it's more than that.  

I tried walking her around the neighborhood and almost passing each house there'd be a noise that would get her to scramble under my legs.  After about 10 of these i decided to carry her the rest of the way, and she did fine.

It's very strange... and I hope she grows out of.  We shall see.

But we had fun tonight, we went out to eat with Ms. M and Ashton was loving her chicken until she had some of my noodles, then she was a noodle slurping machine!Image and video hosting by 


Thursday, July 18, 2013


I was always moved when I found out how much thought and love went into my daughter's Chinese name by the orphanage.  He name was Dang Shi Qing.  Shi Qing being her first name and Dang her surname.  All the children in her orphanage has the surname Dang.

Then an article by Time came across my path.  It doesn't cheapen her name, I never thought much of her surname, all I cared about was her given name from the orphanage.  But I did feel sad about the whole "Dang" and how it effects all the aged out orphans.  What also I found sad, was I saw children still named with this surname even now.

China to Stop Giving Orphans Surnames Like 'State,' 'Party' 

The Ministry of Civil Affairs will amend its regulations to ensure that names commonly ascribed to parentless children, like Dang and Guo ("Party and State") will not be ascribed to orphans.

By Samantha Grossman, February 14, 2012

Chinese orphanages will no longer be permitted to assign generic surnames that reveal orphan status and could thus lead to lifelong discrimination. The Ministry of Civil Affairs will amend its regulations to ensure that names commonly ascribed to parentless children, like Dang and Guo (“Party” and “State”) will be banned, according to state newspaper China Daily.

“We don’t want children who grow up in orphanages to carry labels that imply they are different from those who have parents,” said Chen Lunan, a children’s welfare worker.

The new regulations, expected to go into effect later this year, will require orphanage officials to instead choose from the list of the 100 most common Chinese family names. Li Jinju, who works at an orphanage in Henan province, said he and fellow staff members named all children admitted before 2010 Dang (“Party”) because they thought the government had been instrumental in caring for these children. However, Jinju said he later realized that this name could follow the children throughout their lives, revealing “that they were raised in an orphanage and that their parents did not want them,” he told China Daily.

Other childcare facilities already began halting the common practice years ago. Huang Fang, a staff member at a state-funded orphanage in Guangdong province, said the organization began choosing more neutral names in 2008. All children admitted this year, for example, will be named Zhao, she said.

According to ministry statistics, about 100,000 children live in 900 orphanages and children’s facilities across China.

Now I'm not angry at China or the SWI.  I know that changing the rules is hard, and sometimes it's hard to cut through all the red tape to get to the source.  So maybe it's slowly taking time, or maybe it's hard with the red tape and dead ends to get this done... or maybe it's not changing... who knows.  But my girl is not a Party... she isn't a parentless child.  She is my child, and she is loved by many and will not face lifelong discrimination for her past, which isn't wrong or any fault of her own.  I don't even like to say the word...fault.  There is no fault.  It makes it sound wrong and shameful.  And it isn't. I think she is strong and amazing to be who she is with the cards stacked against her so early in life.  

Therefore, I ask you,
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

German - stieg
Finnish - ruusu
Spanish - rosa

Doesn't matter... close your eyes and smell without thinking the name... it is that scent.  Same with my daughter.  If you never knew her American or Chinese name, it doesn't matter... she's my daughter.  She's perfect.  And just photos of her and video speaks volumes of the girl she is.  No label will EVER change that.  She is a rose.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Capture the Moment

I feel like Ashton is growing up so fast.  I want to capture so many moments before they pass by, but she doesn't stay still long enough to get a clear photo or doing something long enough to capture it on video.  It's a crazy game we play.

So here are some half captured moments... her singing the tail end of "Twinkle, Twinkle", finishing playing in the pool, and photos in between.

The moments I'm missing via camera are her playing with her toy violin, her saying dada, her dancing, Today I'm worried about my Ami.  His swollen glands have not gone down with medicine, so he is having surgery tomorrow to get it taken care of.  I'm so anxious for him.  I've been trying to have him on my lap more often today to give him lots of love.  Ashton has been crawling in my lap too trying to share and pet him.  She just adores him.Image and video hosting by 


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


My husband called me off and on today, talking about how it was hard for him (today is his mother's 1 year anniversary of her passing) and he was getting calls from his Dad about today.  He said it felt so surreal.  So much had changed in that one year's time, and without her.  It was very hard to realize.

That made Mandarin class today very important.  A couple months ago I found a Mandarin teacher who taught at our township schools.  We called and emailed and we planned that her first initial visit would be an evaluation period.  She'd see what Ashton auditorily still retained and where we should go on from here to best expose and teach our girl.

Well, on the way home i picked up a pizza as we wouldn't have time to eat.  I noticed when I got home that Arwen had diarrhea and messed up all the bed sheets.  So I was taken her out to see if she needed to go out while Ashton was crying, being hungry and my husband came home to cleaning the sheets.

We ate and got every taken care of in less than an hour with 5 minutes to spare for her arrival to our house.  She never showed.  My husband finally said if there was to be no class to get his mind off of tonight he was going to go spend it with his father instead.  

So I was left alone with Ashton as he went to grieve with his family.  

Luckily, Ashton's sour mood turned to playful and we jumped around and played with her kitchen set and she hid in her pantry space.  

I'm saddened that I couldn't get the Mandarin class to work out and take my husband's mind off of today.  I'm sad that I may have to start from scratch to find a Mandarin teacher, after I thought I had everything in place.  I'm sad that Kay isn't here for Ashton, for her husband, for her son.  But I'm happy with all the good, the bad, the silly, the crazy memories we will always have of her.

Kay... I wish you could have met Ashton in person, but I know you're always with her in spirit.  I hope your family can feel you as closely in their hearts as is possible.  We miss your smile, your laugh, and your heart.  You could make me mad one second and then say the sweetest thing the next.  You were always unpredictable, loved to shop, quilt, cook, and play rook.  You loved games and spending time with family.  You were always the cornerstone and heart of the family. I hope now you're love for everyone will keep the family going... you are sorely missed.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Mama's Barking Dancer

I thought I had my baby back, and I sorta did.  But she was a complete Daddy's girl all weekend.  I got smiles, but Daddy got giggles and big smiles.  I got I love you, but Daddy got kisses with I love you.  She was warming up, but not all there.  And I got most of her attitude.

She wouldn't mind me holding her, but eventually wanted her daddy.  After a weekend of being only 2nd best, I was ready to go back to work hoping our routine would help put things back in order.

I dropped her off and when I went to pick her up, she looked at me like, I'm eating... but I guess I'll go, rather than running to my arms.  But I know the girl loves to eat.

Then we were off on an appointment and she blossomed to the girl I knew.  She even started "barking".

All night she was saying mama and we danced and played.  She loved her bath time and laughed through it all.  Then we danced some more.  I started calling her twinkle toes; we'll see if it sticks.  So far Mighty Mouse is the nickname she is often called.  

After dancing and playing around, she blew me away! She meticulously cleaned up her room.  After we played she put her 5 rings in the cup and gave to me to put on the table.  After she knocked her books down and pulled her glow in the dark ladybug, she stacked the books back in the corner and put the ladybug back on the table (this being the bed stand short table she can reach).  It was amazing seeing her clean her room without prompting from me!  What a good girl!

I'm so impressed!

Tomorrow will be a very hard day... it will be the 1 year anniversary of Kay's death.  I purposely have a mandarin class scheduled for Ashton tomorrow.  I asked if we were to spend time at his father's house, or alone, or wanted to do something else.  He asked for something else, so Ashton's first mandarin class starts tomorrow.  It's basically an assessment test to see where she is what she can comprehend and where we so start with us and her.

I'll be very interested to see how it will turn out, but I know it will be hard not to think of Kay.  I always think of what she is missing.  She would have delighted so much in this beautiful little girl.  I still think of her as her personal, guardian angel.

In fact, over the weekend I saw Ashton point to Kay in our family baby book and say Nana!  It was so sweet!  My husband said he was working on her with that.  It was the first time I heard her say it.  I was so happy to hear it.

We miss you tremendously, Kay.  Image and video hosting by 


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Long Week

It's been a long week.  Sunday was our 6th year anniversary.  It funny how much has changed since our 4th year anniversary.  We went to dinner to celebrate.  It was a big deal.  It was our FIRST date night since we have had Ashton!  I wasn't sure if I was ready for a date night.  Not because I couldn't leave her for a few hours, but because I would be leaving her for 4 days right after.  I'd be gone for work.

We had an amazing dinner.  We laughed, we forgot about my trip and just reminisced.  It was a great date.  

However, we did get home in time for me to tuck our girl into bed.  

The next day I drove her to daycare and it was hard to drop her off and leave knowing I wouldn't see her most the week.  But she was happy and ran off to see a book.  I was aghast   I wanted her to do her usual, I'm not ready for you to leave grasp or stare, but I got nothing.  I almost teared up.  I chased her down for an extra hug and left.

The time away was so hard.  And I worked crazy hours for the conference that by the time I got back to the hotel room, it would be past her bedtime.  So I was in Ashton withdrawal.  

So it goes without saying that I was dying to see her when I got back.  My hubby came to pick me up and had her in tow.  She wouldn't even look at me.  It was as if I were a ghost.  Nothing!!!  My heart broke!!

When we got home she wanted nothing to do with me and only daddy.  It was terrible.  I decided to feed her.  And she ate from me, but wasn't her usual funny,charming self.  Just ate as if I were a stranger.  She even cried wanting her daddy near her and not me.

Luckily the next day all was back to normal.  If not, I don't know how I could get back to work.  I got my "i love yous" I got my kisses and hugs and smiles... whew!!

I don't want to leave her again.  It was so hard and harder when she didn't want anything to do with me. 

I'm so glad to have my baby back!
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Grandma's 90th

This morning I dressed Ashton up for the family reunion.  She looked great!  She fits better in her consulate outfit.  The dress isn't falling off her narrow shoulders.

Ashton loves all the furbabies, but has a special place in her heart for Amadeus.  I don't know if it's because he's always my baby and she sees me carry him around so she thinks she should baby too, or if he's just "her size".  But she adores him.  He's very good with her, but would rather have me to himself.  Only Peyton is crazy about Ashton.  Though Drusilla is begin to like the attention.  But the pups as a general rule like her from a distance.

But I caught a sweet moment between Ami and Ashton.

Ashton has a kitchen and a little pot that talks to her.  She loves it.  She may be a chef like her daddy.  Who knows!  She was being adorable.  Too bad she didn't cook up anything we could take to the reunion.

Our family reunion was for my maternal grandmother's side.  Also, we celebrated her 90th birthday!  I think she looks fabulous!  

Ashton did great.  She had a blast with her cousins and ate well.  She was just adorable and I think the whole family and extended family was taken with her.

After the reunion we visited with my father-in-law.  Just a few days ago he had a pacemaker put in.  So we've been trying to visit and keep his spirits up.

Ashton had a blast.  In fact, they had a little shopping cart just for her over there.  She pushed it about and played with their ball drop thingy.

After the visit, we went out to eat at a restaurant his parents frequently weekly.  They were very happy to meet Ashton.  Ashton dirtied up her dress, so I put her in back-up clothes.

We then went to the park.  I needed some good bonding time with my girl, since i'll be gone in Iowa all week for work.  It's going to be hard being not gone just one night, but all week.  I hope she doesn't learn any new words... just the other day she said, "banana"  and "all done".

Ashton had a blast.  She loved looking out at the lake, seeing the ducks, playing on the swing, and going down the different slides.  But I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our Little Firework

The weather was perfect today.  It was very cloudy and about 80 degrees. It's the 4th of July; and we decided to take our girl to the zoo.   

It was great, so sweating, no stickiness... the weather was perfect for the zoo.  What's funny is we didn't take any photos of her at the zoo.  I guess after Safari Park, all zoos pale in comparison.

While there there were different stands, some doing caricatures  some doing face painting, and one that we wanted to do... one that did hand print art.

We decided to get some artwork done by Ashton.  One for each grandparent and godparent.

They took her hand and painted it and made it into artwork.  She was a real pro.  She loved doing it.

This parrot is for her godparents, Mr. J and Ms. J.

This is for my mom, Ashton's Lau Lau.

This is for my Dad and PJ, Ashton's Grampy and Grammie.

This is for her godparents Mr. A and Ms. M, my BFF in Finland.

This is for my father-in-law, Ashton's Pop.

But we also took her to the White River Gardens, which is right next door to the zoo, where my better half and I got married.  I remember it all decked out for my wedding and today it was a place to show off a kimono dragon.

Day before we got married, rehearsal.

Our wedding day.

Today, with a kimono dragon.
It was very funny to think of brides in conjunction with a kimono dragon.  I started thinking of bridezilla.  Anyway, we took Ashton to the steps where we said our "I dos" and weren't able to do a good job of getting any photos.

Great photo, just weren't hardly in it.

She loves stairs, they were too much a temptation.

Neither of us are ready.

She does better on her own.

She just wanted to run and be free.  We asked someone passing by if they'd take a family photo, and this was the best we got.

Family shot.
Oh, well.  It's okay.  She's our little firecracker; and we wouldn't want her any other way.
They're so sweet together.
We knew she wouldn't stay up late to see fireworks, so we got a few sparklers and other fun, small things to try.  Ashton did very well for her first sparkler.

What do you have?

I love cups!

My cup is on fire?


Bored now.
However, it wouldn't keep her attention.  She'd rather go on her ATV.  So after 2 more sparklers that we had to hold and chase her from running to do something else, we decided to do the bigger fireworks.

We set out our chairs and he lit some boxes that did some sparks and noise.  She didn't want to sit in her chair, she wanted to run about...

So we let her ride her ATV, which that she enjoyed much more.

This is better!

So fireworks were a dud.  Maybe next year.Image and video hosting by 

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