Friday, May 31, 2013

Blood Work

My husband picked up our girl from daycare early today to get some blood work done, so we can get her titers pulled.  That way our pediatrician knows exactly what shots were done in China.  We have her shot report, but this gives validation to that report.

When he went to pick her up at daycare, she was pushing around a Tonka truck with a lot of gusto.  So much so, my husband hid behind the bookshelves so not to disturb her moment of fun.  She pushed it all over the room very fast.  She had a huge smile, like "Hey, I conquered this".  She made a quick turn and came crashing to the ground.  She twisted to the ground and landed on her back.

She propped herself up on her stomach and began to giggle.  That is when she noticed her Dada.   She smiled even bigger and ran to him saying, "Dada"!

They then got into the SUV and rode the lab.  They made their way to the registration office where more than one person made over her... of course.  They had to wait for about 30 minutes.  But Ashton had fun because she loved making small yells or cries, because it echoed through the 4 story, tall lobby.  She did that for about 15 minutes.

Finally, her name was called and they went on back.  They put her in a room that had sea creatures painted all over the walls.  They also had sea creature kites and mobiles hanging from the ceiling.  Ashton really liked them.

They sat on a couch that had armrest that came all the way around in front of them.  They figured because she was so small they should have 2 nurses help take the blood.

They had Dada wrap his arm around her chest and held her right arm down.  One nurse grabbed her left hand and pulled her arm straight to pull the blood as the other nurse prepared to stick the needle in.

After 3 sticks and two long minutes of bawling, the nurse asked if she could do the other arm.  So everyone switched arms.

They were able to get blood on the first stick.  After 4 minutes of bawling and filling 9 viles, they finally removed the needle.  

It took about a minute after that for Ashton to stop crying.  She keep pouting and whimpering, but once she left the room she knew it was over and was back to her happy, joyful self.

Dada and Ashton then headed to see Pop (his dad).  They had dinner all together at Chic-fil-a. She ate 4 nuggets  2 huge waffle fries and her juice box. Dada even got her an ice cream to treat her for being so good and patient.  Ashton keep signing "more" and ate most of the ice cream.  He eventually pulled it away because she was overfilling herself.

On the ride back she fell asleep.

I got home to an almost empty house.  they didn't get home until about an hour after I got home from work.  I still had 5 dogs to take out and feed the cats.  But it was bittersweet coming home with no husband and no baby.  But once I heard them pull up I ran out to see my girl.  I got her out of the car seat and we played outside for a little bit.  

As you can tell from the photos, she's happy to be home!
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stretching Her Abilities

I always wonder if I'm blogging correctly.  Am I expounding enough for my daughter?  Am I documenting the things and details she wants to know?  Am I being to vague or not vague enough for our safety in the blogging world?  Am I truly catching the essence of the moments and what they mean, or am I just rambling facts?

I see many blogs that are so good at being eloquent and others that are just boring.  Many inspire me, yet I always feel that I fall short.  Not to mention my thoughts take time and reflection to write down properly and I'm usually rushing to make time to post.

Today I want to reflect on Ashton's development.  

I notice our bonding growing more everyday.  I notice how she clings more to us as parents and wants us to protect her.  I see her wary of strangers just a little bit more.  And when things are a bit much for her I love seeing her go under our legs for protection. 

I also see how she is testing her boundaries.  She gets more vocal everyday with her likes and dislikes.  If she is upset, she lets us know.  She quivers that bottom lip and cries her alligator tears to show us she's not happy.  I want to record her quivering lip she does before she outgrows it.  It's an amazing sound!  Breaks your heart.  I understand why she does it.  It's hard to resist.

She also threw her first tantrum yesterday... and over what I don't know.  But she started pounding her fists on her Fisher Price hippo walker ride.  She only did it for a couple of fist pounds like a drum, but she just stood her having a little melt down.  I wasn't sure if I should console her or not, as I didn't want to encourage her to just throw tantrums and think we'd baby her and get her what she wants.  So I tried talking calmly to her, but my husband walked in and pulled her in his arms and tried to distract her.  She wasn't taking it and cried on.  She eventually stopped and we don't know what she was on about, she was dry, fed and it wasn't bedtime.  It didn't last long, but it was interesting.  She's definitely comfortable with us enough to let us know she's not happy.  So I take it as a good thing.

Also, she loves seeing photos.  Especially of herself.  Anytime we walk by her photos on the wall or a painting she points and I say it's her or the name of who's there.  

Yesterday she was pointing to the screensaver on the computer.  So my husband put her in his lap and told her the names of the people who popped up on the screen.  "That's mama", "That's Dada", "That's Lau lau".  Then Ashton as clear as day said, "Lau lau".  

I called my mom up right away to tell her what she said.  My mom wants to be called Nonni, but knew it may be hard for her to pronounce, so in China found out she was lau lau and we've used both intermittently   And yesterday my girl said, "Lau lau".  Of course she wouldn't say it again and we couldn't get her to even babble for my mom on the phone.  But I think it made her very happy.

Her words are few and rare, but she does say "mama" and "dada" though not always referring to us.  One of my favorites is her saying, "Uh oh".  I've also heard her say, "Dawson", "Peyton", "Yay", "What".  I can't wait for her to enunciate them though.

Also, Ashton is learning kisses.  I say, "Kiss" and she opens her mouth and leans in, and I kiss her.  She then giggles.  It's not a true kiss, but I'll take it.  She still can't hug, but when I squeeze her I always say, "Hugs".  So hopefully she getting it all to sink in.

Also she bounces, shakes and dances a little more all the time to music.  She knows we encourage her to, so I think she's doing it more.  She still conducts with one arm going with the music.  And she loves her Fisher Price star piano.  She plays it and dances to it all the time.  I can't wait to see where this aptitude for music will take her.

I can't convey what a joy she is.  Is she tiring - yes.  Can her wailing get annoying - yes.  But a small smile or giggle melts it all away.  Her gentleness (yes she's rough to the cats, but isn't malicious) astounds me.  She wants so much to please, unless she want her way - what toddler doesn't.  But her spirit is so beautiful.  When I saw her face for the first time in December and wondered, is that my child... I had no idea how perfect she was or how rewarding sharing our lives together would be.  It was a huge leap of faith and God delivered in leaps and bounds.  

I'm forever grateful and I don't want to forget any moment of her development or life.  I want to be able to relive her youth through this blog and feel that I captured this angel well.

We love you so much, our little Thumper!
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Steps

Ashton was visited by First Steps yesterday.  It's a program in Indiana that helps with keeping a child developmentally on track.  Today was her evaluation.

2 women came over and asked where she played.  We told them in her room or our living room.  So we took them to the living room and they watched her play while asking a billion questions.

Does she hold more than 2 things with both hands?
Did she talk Mandarin before meeting us?
Does she sleep at night?
Does she feed herself with a spoon?
Can she walk?
What does she eat?
Does she take off her shoes and socks?
Does she brush her hair?
Is she bonded with us?
How does she do at daycare?
Does she use crayons?
Does she drink out of a straw?
Was her mother short?
Does she follow basic commands?
Does she know how to push or ride a toy?

Some of the questions made sense to us, others... not so much.

They saw her play with her kitchen.  They saw her go up and down her slide.  They saw her ask for food and get fed. And they saw her be shy and cling to me, just wanting to sit in my lap the first 15 minutes or so.

After it all we asked what they thought.  They said we wouldn't need their services at all.  That she was just fine!  They didn't see any delays.  but if anything changed that we could use them until she aged out of their program by age 3.

They left and we just wanted some pictures of my girl.  So we did some photos and played around.  Then she decided to cling to daddy the rest of the night.

She's too cute for words!  We think she's pretty amazing too!
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Children's Museum

Today Ashton went to the Children's Museum for the first time.  Actually, it was my first time too. My Dad and PJ went with us.  In fact, Dad treated us all.  We had a good time.  Ashton loved the hot wheels and music stuff there best.  She was so cute play with what she came into contact with.
She didn't care for the carousal too much.  Unlike when we were in Disney and my husband rode with her, I think she didn't like riding alone, though my dad was holding her.  She wanted more security.  But she still looked stinkin' cute.

 When we came off the elevators there was a race car.  We were able to get her in for a moment.  Other kids were trying to get in, so we didn't have long to take the shot.
 We got to go visit "Egypt"!  That's where we had lots of music to play and push buttons to hear their native instruments   Ashton loved pushing the buttons and hearing the music.  I couldn't get her to sit on the Sphinx.
 Though I didn't get to see the Terracotta warriors in China, we did get to see them sort of at the museum.  Ashton wasn't too impressed.
There was this one part where we could "dig" and good under a low tunnel and come out after a small turn.  Ashton could walk it she was short enough.  I crawled with her and she hated it... terrified.  I thought all kids loved tunnels and especially if they had enough clearance, even lit up.  Guess not.  But the slides, hot wheels and water work displays were a hit.  We all had a good day at the museum.  
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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Today was Ashton's baptism.  My dad and PJ flew up from Texas to Indiana just for the occasion and to meet their granddaughter.  We did a "photo shoot" (my husband, my cousin and her daughter) ahead of time.  I think the whole day can be summed up in the photos!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just Breathe

I dropped Ashton off at daycare and went to work.  I had a call from them around 1ish saying that she was wheezing really badly.  So I called my pediatrician.  We were able to get an appointment.  So I took her in and they decided to give her a breathing treatment.  She didn't do well afterwards as they hoped.  But she was a 94 out of 100 on some other test.  Anyhow they prescribed to have her continue on breathing treatments every 4 hours. (They don't think it's asthma).

After yesterday, and this today, I'm beat!  I feel awful.  I'm conflicted and confused.  I'm trying to decide to take her out of daycare or not.  It's not that simple.  There's a lot of factors... and they are personal, so I won't go in to them of validate them for the public.  They are just there.

But as for the daycare, believe me when I say I felt the situation with the biting was handled well, with her family, with what they're doing with her and the situation.  But I don't want to go into the privacy of that family and what is happening.  So I'm not going into those details.

As for the scratching, that I don't know.  So, I am shopping around for other daycares or home care I can afford.  We'll see what we can find.  But unless I feel that it's a better situation for her, I'm not just going to pull her out.  I can't take her to work with me and I have no PTO left.

As for the breathing treatments we're trying to decide if we can manage to go to the daycare ourselves to give her treatments every 4 hours or if the daycare can do it themselves.  We do have a doctor's note, asking them to if they know how.

I know we're being tested.  I know my patience and grace is being tested.  It's hard not to just be in a foul mood.  But there are many hurdles in life, and we just have a lot to go through being first time parents.  We're in uncharted territory... we're living an adventure.

I'm excited to see what's ahead.  My dad is flying in from Texas on Friday and we have her baptism on Saturday.  There's much to celebrate.

I just wish she looked and felt a lot better.  I hate to see her so uncomfortable wheezing and looking like a boxing ring fighter.  But we will get through this.  There are so many more blessings in our life than not.  And I thank all the support and encouragement from all our family and friends through this.Image and video hosting by 


Monday, May 20, 2013

1 Month Home

Can you believe we've been home one whole month?  Blows my mind!  So much has happened and yet, everything is still the same... as in we still feel like we just arrived home with our girl. We're still amazed about her and feel so lucky.

However, I was curious if I would blog about this or not, but I want to share the joys and the pitfalls of being a parent.  Last week, I mentioned my precious girl was bit on the face by a fellow preschooler.  She was just playing with a toy and this girl bit her to take it from her, though she didn't have it first.  She didn't break the skin, but anything on the face is worth being alarmed about.  But one incident... it happens.

Today she was bit again on the face by the same girl and scratched on the face by a boy.  Bit by the same toddler-same reason, but scratched on the playground by a different toddler (I think because she invaded personal space).  I went over to talk with the daycare in person.  Ashton was taking a nap with the rest of her class, so I didn't get to see her face.  I was very concerned about the biting again, but after talking to the daycare felt the situation was being handled well.  I really feel like the appropriate actions are being taken with the biting.  I didn't really think much of the scratch, as it was an isolated incident and a scratch sounds lesser than a bite.

My husband picked her up early today and brought her to my work to see her face.  I was mortified.  The bite was like last time, didn't break the skin.  But the scratches... so close to her eye and did break the skin!  She looks awful!  Now I feel like I was focusing on the wrong problem.  I feel like a terrible mother. 

She wasn't herself when home.  She was cranky, and could not be consoled.  She didn't even want ice cream.  She just want' hungry.  And by 6pm she was ready for bed.  She's been very restless all night.

God bless her little heart!  I feel so badly for her.  I pray that she heals quickly and that she is no longer a target for these "attacks".  

The biting was bullying, and I'm glad there are actual measures being taken.  But the scratches which are worse and seems to be an isolated incident... that one is now the one hard to swallow.  

It breaks your heart to see your child harmed in any way.  Hopefully, this won't happen again.  But I know my girl is half the size of all her age, so she's an easy target.  I want to do right by her, and let her be strong, independent and stand on her own two feet - not coddled.  But when you see something like this, it's hard not to want to shield them from the horrors of the world.  But then I'm shielding her from discovering the great things too.  

I just pray that she isn't a target and her beautiful personality will get her through and make her loved and not a scratching post.  But I know kids are kids and this happens... but to her face 3xs in less than 1 week?  So hard to bare.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

First Hair Cut

This morning we skyped with my BFF from Finland.  Ashton was her charming self as usual.  She was even being very affectionate with our furbabies.

Later we went to Cookie Cutters to chop of the back of her hair and trim a bit on the sides.  But Ashton was very impressed with their waiting room.  It had a HUGE slide!

Then was the haircut.  The stylist put in Baby Einstein (the Ocean) DVD to try and keep her attention.  She wasn't thrilled, but didn't do too badly.

We got a check in the mail to splurge on Ashton from my Aunt J.  So we decided to get Ashton the one thing we knew she'd love that we didn't find used at any garage sales.  We bought her a slide.  We think she loves it!

And I know a babbling baby starts somewhere... but did she say Dawson?

And to end the night, when I was rocking her to sleep and singing to her (Sleeping Beauty's Once Upon a Dream)... yes I don't sing, but don't tell her that... she was singing along with me!  And yes, she sounded way better than me.  Awesome moment!

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