Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Visit to Sanmenxia

Today we had to get up super early for our day in Sanmenxia.  I put her in a bow which promptly got taken out after breakfast.

In the Henan Provence  you have to go back to your child's birth city to apply for their passport.  And if you are lucky, you get permission to see the orphanage.   Well, we got a personal invite from the director of the orphanage, after we apply for her passport, to get a personal tour of Sanmenxia, a stop by her finding spot, a tour of the orphanage, and a traditional Sanmenxia meal.

So we had to leave 7am to get a taxi to get to the bullet train to get to Sanmenxia.  I put Shi Qing in my husband's favorite outfit.  Some cute flowered jeans with a hot pink onesie.  I wanted the SWI to be proud that we had her layered, so I included a hoodie and her original Gotcha Day jacket.  

We got in the taxi and wow... Shi Qing wasn't happy.  She was hot, I was sweating... there was no air.  And I must say, riding in a taxi is much different than riding in a bus.  And the way the Chinese drive... I must say, it's an experience.

After about 20 minutes we got to the train station.  The welcome breeze was great.  I felt so much better.  But Shi Qing, was already stripped down one coat.

We got on the bullet train and Shi Qing was a bit fussy, so we fed her some puffs and gave her a bottle.

Once we arrived in Sanmenxia, we were greeted by the same women from Gotcha Day.  They were so happy to see Shi Qing again.  It was pretty windy so I quickly got in the van and no sooner she peed all over me.  (Her skinny legs, make the diapers a tad unreliable.)  So there went her cute outfit.  We pulled out outfit number two: jeans and a onesie.  I just had to dry.  (Yay motherhood.)

We drove up to the orphanage and were told that we can't have photos posted online, only the exterior.  So those are private.  We have some great memories, but we respect their privacy.  We  got a great tour, met her friends, saw her crib, and she was happy to see everyone, but was just as happy to come back to us.

I will say they didn't think I had her bundled enough.  Her jeans would hike up and show leg. I tried :(

Then the director got in the van with us and we got a tour of Sanmenxia and ened up at the park where she was found.  We don't know where in the park she was found, so we were by the entrance.

The park is called Swan Lake.  Swans from Siberia come down every winter and we saw a few who didn't want to go back.  We got our photo taken by the rock that is the entrance to this amazing park, it says Swan Lake.  

And for an extra tidbit: my mother LOVES swans.  It's her favorite animal and she has quite a collection.  Also, Swan Lake was the song that I walked down the aisle to marry my husband.  So it's kind of a neat "sign" that connects us all together.

We then rode (A very bumpy ride... I was nautious) to a underground villa of sorts.  There we had the traditional Sanmenxia meal.  As we walked down the stairs music was playing.  They had a traditional Sanmenxia band playing just for us!  It was so cool!!

After the meal we headed back to the orphanage where we chatted for a time and learned about the local wild fruit: April Red was the literal translation.  It was tiny 2 pair of fruit that was a mixture of tomato and a grape.  It was very interesting.

The whole time Shi Qing was just entertaining them all with her charms.  She was climbing and hugging and cooing.  Just adorable.

We then rode the train back.  That is when Shi Qing got fussy.  She wasn't having it.  Everyone was staring.  I felt so bad.  But a cranky baby, past her nap time happens.

We got back to the hotel around 5:30 or 6.  We were exhausted.

We decided to order in the hotel pizza.  Not the best, but easy.  

We also found out that Shi Qing loves to have her feet kissed.  She puts them out for you to kiss and she cracks up and does it again.  So we kiss her feet often!

We decided to try plan C on the whole bath idea.  This time I was in the tub.  She loves us both, but prefers me.  So we decided to have her "favorite" more "secure" parent she leans to in the tub.  Then we put in NO water.  It was empty.  I was in an empty tub playing with her toys.  She was intrigued.  So we brought her in.  (Luckily, she LOVES to be naked.  We call her naked baby all the time when we strip her down to just her diaper.  She cracks up!)  So we played in the empty tub for a while.  Then my husband turned on and off the water just enough for a splash and we both laughed.  She looked at both of us, studying the situation and laughed too.  So we did it again and again.  And she got excited and laughed and cracked up every time we splashed in water.  Over time I was able to get a washcloth and begin washing her.  She kept reaching out to the faucet asking us to splash in more water.  She thought it was the coolest thing!  Yay!!!!  Our girl loves baths now!!!

And we love scrunchy face!  She gives it all the time...

She walks like a drunken sailor... she's so funny!!

I am so thankful to have gotten the in-depth look into Shi Qing's home.  I feel so blessed to have ICC and a director of her orphanage be so hospitable and friendly.  I really feel like she was well loved and cherished there.

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  1. Looks like you quite a nice day for the orphanage trip! Don't worry about bundling her up. She's YOUR daughter now. They have to understand that it's a cultural thing. That's how our guide explained it to our director and staff when they took us out for lunch.

  2. What an amazing day. And what a treasure to be able to visit her orphanage and the area where she lived. I was able to visit Bri's orphanage and I will never forget it. So glad you are able to have that memory forever.

  3. What a beautiful city. So glad it is going so well for you!

  4. Ive lived in this city for two years, and I say "I had the best times of my life".. beautiful place, beautiful people..someday, im gonna go back there.

    For the writer, congratulations! U are blessed and u will be more.People with beautiful hearts are always in my prayers. God bless ur family.

    -Nina from Philippines


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