Saturday, April 13, 2013

To the Museum

Today was our trip to the Zhenzhoug Museum.  As Ashton doesn't like the carrier, we were curious how the trip would be on our arms.  

With having the 2 free days, it helped us taking it easy and feeling more rested though we really weren't.

It was a cool trip.  There were some pieces from Sanmenxia, and it was neat to see them.  We even saw a "band" play, thinking Ashton would love it.  She did kind of.  But was more interested in going up and down the steps in front of our seats.  It was a long day at the museum.

Needless to say, our arms, back... it was a killer day!  My wrists are beginning to really ache!!  Whoever heard of that?  by the end of the night when I was supporting myself on the floor I heard my wrist snap.  I think it's hyper-extended or something crazy!  I can't do much with it.  Crazy!!  So I asked to look into the strollers that our guides were selling, even though we were leaving tomorrow.  My arms and wrists couldn't take it anymore.  

We got her a red polka-dot one.  As long as it's moving, she'll ride!!  Good girl!
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