Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Verdict Is?

The night was tough.  We got a call from our guide saying that our orphanage pulled through and got something from the hospital and faxed it over to the clinic.  But we wouldn't know until this morning if it is what is needed.

We knew there was no way we'd get our original consulate appointment.  But we were told, that we would go to the clinic and see if the paperwork was indeed correct.  If so, we'd go straight to the consulate and we'd be worked in.

I couldn't imagine going to the clinic and finding out no.  That would be heartbreaking... and would mean the 2 weeks in China.  The plans we didn't want to make.

So hoping for the best, I dressed Ashton in her Consulate appointment dress. She looked beautiful.  I hoped I hadn't jinxed anything.  But I wanted to remain hopeful.

Our group whom we were supposed to go with already was at the consulate.  We were with another family, who we'd have our consulate appointment with should we have the right paperwork.

We rode in the van to the clinic.  The other family was just as anxious for us. All the families in our group were praying, routing, had our back.  They were all supportive and wanted this as badly as us.

Our guide got out of the van and into the clinic.  We waited in the van.  We looked at the vending machine in the building that held full bottles of wine.  We thought about getting one.  The wait seemed like it took forever!

Our guide came back, and she was on the phone.  She sounded serious.  She was speaking mandarin, so we didn't know what she was saying.

The van started and we were all like, so what's going on?  She turned around and gave a thumbs up.  All good!

We're going to the consulate?

She nodded and continued on the phone.

We were ecstatic!!  Yay!!!  We couldn't wait.  Most savor the moment.  We just wanted to rush through, before anyone changed their minds!!

We entered the building and saw members of our group there in the main lobby.  They saw us.  They asked if we were good.  We said we were in the clear.  They were so happy.  There were hugs and congratulations happening.  It was so sweet.  We had to cut it short, so we could make our appointment.

We went up the escalator, through the scanners and waited for our turn.  We were one of the first called.  We were so happy to be there.  Our paperwork was all in order!  We were so relieved.  Everything got stamped and admitted and we were told unless of a computer glitch we'd have our visa tomorrow for Ashton to go home!

Yay!!  Now we could celebrate!  Shamain Island here we come!!

It was so strange to be somewhere you've seen blogged about for so long.  It seemed like a ghost town.  You could tell it had seen it's hay day.  I'm so afraid it will deteriorate.  It already is showing that forgotten air.

We had fun shopping and not having to worry about being in China any longer than needing too.  But the best part was Lucy's!!  The ham and cheese sandwich and banana/strawberry shake was perfect!!  

We did some more shopping and took a taxi back to the hotel and crashed  We had Safari Park the next day!

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  1. I cried for you when I read this. So happy it worked out! Dolanmama, YSP :)


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