Monday, April 15, 2013

Medical Exam

I've been pondering how to write this one.  Again, I want this to be an honest reflection about adoption, not rose-colored.  I want our experiences to help other families.  I also want to protect our family's privacy. 

That being said, here is the best in which I can share.

We arrived at the clinic building.  First we had to bet our photos taken of our child for their visa.  They made me take out her cute hair bow.  Forget trying to get it back on again.  Ashton doesn't like her hairbows.

Then we all were in a hallway with rooms for various stations: ENT, Nurse station (to check body weight, height and temperature), and general screening (body check-up).  you can go to any station in any order.  You just had to get all 3 (or 4 - TB test for those over 2 years of age) done.

 We went to the general screening first.  The doctor didn't like her report.  Basically, it mentioned something she USED to have, but now doesn't.  Meaning she had a false positive or a misdiagnosis, so to speak.  We tried to explain that.  He asked where was the treatment.  We said there was no treatment since she never really had it.  He wasn't convinced.  He left the room with us just sitting there for a while.  No one had any bedside manner, I tell you.

Then there was a little commotion going on down the hall and it was over my little girl.  I went to see what was going on.  They were saying that the consulate didn't know.  I said, "The consulate didn't know what"?  And they said the thing she is no longer positive for.  I said we did everything right and that I'm sure the consulate knew everything that was written about her to us. They then asked what did I say about it during my home study?

My home study?!?  I did my home study a year before I was matched with my child!  How could I talk about a condition she didn't have on my home study?

With that they said, see the consulate didn't know so they'd take her away.

Take her away?!?  Now call it whatever, but on little sleep (as she doesn't sleep during the night) and with the stress of everything going on, I understood it as, though she's fine, China was taking my baby away from me, period.

I began to cry.  Don't take my baby away!  She mine now!

They just walked away.  The guides said, they take her away only a short time.  I was getting worse.  What's a short time?  A few days?

Come to realize... HUGE translation communication failure.  What they didn't tell me was they were only taking her away to do a blood test to prove she was in the clear.  Why couldn't they just say that?!?  Do all the tests they want.  I didn't care.  Just don't take my daughter away.

So I went to our guides to double check.  So, though they were asking about "treatment" which didn't exist as she didn't have it, as long as we were clear on the tests now, we'd be okay.


I felt better, but it took some time for my nerves to calm down from my panic attack.

She then got her turn at the Nurse's station.  And then one of the nurses walked away like there was another problem.  I was on the move again, trying to "catch up".  Come to find out, it was the same old problem.  She was just setting up for her test.

Luckily, she passed the ENT with no problems.

Then was the blood test.  Parents not allowed.  I heard her scream but she was all smiles when it was over.  She turns on a dime that one!!

So, tomorrow is the Buddist Temple, where we will get a Buddist blessing on Ashton.  Also, visit the Provincial Folk Art Museum and return to the hotel by 12:30 roughly.

After that we will be on "house arrest" waiting for the phone to ring between 2-3 to find out about our girl's test results.  I know she'll be fine, but after that scare, I just want everything in the clear.  I can't wait for the call tomorrow so it can be over!Image and video hosting by 


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