Sunday, April 14, 2013

Leaving Zhengzhou and Arriving in Guangzhou

Her first plane ride!  And man, was she great!  Fussed a bit, but nothing more than that.  She ended up sleeping some!  Hopefully, this is a sign of our long trip home!!

We checked in, great room again!  It sucks that our group isn't all on the same floor together, but other than that, can't complain.

In our room we had a welcome basket just for our little girl!  She got a cute bear (with a shirt that reads, "Take me home!", wipes, lotion, and soap.  It's so cute!!

After we checked in we decided to see the play area in the hotel for kids.  We found and indoor area where some other adoptees (not from our group) were.  They all played together well, but Ashton discovered the slide and LOVED it.  She kept trying to climb up the slide end to slide back down!!

We then ventured to the outside play area, with BIGGER slides.  she was in heaven.  They had swings too, in the shape of a dolphin, but she wanted no part in that.

We then settled in early as the medical exam is tomorrow!  But I know she'll be just fine!  Luckily, only 2-year-olds and older get their blood drawn for TB.  Ashton will only have a ENT exam, measurements, and general exam.  Curious to see how she'll do.
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