Monday, April 8, 2013

Gotcha Day

Today was Gotcha Day.  So much happened...

First off Zhengzhou is a neat.  But the night before Gotcha it was hard to sleep.  So much anxiety.  I finally gave up and just got up and took my time getting ready.  By breakfast I was so anxious I could barely eat well.  And that doesn't happen.  If I don't eat I get gittery.  So we knew it wasn't good that I wasn't eating much.  But we hoped the excitement of the day would get me through to lunch or dinner.

After breakfast we had an hour to burn in our room.  I was pacing and just getting more wound up.  Trying to relax, but worrying about details.  My husband tried ironing his shirt, and melted it.  It was caotic.

Finally, we got on the bus to go to the civil affairs building to get our children.  Once we arrived a few of the children were already waiting for us.  Mine was not among them.

My husband started taking photos of other families while I made my way to the back corner to prepare.  Several families arrived.  None were our girl.  So they started us on paperwork.  Of course, while I'm nose down in paperwork not looking at the front door, that is when our girl arrives.

She came carried in with a serious look on her face.  She was studying everything around her.  She was wearing jeans, yellow shoes with red laces, a hot pink sweater with flowers on it, a white, furry, polar bear coat, and a yellow bear hat.  She looked adorable.  We knew she was tiny, but she seemed  even smaller than we could imagine.

I teared up at the sight of her and proably shook a bit.  I talked to her and after a couple of minutes shewas handed over to me.  She just looked all around and at us, taking it all in in a serious demenor.

I finally had to sit.  So we went back to the couch corner we sat at earlier.  I was able to really take her in.  One of the caretakers was from ICC (International China Concern) who assists with the SWI, and she was American.  She been working with ICC at the SWI for 2 years, and was there the day she was brought in.  She's been there the whole time.  I had someone who could tell me IN ENGLISH all about my baby girl!  God provided such a gift!  God is in all the details, I tell you!

We talked and talked, or she did and I listened.  The whole time Shi Qing just studied everything around her and was eating a date with the most micosized bites, and slowest bites.  (This is her normal.)  I was even given the sweater she arrived to the orphanage in.  It's the tinest sweater you've ever seen.  And it has to be hand made.  I don't know if the hospital gave it to her or her birth mother or what.  But it's her first item.  Hers.  And we have it to show her one day.  It's priceless.

Also, we were given a thumb drive full of photos from theday she came to the orphanage to now.  We have pictures of her in the sweater she came in looking like a little mouse.  Again, God in the details!

I asked if I could remove the hat so I could get a better look at my baby girl.  They said yes.  I did, and surprise!!  She has hair!!  They grew her hair out!  It's still short, but hair!  I can actually put clips in it... that is if I brought any!

And of course I am bias, but she is simply breathtakingly gorgeous!!  And so petite!  She's adorable!

We found out that the director of the orphanage invited us for a special tour of the orphanage of a tour of her city Sanmenxia on Wednesday!  So, unlike other families who may just stop by for a short visit to an orphanage if their lucky... we're getting the red carpet invite to the city.  They're planning to show us the city, give us lunch and her orphanage.  We are so excited.

After 45 minutes or so the orphange staff left and Shi Qing was in our arms.  We took her to the green play area for kids and put her on a rody.  A blow up horse like thing.  She bounced on it and loved it!  We started seeing some of her personality.

What we learned in those 45 minutes....
1-loves food, will eat anything!  And don't take it away from her or she'll have a meltdown.
2-easy going.
3-cries when tired, dirty diaper, or hungry (or taking back food).
4-was very loved and cared for at her SWI.
5-loves music.  Will bounce or waves her hands like a conductor.
6-sleeps through the night.
7-got our care package!  They had her stuff we sent right there with her!
8-She loves to be held.

We then got on the bus back to the hotel.  She was happy to be held by either of us.  It didn't matter.

Her clothes were wet, so we had to change her.  We put her in a dress.  She looked stunning.  We then started playing with her.  She loves her stacking cups.  She loves to pick them up and throw them over the back of her head like she thinks she's a magician and she made them dissappear.  She cracks herself up throwing these stacking cups back behind her head.  Then she turns around and does it again.  And Sue - she loves her keys you sent her.  We don't go anywhere without them.  She loves to shake them and chew on them and just hold them.  It's her constant companion anywhere we go.

It was nearing her bedtime so I put her in her pjs.  Very special pjs that I've loved and just bought forher before I knew who she was and everyone teased me, because the biggest size was 9 months and I was told we'd have to cut the feet off to get them to fit.  Actually, they swallow her!  It's too big.  6 months is perfect if not too big, as well!  And the size 3 shoes we brought.... too big!

I didn't care that the pjs were big, they did the trick... but not 5 minutes after I got her in the pjs, she blew them out.  (She had 3 dates on her ride to Gotcha Day.  She was eating her third when we met.)

That night she went through 4 pjs!!  She had blow out after blow out!  We got initiated as parents.

We tried giving her a bath, and she panicked.  Imagine a cat being thrown into a pond.  That was our little kitten in the tub.  Bless her scared little heart.  She hates baths!

But she loves her feet played with and loves her staking cups!  She's so adorable!

She went to sleep just fine, but after an hour woke up and was scratching herself behind her neck.  We had our guide check her.  She said it wasn't scabies or anything to worry about.  It was just a nervous habit.  And she helped us soothe her back to sleep.  She slept the whole night.

It was a marvolous Gotcha Day.  I swear she fits our family perfectly and everything about her is too good to be true!  We are crazy about our little girl and are surprised how fast we are bonding!  She loves to be held by us and loved by us and her personality shines more every moment.
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  1. She is beautiful and seems to be making an amazing transition to her new family. I'm thrilled for the 3 of you!

  2. Absolutely WONDERFUL! I see a little smile in some of the pictures! Yeah! She's absolutely gorgeous! Glad she likes the keys! I love the picture of her and Mark! They aren't looking at each other but it's still a great picture! The one of her looking up at you is good, too! Congratulations Mama and Baba!

  3. what a little peanut!!!!! she is adorable!!!

  4. Congratulations to your new family,your daughter is a real cutie-pie!! God Bless !! Cathy in illinois!!

  5. Congratulations! She is so beautiful! Very happy for you all! Praying for a smooth transition and strong bonding!

  6. She is beautiful! So excited for your family! Congratulations!

  7. Stephanie, I'm so excited for you. She's darling and I know you are just over the moon. I can't wait to meet her in person :) Only a few more days till GZ for us all. Congratulations!

  8. Oh my goodness, she's so cute! Congratulations, we are so excited for you!

  9. So very happy to your family. She is simply adorable and it is wonderful to see her in your arms. I am looking forward to following more of your journey. Congrats!

  10. Congratulations! She is sooo precious! ICC is a wonderful can contact them after the adoption to get more information. They love hearing from families who have adopted little ones from their program, but unfortunately they can't reach out to families until the families make the first contact. What an amazing blessing she is and that an ICC worker was there to tell you all about her! God is GOOD! Can't wait to follow along on the rest of your journey.

  11. Congratulations!! She is so adorable and tiny! What a blessing to have been given so many pictures! I know you dreamed about your Gotcha day for a long time and I am so happy it went so wonderfully!


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