Thursday, April 11, 2013

Free Day in Zhenzhoug

After the busy 3 days it was great to have a free day.  Not that we got to sleep in.  In fact, there is a few "downsides" to Ashton.  Not that I like to call them that, but I want this not to be all rose-colored, but a realistic look at adoption.

1) She came with a cold.  No big deal.  A cough and runny nose, and some congestion   Hopefully, it will work itself out before we leave.

2) She doesn't sleep nights.  (Which makes blogging VERY hard!!)  We're trying everything.  But it could be the change, it could be she's colic, it could be anything.  She goes down unwillingly after we rock and sing for an eternity... maybe a couple hours, then she sleeps for a couple hours and then is up the rest of the night.  She doesn't wail or freak out.  She more fights, scratches herself, pulls hair, fuses, and then if not rocked or held, wakes up enough to cry.  She freaks out in the crib (and not to mention can CLIMB OUT of this one), so we've been letting her sleep in the bed with us to help calm her.  But she hits us and kicks while she's "restless".  Not a punishing  type of kick, but a she's agitated, can't sleep kind.  She's so different during naps, no problem and she is a joy during the day, it's the nights we are clueless.  It's very strange.

3) She's very pensive at first.  She just sits there and takes it all in.  So many people can't see the happy, go-lucky, charming, busy-body we are in love with.  We are trying to capture it best we can.

Again, nothing to complain about, far from it, but I do want to mention it as well.

We ate, boy does she love to eat, and then we decided to play inside for a bit. She loves her staking cups.  She loves to pull at them one by one and throw them over her head, turn around and do it again.  She also loves the glowing ball when you hit it.  She likes to put it in the staking cups.

She doesn't know what to make of her plush toys, her blankets she'll have nothing to do with, she hates to be covered, she has nothing to do with her lovies either.  I hope she warms up to them soon.

Since the bath was a success and we had a free day, we decided to try the indoor swimming pool.  Swim caps are required.

Caitie and her parents were with us.  We had Ashton watch them go in first.  Caitie was great!  Unsure at first, but did rather well.  

Then came Ashton's turn.  She didn't like it.  We think because it was too cold. She didn't freak, more fussed.  We kept trying, hoping she'd warm up to it, but no.  We then thought to try the jacuzzi   But it was a million degrees.  So, we decided not to cook our girl.

By the end of the "swim" I got a terrible sinus migraine and laid down.  My husband took Ashton to her first birthday party (which I missed, sadly to say). Everyone celebrated in the hallway (all our rooms are in the same floor, for the most part, so it's like college dorms, and we all hang out and visit in the halls.  Shaun turned 2!

When she came back to our room, she played one of her favorite games, "there you are".  It's where she points to the mirror and you carry her over and she points to herself and you exclaim in an excited voice, "There you are!"

I'm sorry I missed that night, but the sleep did me well.  My migraine was gone by the middle of the night.

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