Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 3 in Beijing

Today was a busy, crazy, fun day. Started with our breakfast and got on the bus.  First stop was the jade factory.  I was really hoping to get a family ball, but they were too expensive.  I should be really proud of myself.  So far I've bought no souveniers.  Just can't afford to. Hopefully things will be cheaper in Guangjou.

After the jade factory, we went to the Great Wall.  I really wanted to go to the side where you could tobaggan down, but it would have cost too much for us to break from the group.  So we went to the other side where you just climbed both ways.  There were two paths to take.  The popular easy one or the very steep one.  Of course my husband wanted the steep one.  So I followed suite.  Man, it whiped our butts.  I was very exhausted.  But luckily today was blue skys and sun shinning, so it was the perfect weather for the great wall.  I ended up wearing my jacket around my waist.  Only one other couple from our group went the steep way.  I'd say we went far.  I can't explain how far it was, but we were all pretty proud of ourselves.  We took about 1 hour and 15 minutes up and 30 minutes to go down.  

We then went to eat.  I was too tired to really eat.  George ordered for us again.  It must be a popluar spot for tourists, because I saw many foreign people from all over the world there.

Next we were riding to the bird's nest and cube.  But maybe after 45 minute ride, and 10 minutes from our destination, someoneslammed on their brakes ahead of us and we rammed in behind them.  We were in a colision.  Everyone was okay, no  one was injured, but it did jar everyone.  Then the bus driver and the guy from the car were arguing outside.  We were just all watching and enjoying the "show".  Unfortuntely, the wreck prevented us from going inside the bird's nest.  We only got to walk near it for photos and back on the bus.

I ended up sunburned from the great wall climb and am feeling it now.  I'm exhausted.  Which is good.  I want to sleep well for our plane ride tomorrow.

Tomorrow we leave for Henan!  Tomorrow will be our last day without our little, baby girl!

Very interested to see the difference in the provences and cities.  

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