Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 1 in Beijing

First off, sorry for the late blogging.  We had trouble connecting in Beijing.  But can from the lobby in Zhenzoug.  Forgive all typos, I'm not on my laptop but a tablet, and it's not as good.

Wow!  We are finally here!  We left the house around 6 am.  I was up at 4 am and couldn't go back to sleep, as we were to wake up at 5 am.  So that last hour Amadeus and I just cuddled really close.  I am so glad I got that extra cuddle time with my baby boy.  I think Ami will have the hardest adjustment with the baby, as he is my baby.

We got up and left (no going back for anything, Mom got everything this time :)  )

We got to the airport and started our self-check-in.  Mom and my husband were all good but I was flagged.  So I went to the front desk to see what was up.  I must have gotten the rudest person with no personality there.  She looked at my ticket and said I was stopped because they want to know where's my baby?  I told her this was an adoption trip and we would come back with her only.  Not even a flicker of softeness came over her eyes.  She wanted proof.  So I gave her my printed out ticket itenerary to show her.  She typed away.  And then asked for checked luggage.  She didn't even tell me if she fixed the problem or not.

During this time both my mother and husband stopped checking in and came to my side.  They were asked to go back and check in, that this was seperate from them.  So they did and came back to my side.  When she was done with me she told them to get to the back of the line.  What was funny, was if they were in line, they would have been next.  But as they didn't wait and were trying to help me out with any probablmes they had to go back to the end of the line and I sat off to the side waiting.  When they were next, the woman stopped helping all passengers and only started helping 1st class passengers.  Maybe it was because first class just arrived, but it felt deliberate that she wouldn't help my family.

So eventually another helper checked them in.  While they were being checked in, the no-personality lady started laughing with all of first class people she was checking in.  It was so weird.

After we got our electronic tickets we got to our gate.  Once there I went to the front counter to be sure the strange lady didn't erase my daughter all together. This woman was so sweet and told me congratulations and said everything was fine.  

We boarded the plane and it was delayed aobut 20 minutes, but as we had a 4 hour layover in Detroit, we weren't concerned.

We got to Detroit and mom called Grandma to let her know where we were and to give our final goodbyes.

The adoption community online is a small world.  And a couple came up to us who said they recongized me and introduced themselves.  They were part of our travel group and would be on the flight as well.  They were getting a little boy and this would be their first child.
A couple hours later another family I reconized walked by, they backed up and reconized me... (it's the red hair I tell you).  So they sat with us and chatted.  This family Ig ot to know better ofver the last 2 weeks as we were on the same TA wait and would FB back and forth.  It was great to finally meet in person.  It was so cool to know we where already getting to know people before we hit China.

The 13 hour flight to China wasn't easy, but wasn't bad.  We had more leg room than I imagined and the TV screen that gave you choice of shows to watch was great.  The only thing is 13 on my bony butt... ow!  I swear it's bruised from sitting on it so long.  

When we got off the flight we were met my our guide George.  He is very friendly.  

Our first impression of Beijing was the smog.  The sky is that light, colorless, gray.  It was also raining.  So it felt colder than I thought it'd be.  

The smog I think is playing with my sinuses, so I started getting that heavy head feeling.  Not a headache, but close.  So all I wanted to do wascheck-in to our room and sleep it away.  

Our room is nice.  We got settled in and I took my nap.  I woke to my hubby and mom bringing some KFC

I got mashed potatoes and gravy and chicken poppers.  But these were different.  They were chicken with so spice sauce in the center.  It was hot!  Good but very spicy.  I then took some benadryl for my aching body, knowing I had a sinus cold.  It did wonders.  I feel so much better.  I felt all groggy and couldn't think through the fog in my head, and now feel alert.

Tomorrow we go to tour Beijing, the Forbidden City, and Tinimen Square. 

I'm afraid it will be cold and rainy again.  But oh well.  We meet in the lobby at 8:30 and should be done roughly at 4:30.

I still don't feel like I'm getting a daughter.  I don't feel like I'm in China.  I still am waiting for it to all sink in.

Off to sleep now and start our fun filled day of adventure.

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