Monday, December 31, 2012

It's a Girl!!

I know you're not going to believe it.  We barely do ourselves.  But it's all in God's timing!  

Now that we have our PA, our pre-approval today... I am now happy to introduce Dang Shi Qing.  I wasn't even allowed to say we were matched until PA.  Most parents can at least say their matched, but not provide details.  My agency said not to make a peep about match or anything until PA!

It's been hard; so I've been secretly post-blogging everything and will finally have it all posted up in it's correct timeline.  

The story of how we got matched (when told it'd be 14 months) is in another post.  But I thought the exciting stuff should come first!

Okay, back to Dang Shi Qing!  Last name Dang, first name Shi Qing.  (That's how they arrange the name in China.)  It's pronounced Dong Shur Cheeng.

Notice the 3 Chinese ornaments overhead?
1. Her photo 2. China - waiting 3. Stork carrying her
Well first, I will do like what another poster did and I will share a photo of her once a week.  Gives me something to look forward to sharing and makes the new wait on the other side of things not seem so long.  At least, that's the plan. I'm sure the wait is agonizing, no matter what!

What I can share about her is that she is 14 months old.  Her birthday is October 23, 2011.  She was brought to her SWI (orphanage/social welfare institute) on January 11th.  She currently resides at the Sanmenxia Social Welfare Institute in the Henan Provence.  


Now from my limited knowledge, children's names and where they come from are typically a mystery.  (I mean everyone knows the SWI gives it to the child, but why is unknown.)  You are usually just given their name; and you look up their Chinese character's meaning.  From there you imagine why they were given the names they were by their SWI.  I got to learn immediately from her profile that she wasn't just given her name thoughtlessly.  It was chosen with the utmost care.  It makes me so warm and thankful that she was loved from the start and given a special name.

In her file, it says, "Where Shi Qing's name comes from: Because she is an extremely pretty little girl, we hope that her future life is beautiful and picturesque.  We also hope that her future is a road of sunshine without wind or rain.  Therefore, we gave her the beautiful name of Shi Qing, Shi (words referring to poetry, poem) and Qing (fine or clear weather)."  

She is described as a "smart little girl", "her hands are extremely nimble and she likes to hold onto things", "she will sometimes be like a little princess and get upset and when you walk to her and don't hold her she will cry very heartily, but if you do hold her she will smile and be very pleased".  She "can stand when supporting herself", "sit on her own", "crawl", "make ma ma and ba ba sounds", "knows her name", and "claps hands with the nannies".  She "isn't a picky eater", "has a ready smile", is "quiet", but can be a "crier" when sleep time and likes to "sleep with the covers over her head".  

All I know is I have a child whose personality shines in her photos.  She seems alert and happy.  I'm so excited to be a mother to this child!  Praise God!

She sounds perfect to me!  I can't wait to get my baby home!
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  1. Congratulations to you both! You did a great job keeping it a secret until now! I got chills when I read your post on the FB group. So happy for you all! She sounds like she has such a special personality...what a blessing! Hugs!

  2. Congrats to you all. It's always so exciting to read this kind of happy news. What a great way to start your new year!!!!

  3. Congratulations! It's fun to have something new to show each week during the long wait. :) I'll be posting the next picture of my little girl tomorrow.

  4. Oh my gosh!!! Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! She is absolutely beautiful!!!

  5. Congrats...she is a beauty! So very excited for you! Looking forward to hearing more of the details of her match.

  6. Congrats :) So, so excited for you! Can't wait to see more photos of your little one and hear more about her! So sweet that you're ending 2012 with your referral - and hopefully you'll have a quick LOA! And it's so, so sweet that they gave her a name with meaning and that it's so caring, what a blessing! How nice toknow that the people who are taking care of her are being so thoughtful with even her name!

  7. Congratulations! One of our daughters had Dang as her surname. You may find from your daughter's orphanage group that some children born in a certain year will all have the same surname and the Shi name the same. Then the "Qing" is the name that would be hers alone. Many times the orphanage will call the child twice by that name like Qing Qing. Good luck in your journey.

  8. Congratulations!! I have been watching your blog and waiting with you for a referral. So glad it came sooner than you expected and at Christmas time makes it extra special!! We adopted out son from China in Feb 2012.
    Blessings to you and your family!


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