Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

It is so funny to think I'm "celebrating" my 2nd Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.  We're not really celebrating... yet.  We're not eating mooncakes, or making our Americanized version... yet!  But we know we will soon... one day.  Maybe next year she'll be with us and we'll celebrate.  Or maybe next year we'll know her picture and be pinning to get her.  Or maybe we'll still be waiting, hopefully our last Moon Festival to be with her.

As for the garage sale, it over!  Yay!  Anything we didn't sell, we're taking to Goodwill.  We thought about a Spring garage sale again, but this was a lot of effort for small change.  So we're just going to save up the hard way.  But we're still grateful for what we did manage to get. 

We will now focus again back on working on the house, figure out her flooring and all the other things we've pushed aside for the garage sale.  Life can officially resume!

Man, I can't believe it's October tomorrow!!  Time has been flying!
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our First LID-aversary!

Thursday I spent all night working on signs and cleaning off a lot of stuff from the basement we wanted to sell.  It was funny driving around trying to put up signs at night.  Just with the dark and curious where the best visual spot was and me driving away from my husband if a car pulled up behind me on the street and having to get back to him.  

Last night after work I went home to start getting everything to the garage dusted and on tables for the garage sale today.  It was exhausting.  

My friend Ms. M dropped by her cookies to add to the sale.  I think they turned out well.

We wanted to start at 9 am, so we got up at 7:30 am to get stuff out.  There were people there for us as we were, so we were continually putting stuff out for a couple hours as people we looking.  

Several friends donated a few of their things to sell at the garage sale.

It's funny the things yo think will sell and the things that don't.  But we still have day 2 for tomorrow.  I'm just grateful for any funds we can raise for our adoption.

Today is our 1 month LID anniversary.  So technically 1 month wait, though the process has been over a year.  Many shoppers at our sale asked when we'd get her and where we were adopting from.

It was great to see some of my old beloved items get reloved anew.

I hope we get a great turnout tomorrow.
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Putting Up Signs

It's almost here!  Wow!!  And I don't feel prepared at all.  The things we are hauling from our basement to the garage is so dusty.  There is lots of heavy furniture.  And it's taking so long to dust it all to be presentable.  

My friend Ms. M is baking cookies, cupcakes and brownies today.  She'll be bringing them over today or tomorrow.  

We want to put out signs today so that people driving to work tomorrow will see the signs.  We bought one large white sign and several yellow square signs (as seen above).  However, no room really to put "Adoption" on it.  We'll see how creative I am to fit the arrows, times, dates, and "Adoption" on it.

I also have more organizing to do tonight for it all.  It's kind of hard to do when you're out of table space.  Don't want anything on the dirty garage floor.  But it'll all happen the way it's meant to.

Changing subjects...

I usually skip lunch, or I bring a fast eatable lunch that is cheap.  Now and then I'll treat myself to Wendy's and buy stuff off the value menu.  Well, today I was on my way.  

Then I saw an old woman in a red Mickey Mouse sweatshirt in a wheelchair.  She had missing teeth, her hair in a bun and thick glasses.  Her wheelchair was electric and she started wheeling towards me almost where I wouldn't be able to drive unless I ran her chair over.  

I said, "Yes, ma'am?"  

She had such a crackled voice it was hard to hear her.  But she was asking for money as she was hungry.  I told her, "I'm sorry I never carry any cash."  And she turned her head away and I saw tears fill her eyes.  She mumbled on how hungry she was.  And something about money... maybe spent or gambled... I'm not sure.

I was no where near Wendy's.  I was hardly a mile from my work.  But there was a gas station across the street.  I went into the gas station.  I didn't want to eat there, I knew I'd get a better deal at Wendy's but I had to act fast if I was to help her.  So I bought a chicken salad sandwich for myself and a turkey and cheese sandwich plus a bottled water for her.  I walked out and got back in the car.  

She wheeled herself to the intersection, like she was about to cross the street.  I made it across and rolled down my window.  I told her I went and got some food for her.

She said, "I saw you over there, I'll come over." and she moved to my passenger side as a median was on my driver's side.  I rolled down my window and gave her a sandwich and the water.  She seemed confused a moment.  I think she was expecting cash.  I said, you said you were hungry so I picked up a sandwich and a drink for you.

She said "Bless you." and tucked in under her coat in her lap.  She mumbled more, but I didn't catch 80% of what she ever said.

I don't know if she was truly hungry or why she was wheeling about where she was.  But it's not for me to judge.  God is her judge, not me.  But I knew if she was truly hungry, I did the right thing.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh Brother!

When my husband and I started the path of adoption, I'd go on sites and see the cutest pillowcase dresses with adorable embroideries on them.  I'd see blankets, I'd see pinafores, I'd see do many cute things, that seem in theory easy to put together... if one knew how to sew.  Which I don't.

However, like everything else, I thought, I can teach myself.  I want to make her adorable outfits to wear.  It will help pass the time while I wait.

So I started looking at sewing machines.  I wanted one that was easy for beginners, but could do some fun stuff, like embroidery should I so choose.

I ended up wanting the Brother SE-400.  It's a beginners dream, very user-friendly and the cheapest one for easy to do embroidery.  However, even with it being the cheapest embroidery out there, it's still pricey.  Cheapest I found was $360 online, but in stores it runs $400-$450.

So, I told my husband once we were LID, I would get one.   That would give me plenty of time to save up for one.

A few of months ago, I'd say a couple of months or more before I was LID, I went to Walmart.  Every time I go to Walmart I'd go by the sewing aisles and look at the  Brother SE-400 to see if it's on sale or worse discontinued... as my luck would tend to have it.  On that particular day, I had my superpowers on.  It seemed that Walmart was going to stop carrying them in stores, and only keep what is left and only sell online.  I didn't see my boxes of the machine.  I didn't even see the model on display.  I didn't know what changed from two weeks ago.  So I looked over everything carefully.  I found the model behind a box.  Just sitting there, not being displayed.  I grabbed it.

I went up to the front desk or back desk rather, and asked if they were being discontinued.  They couldn't find it in their system, even though I still saw it on my smartphone online.  So they said they'd sell me the machine (without parts-as there wasn't any for the floor model) for $20!!  I about fell over.  I said, absolutely!

We took it home, plugged it in... it worked!!!  Everything seemed great on it.  I just had to buy a foot pedals, sewing feet, the embroidery arm, the hoop, and all the other accessories that it came with... how hard could that be?  I was even able to download the manual to it, so I knew exactly what I needed to go with it.

Well, the answer is HARD.  Unless you want to dump almost $100 per part from Brother...  I might as well just buy a brand new one.

So, I cheated; I got half of a machine before LID.  But it was like a regular sewing machine without the accessories.  In fact, if I never got the accessories I still had to buy at least 1 foot for it and a foot pedal to make my investment worth it.

Over the next few months I stalked Ebay looking for a broken machine to be sold so I could get all the parts I needed really cheap.  Let me tell ya, they hardly are listed.  I found one several months ago, but got out-sniped!  It ate me up for a long time.  

When I got my LID on the 29th last month, I thought about my sewing machine.  Should I just buy a new one, or hold out.  I really wanted one, but with our investments with the closet and looking into flooring... it just didn't seem practical.  I'd just have to be patient.

Last week a broken machine was listed on ebay.  Some of the parts were missing, but it wasn't listed which parts.  It just said used, broken machine with working parts and only what was pictured was coming with the machine.  I saw the embroidery arm, the hoop, foot pedal, looked like most of the feet... but it was hard to see all the accessories as the photo was small and everything was just pile on top of each other. It was a seven day listing.

I waited, hoping it wouldn't jack up in price.  After a week watching and wondering why people were bidding on my machine, I won it.  I was ecstatic!

It arrived yesterday!  I got a fully functioning machine for a 1/4 of the price.  It's only missing a few things.  Instead of 6 needles I have 5.  I'm missing the 3 bobbin clips, the stylus pen, some felt with stabilizer, and the large and small spool caps (I have the medium).  So not bad!  I got everything else.  Even all the manuals and embroidery CD!  I am so excited.

Of course, with the musical I'm involved with I won't have time anytime soon to play with it, but I have it.  I can start this Christmas.  I'm very excited.  

This helps with not getting the flooring.  Doesn't fix it, but makes it easier to handle.

So, almost a month after LID I got the sewing machine I've been wanting for over a year!  Yay!  I hope I put it to good use and make lots of fun outfits!
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hail, Flooring and Friends

For some reason ALL day I kept thinking it was September 30th, the last day of September and the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Don't know why?  We would have a garage sale that day.  But I guess I'm thinking about getting things done.  Who knows.  But it's not the 30th it is the 23rd!!  Gotta remind myself that!  Geez!

It's been a BUSY weekend.  Friday I went to see my co-worker Ms. N to see how she was doing. I bought her a couple of card games to keep her busy.  She was doing well.  My husband made her some pasta with peppers and spices.  And then Ms. N's husband Mr. M grilled out some hamburgers.  Then it began hailing really hard!

It didn't detour the men from grilling!  It was a great dinner.  We played cards then went home.

Next day we checked on our flooring we got in.  It's been boxed up laying in our dining room for some time now.  Well, it's the wrong floor.  It doesn't match the sample we have (and is pictured in the referring link).  We asked about it, and the floor is "right".  the floor we want is discontinued, and what we got is the flooring that has the same name but different from the sample we had.  So we had to go return it and work on getting our money back.  We are now on the hunt again for her flooring!  Sigh!

Once home we started working on the garage and cleaning up the things we want to sell.  Then at 6:30 we went a friend's house who is working on a not-for-profit idea and wanted input from friends.  Then after that we went to my good friend Ms. M's place and played cards until 1am.

What's great is Ms. M said she would help bake cookies, cupcakes and brownies for the garage sale.  How sweet is that?

Then we had church this morning and met up with The Berry's who go to our church and ate Chinese food while discussing their adoption journey with Cole.  It was a nice time.  We learned and shared a lot.  I hope we get to know them a lot better soon.

The Colts game was a bummer, and now we're working back on getting things ready for the garage sale next weekend and I have a few things to do for theater. 

I'm really bummed about the flooring, but there's nothing I can do about it not existing, so I'm looking forward, hoping we find something else that we love as much.  I have a show to work on and a garage sale to organize so I don't have to obsess over the flooring.  With everything so busy, we can worry about that another day.

As for now, there's a lot of promise in the air.  A musical beginning, a garage sale planned, and new friendships being forged.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day

For most, this is a typical September 19th.  For geeks like me, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Not a huge deal, but fun for pirate enthusiasts like myself.

Go to to learn about the obscure day.  I wish I had my pirate play open today... but I'm currently assistant directing auditions for "Man of La Mancha".  Tonight are callbacks.

Niki is recouping well.  She texted me today, ready for visitors.  I'm going to try and get her some card games and visit her tomorrow, I think or this weekend.  All depending on my schedule.

Other than that, I'm gearing up trying to see if we can possibly to a garage sale at the end of the month.  With so many home projects going on, I don't know if it's feasible, especially with my nights at the theater.  So we'll see.  But my husband is all gung ho for it to be end of September, especially since the weather is getting chilly.  Man is it cold today!  It's 54 degrees right now, no sun.  It's supposed to be in the mid sixties, but it isn't getting there yet!

I'm doing so much better mentally now that we're LID.  I have no problem waiting.  That there is no more paperwork, it's a load off my mind.  I don't know when I'll start fealing anxious about getting matched.  I assume early next year, perhaps after her room is decorated and we have more funds together.  Or if we get a grant/loan, I'm sure I'll be more than ready and rush her room to completion.  But I'm doing really well right now in where I'm at.  

A lot of people come up to me asking if I'm excited.  I always say no.  I mean how can I be excited with an ambiguous date of getting matched in days or years!  They all want to know when I'll get her.  I tell them 2 days or 2 years.  Then they say I hope you get matched soon.  I tell them I don't  I won't be ready until next year.  I want her room done and finances ready.  But I know NOTHING ever goes to plan, so I don't know when it will happen.  I guess I'll be ready when it happens.  I have to be.  But I really can't imagine it happening now.  I can't image it being any sooner than early next year, but is that wishful thinking or being practical.  Either way, I'm at peace and I'm so grateful to God for that.  I usually worry, so this is an amazing blessing.  But again, I'm only a few weeks into officially waiting.  We'll see how I hold out.

Regardless, I hope you all find your inner-pirate today!  
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Kiara!

Today is Kiara's birthday!  She is such the personality!  She's definitely not your typical dog.  She's so her own dog and does't follow the pack.

I knew one day I would want another Pekingese, but nothing like Tai-Pan (my first dog who passed away). It wouldn’t be fair for me to compare. So I knew I wanted a girl this time and one not one with similar coloring like Tai-Pan. So I was thinking of getting an all black or all white Pekingese. So 2 years later after Tai-Pan's death, I got Kiara. Basically, when looking for a Pekingese I came across this puppy photo of her and knew she was the one. She's a tri-colored Peke. She looks like a tiny Rottweiler. Then I learned she was a sleeve pekingese. Meaning: very small. I was excited! 

The day my husband (then boyfriend) and I went to check her out, we weren't sure what to expect.  When we met in person she ran into my arms and gave me kisses. Who knew she was always so energizer bunny!!  She was so smart and viberant I fell in love with her. She's been with me ever since.  I was a sucker.  She was so well behaved and full of life.  She was eager and excited about everything.  You could visually see the gears in her head working.  She is such a smart girl!  Sassy as all get out.  She came running when we met her and she still is running today!  Man, can she run!

She is brazen and full of herself. She is the leader of the pack. If you heard of Lon Chaney, the man of a thousand faces. This is Kiara, the Peke of a thousand voices. She has many sounds, not just barks. She’s amazing! 

She is named from the “Lion King 2”. Kiara is Simba’s (the Lion King) daughter. And she lives up to the name, queen of the jungle. She barks, howls or ruffs for what she wants. Kiara always tells you what she wants. She barks for fresh water or to go out or to play. Very vocal... but not annoying constant barking. More a talking directly when wanting something type of vocal. She also has this twinkle in her eye, like she's up for anything. Ready to play or pounce. Energy just oozes from her pours. She’s very smart. I think she thinks she’s speaking our language, but it comes in weird sounds. She even looks a bit lion like, very proud and independent spirit. 

She loves to play rough and she too is a food hog. Dawson and she steal each other’s treats. When she greets you she runs around you in circles forever. Heck, when she comes in from her outside trips she runs around as if to check everything out or to taunt the other dogs.  She loves running through the house in circles bulldozing any animal in her path.  You have to catch her and hug her one moment then she squirms out and runs more. She isn’t the cuddling type at all, but very loyal, especially to my husband.  She adores him!  I wish I could say she was my dog, but she is so his!  Breaks my heart sometimes.  But unlike the rest of the dogs that hang all over each other and follow us like shadows, she remains on her own on her own terms.  She only comes to me during thunderstorms.  Then she's a big baby.  Anytime she's sick or scared she wants either of us and then cuddles like crazy!

She loves baths and being brushed and being blown dry.  She's so silly!  She's even barked at us like Lassie to follow her once.  We did and she took us upstairs to the tub to fill it up and give her a bath.  Then she just floated on her back like she was in heaven!  Very bossy!  But huge heart.

We love you so much, Kiki!  Happy birthday girl!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Peyton Playing with the Red Thread

Today I worked some on the rug... just more cutting.  Not even half way done with the one fitted sheet.  And I have another sheet, untouched, to go. But while cutting and dropping the unusable segments to the floor, Peyton thought it was Disneyland in our kitchen!  She is so adorable!

I also got to meet our new neighbor, little Ms. G, yesterday.  Very cute, brown hair and blue eyes.  So sweet!  Has me wondering where my girl is, but I still have an incredible peace about it.  Like I know she's out there and safe.  Kay is watching out for her!
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Friday, September 14, 2012


I couldn't resist the "ladybug" piggy bank! If only we really had one.
Today I just finished the last financial aid program we are applying to.  We decided on three agencies and didn't want to do the paperwork until we were done with the paperchase.  I can only do one paperchase at a time. :)

Let me tell you filling out paperwork, to ask for assistance is very humbling.  It does put a lot in one's life into perspective.  

Whether we get the assistance or not, I've left it up to God.  If we are supposed to get financial assistance, He will let it happen for us. There are probably more deserving families than ours, so I'm really at peace with whatever happens. But I do pray that God will shine down on us and guide us financially with this adoption.   

But with the paperwork done, that chapter is closed, and I'm not looking back.  I'm going to assume that we're not getting it and trudge forward... work on a garage sale and other budgeting ideas to help finance this adoption.  

I just found out last night that our neighbors Ms. M and Mr. J had given birth to their little girl on September 3rd.  A day before Ms. N had little Ms. G.  But the reason we didn't know was there were complications.  They will be bringing home little Ms. G (yes, another G name) today.  Little Ms. G had some seizures and the birth was very strenuous on the baby.  All is good now and no more seizures.  Thank God!  I had no idea that they were struggling like this for the last couple of weeks.  I wish we would have known earlier to support them through all the scariness of it all.  But all is good now!  We are so excited to meet Ms. G when she arrives home today!  Ms. M said she would be taking her on a walk in her new stroller and will stroll by for us to meet the new addition to their family.  I can't wait!  I hope both these G girls will be close to my little girl.  
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back In the Saddle

It's been awhile... a long while.  But it seems I am back in the saddle again. But I started off small.

I haven't acted in over 2 years or directed in just under 2 years.  

Why?  Well, I just started a new job and wanted to get acclimated.  Then after 10 months, I started another new job and again wanted to get acclimated.  Therefore, I pushed off one of my greatest loves... the stage.

But on top of that, I still want to do the pirate play I wrote, but I really don't see any theater wanting to do it.  It breaks my heart, but I'm putting it aside... for now.  I knew I'd be putting it aside when I started focusing on adoption last year, but I was in denial.  It was very hard for me, as I wanted to do the play so much, but the money I would sink in to do it on my own, had to go to the adoption.

So, I decided I'd go back into theater, but in a small dose.  Not as director or auditioning for a part on stage to act in.  Just as an Assistant Director.  Why now?

I don't know why now, I'm still too busy with work, but being LID, and no more paperchasing, I thought why not.  And it's an amazing musical.  And I've never helped direct a musical before, only plays.

We're doing Man of La Mancha.  Auditions are next week.  I'm meeting with the group this weekend to be brought up to speed.  So, all should go well.  

We usually do a 3 weekend run of performances.  But this one has been planned on and off again for over 10 years, this has a 5 weekend run of performances.  Rehearsals are Monday - Thursday, most weeks.  We open mid-November.  Just in time for me to leave end of November for a week for work.  It seemed to work well enough with my schedule.

And now that I am LID and officially waiting, this will keep me busy.  We'll see if the bug will get me again.  I want it to, but since the "loss" of the pirate play I've feel lukewarm about going back to theater.  I hope I find that joy again.
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Surgery Day

Today is Ms. N's surgery. Hopefully, we'll find out more about these massive growths and pray she recovers in the best of spirits and health.  Please pray for her today.

Later today....
Got text that out at 2:30 and "things look GOOD".  Not sure what all good implies, but GOOD is GOOD!  Hope to know more soon.

Next day...
It's benign!  The preliminary tests came out clean!  It's all GOOD!!  She's beginning to walk a bit.  Hopefully will be released on Thursday!!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012


Today was an interesting day.  My husband has been working hard on fixing some unexpected house fixtures.  

While we went to Menard's to pick up some supplies, I thought we should also pick up some of the wainscot for Ashton's room.  We had one wainscot board, one  case molding  and one chair rail casing at home to  see how it'd look in Ashton's room.  Her room isn't ready for wainscot yet, it's not even ready for flooring yet.  We still have to get the furniture out to paint it first.  But I thought we could buy pieces of it a time to keep budget/costs easier.  We'll when we headed back to the molding department, there was only 3 panels left and no molding or railings.  We thought fine, we'll just buy these and wait for the next shipment.  

When we checked out, it came up instead of $10 a piece, it came up $7 with an asterisk on the register.  The asterisk meant discontinued, of course.  It wasn't discontinued when we picked out the different wainscots several weeks ago!  But now knowing it was "on sale" and discontinued, we were on a mission to buy all the pieces we needed.  We had them pull up their other stores' inventories.  We ended up driving to 4 different Menard's, all over town,  to get all the wainscot!  But we have it all and saved 30% from what we were expecting to spend. 

Yes, we bought it all now instead of spacing it out as planned, but per typical life experiences, we had to jump now to get the amount we needed for the pricing we loved.

Man, between the closet, our unexpected house fixtures, the flooring we bought, and the wainscot, we're spent!  I hope other than the paint, there is nothing else we need to buy!

But I did get started in her room.  He and I went quickly through and spackled all the holes in the walls.  So, slowly but surely.
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

5th Annual Indianapolis Chinese Festival

We went early this afternoon.  the weather couldn't be more perfect.  After so many humid days and the big thunderstorm last night, today was just glorious!

We parked downtown and walked to Military Park.  There were pop up tents everywhere.  Asian food for sale, crafts for the kids, a stage of dancers and traditional music playing.  I saw some FCC volunteers about with various stuff for the children.

I talked to a few of them for quite awhile.  They were very nice, but it seemed most of the children they had were tweens and their bowling dates, and other things catered to that age group.  It's so hard to find people here in Indy who are adopting now from China.

We didn't buy anything, though we looked at chopsticks, zodiac necklaces, panda bear paper dolls, and clothes.  It was a site to take in, but I didn't need to buy anything, as I felt I would in China.

I also talked about Mandarin classes, and they said there wasn't anything catered to the children, that didn't have Mandarin already in the home.  So that was a little deflating.

It was a nice festival, but I hope it grows and becomes much more.  But it is something I will definitely take Ashton to in the future.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trying to Get Started

We visited Ms. N and her Little Miss G. yesterday.  She was one of the prettiest newborns I've ever seen.  Like a little baby Halle Berry!  And she kept her eyes open a lot.  She was taken everything in.  I don't know how as I know her eyes aren't focused yet, but she was interested in everything around her.  Very alert and beautiful.  Ms N. was so happy.  And we found out her pediatrician is our good friend from theater and our future pediatrician!  What a small world.

Our flooring we ordered over a week ago arrived today.  So, we have to go pick it up at 3:30 pm today.  That is the only time we have help loading the heavy flooring into our vehicle.  It will take 2 trips as this bamboo flooring weighs so much.  My husband is so excited.  He and his dad are looking forward to laying it down.  But we have to paint the room first... and tear out the flooring the rest of the way... and get the furniture out... you know how it goes.

What's funny is I get anxious over waiting times to different milestones during the adoption process.  And my husband is always fine and doesn't worry.  But this flooring... oh, my!  He asked if he should call and check on the shipment yesterday, concerned why it wasn't in yet.  He was so anxious about it's delivery!  I told him not to call that we would be contacted when it got here.  And today we were.  

With the closet complete, you'd think we'd start on the floor this weekend.  But we haven't moved out all the furniture yet to the garage, or cleaned the garage.  And yes, technically the INSIDE of the closet is complete.  But the outside wall, boards and the back that is in the garage hasn't been touched.  All that still has to be completed... sigh!

So there is still a lot to do!  But I think we're geared up for it, for some reason.  Maybe it's because we're LID so we feel more a sense of urgency.  Or it's because we know the season will change soon and we'll be "locked" inside all cold.  So we want to enjoy sanding and painting the furniture and completing the closet with the garage open, enjoying the weather.

We'll see what we get done in whatever time-frame.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Surgery Monday

A friend and close co-worker, Miss N., is having surgery Monday.  I just found out.  She found out yesterday.  The doctor found 2 growths in her abdomen.  That's all they know; they'll know more one they're removed on Monday.  What they do know is that she must take 6 weeks of leave from work!  I can't imagine her not here that long!  

She is an amazing person.  She loves her 3 cats!  She's recently married (her 2 year anniversary is the beginning of October) and she just moved into their first house together a couple of months ago.  She loves Pampered Chef and was going to have an open house next week.

I told her if she wanted movies, books, or just someone to stare at I would be there.  She'll be in the hospital probably through Friday. She's not scared, and she as usual has her care-free personality showing.  She's more worried about people worrying for her.

She's been my rock when I started this job in January.  We go to lunch together, have drinks, we drove hours together in an SUV to our conference in Iowa, and she keeps me sane.  We're always stealing each others snacks all day long.  She's loves to laugh and is a beautiful person inside and out.  I'm worried for her.

Please pray for her to stay calm and that the growths are benign. Her surgery is Monday, so please have her in your thoughts and prayers.  

Between Kay's cancer and death, then PJ's cancer and breast removal (another friend battling breast cancer) and now Miss N going in for growths... it's been a health scare in my circle lately.

But on a good note, my friend Miss N. (another N) who was due September 22nd, gave birth to her daughter yesterday.  I saw pictures.  She is 5 pounds, 5 ounces!  Teeny-tiny!  She's beautiful.  I'm planning to stop by today after work to see her and the baby.  Her husband just came back Thursday from being out of the country for several months.  I'm so glad he got back in time.  This is their first child and they're ecstatic!  Hopefully, I'll have pictures to share of Little Miss G.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Drusilla!

Dawson and Skylar welcoming our Dru to the fold the day we adopted her.

Happy Birthday Drusilla!  Wow, we got Dru just short of nine years ago and she was born the day we moved into our house.  We were just dating at the time.  I'm still living in our first house and we're getting it ready for Ashton now.  How crazy.  Nine years ago seems so short and so far away.  I was just dating my husband at the time.  We didn't get engaged until 3 years after we moved in together in this house.
She used to look so innocent!
Anyhow, when we got Drusilla, Enkil (our first cat we got together, who is now passed) needed a companion and there was a cute little grey kitty at the shelter where we got Enkil (We called him Ink for short). She was supposed to be timid and shy. They said she wouldn't do well with our dogs. But she had the biggest eyes and was curious about everything. We thought she'd adapt and Enkil would protect her. Little did we know that the small little thing grew up to be the biggest and fattest one and a dominant personality. 
Drusilla and Enkil back in the day.
Drusilla is the alpha animal. She is over cats and dogs. Kiara, the pekingese, is a close second. Though I am sure there are days it flips.  Drusilla gets her own way. She is bipolar. She can be sweet and loving or down right evil. Therefore she was named after the vampire character: Drusilla. She loved Enkil (they were so close while he lived) and puts up with the other kitties. She would wrestle with Enkil. She has great WWF wrestling moves. She can do tumbles in the air and lots of neat Matrix type moves. 
She also loves to scare Arwen for some strange reason. We think it's because they are the same color. Or she loves to see her dart around.  But when we're in the room Arwen will run under our legs and bark at her with all her might, saying "come get me, I'm not afraid!"
Drusilla in a door frame box, stuck upside down!
Dru's weird quirks are she loves boxes. She hops into anything! Then she pops out and hits any of the animals that come walking by. She loves it! She's a Jack in the box! But she usually can't fit into most of them, but that doesn't stop her.
So anyway, happy birthday Drusilla and happy anniversary to 9 years in our amazing house.  It's been an adventure!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Timeline Review

I've been telling people we've been doing this adoption for over a year.  And we have, we started talking about it seriously around June of last year and made up our minds and started looking at agencies in the summer.

Well, on August 24, 2001 my husband and I met.
Ten years later, August 24, 2011 we mailed in our adoption application to our agency of choice.
1 year later, August 24, 2012 we were DTC, our Dossier To China was mailed.

On August 30, 2011 our application was approved by our agency.  We were officially in.
On August 29, 2012, just shy of 1 year, our dossier was logged in by China.  We were LID and officially locked in.

Funny how that all rolled out.

Now I wonder, is our girl born?  Is her timeline fit into ours we're it's all fits nicely in line?  Is she still with her mother or at the SWI?  Or perhaps she is being cared for by a foster family?  Or is she still in the womb?  She has to be "alive" or "created" by now.  Is Kay watching over her, helping her feel calm?

Now the long wait begins until match... whenever that may be.  My gut feeling says early next year.  But that could be way off, it could be way sooner or even way later.  We'll see... only time can tell.  I just hope we have her sooner than later in her life.  I want her to be with her forever family as long as she can.

We should be finished with the closet by tonight or tomorrow.  The walls have been mudded, sanded over and over, and painted, carpet from Ashton's room taken and placed inside and molding added.  The shelves and hanging rods are going in now, and possibly the lights today.

When it is complete, we can start on Ashton's room.  First the paint, then the flooring (which may arrive late this week).  Then the wainscot added.  It should look very nice by the time its completed.  I wanted an all creme room, but who am I kidding?  Toys, stuff, it's just not neutral.  Only designer rooms can look that beautiful.  And only if I didn't have stuff "laying" out.  But we will.  So we're going more red in the room that I thought we would.  It's a bold choice, but one that should look very nice and still unique.  I'm still hoping classy.

Last night we celebrated being LID by going to Dairy Queen and getting blizzards.  We took Arwen with us and got her a cup of vanilla ice cream.  She only ate it if we spoon fed her!  What a spoiled girl!  It was a nice celebration.    I told my hubby that he looked good for being paper pregnant and that any mood swings in the future can be blamed on being "pregnant".  

Now we just save money like crazy... hard to do when you're buying hardware supplies and flooring for the nursery and closet.  But we're doing our best.  Hopefully, we can have that garage sale we've talking about soon.

Regardless of everything, we hit a huge and important milestone, and for that I'm grateful.
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

We are LID!!!

Just found out that we are LID!  We have our Lock In Date of 8/29/12!!  I just happened to go on my agency's website and saw it there!  I'm so excited!  I thought my agency would have emailed me, but I guess not yet.

8/29/12 was a big day for me.  That was the day of my company's 50th anniversary celebration!!  The one I've worked so hard on all this time.  It was a huge hit!  Our clients raved over the caterer and the guitarist and everyone had a good time.  What a day to be locked in!

Between that and working on our company's website, I've been super exhausted this week.  What a nice thing to notice that we were logged in August and not September as I thought would happen!

I'm paper pregnant... we're paper pregnant!  How crazy and exciting.  We are a GIANT step closer to getting our little girl!  I so can't wait to work on her room or the rug now!  I can truly celebrate this LONG labor day weekend!  Yippie!!
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