Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New York Chinese Consulate Form Is Back

From our 3 paperchases... 1 to New York, 1 to Houston and 1 to Chicago - the birth certificate from New York is back, approved!!  The sticker is in Chinese and on the back side, upside down on the authenticated form!  It's lovely.


We're still waiting to hear back from Houston.  As of Friday, last I heard from my father, he is planning on taking it down this week.

Regarding Chicago, we resent our "new/updated" physicals, which we got notarized and authenticated last week.  Hopefully, they got it today.  We haven't gotten any calls from them yet, which is promising. 

So we wait.

On another note, I was reading a post on an adoption forum where someone was hosting a Chinese foreign exchange student.  They were talking about hosting him for a second year and meeting his parents... it was all fun and interesting to read.

It got me thinking.  Wouldn't it be perfect if we hosted a Chinese foreign exchange student a few months before we were matched?  We would be immersed in daily with someone from China.  We would learn things on a one-on-one basis.  Also, we would learn early to be held accountable for another life, having someone under our roof.  And she could stay in Ashton's room.

My Aunt A. has hosted many exchange students from France before.  Why not us?  We could learn so much and it would be so enriching.  And wouldn't it be awesome if she met up with us while we were in China? 

I saw so many amazing opportunities.  I emailed a foreign exchange program last night to get more information.

This morning I got an email asking for more details from us.  I got to thinking about it and wondered if "having someone under our roof" would cause a disrupt in the adoption.  Would we have to have another home study?  Would it not count as it was for school?  What were the ramifications?

I emailed our agency late this morning when I got a minute break after catching up at work from the long weekend.  Within an hour I got a response right back.

"That’s a great idea!  Unfortunately only your assigned USCIS officer can make known what, if any, changes/documents you’d need to complete if you welcomed an exchange student into your home.  From China’s end, it doesn’t matter, but depending on various factors (such as will the exchange student be 18+ years old or younger, how long will he/she be in your home, etc.), it may make a difference to immigration.

Therefore we suggest you email your immigration officer (use the contact information at the bottom left corner of your I-797, and include your full names and SIM # from the top of the form) to explain you are considering hosting an exchange student for a few months, and then ask what, if anything you would need to do for their end (assuming you move ahead with the plans, of course).  They might suggest you just email the student’s information over once he/she is in your home, or they might require a home study update (and $ to file a Supplement 3)—it really is up to them.

Then when they respond, keep the email for your records (and of course, let us know as well!).

Thanks for asking; I’ll keep my fingers crossed you’ve been assigned an accommodating officer!"

Then I emailed the USCIS.  I did all the things my agency asked me to put in the email.  I didn't expect a response for a few days.  I got one back within an hour.

"A supplement 3 (and a supplement 1 for the adult household member) would need to be filed (and the required fee paid + for biometrics), you will need an updated home study (and the required fee to have that redone, to show the placement agency’s continued approval).  Please let me know if you have any more questions."
So, with the fees and the updated home study, we didn't even need to consider it.  We're not going to host an exchange student.  Too expensive and too cumbersome for the adoption.

It was a nice thought while it lasted.
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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Stitch In Time

Okay,  I'm a crazy person.  Why you ask?  Because I'm one of those obsessive persons.  I'm all in or all out.  That can mean quite a bit, so let me put this in context for you.

I love theater and writing; plus, I do marketing for work.  So, when something gets done, it has a storyline, a theme and it has to be done just right.  Anything wishy-washy is a failure.

So, when I envisioned Ashton's bedroom, it was beautiful.  I want the cherry blossoms; I want the cremes and reds.

Well, though we will probably start with a crib, we don't have that right now... what we do have, we have her twin-sized sleigh bed ready for her.  And having her future room set up as a guest room for now.  So, I've been on the hunt for a wonderful bedspread that was girly and showed red cherry blossoms.

Let me tell you... pink cherry blossoms, no problem.  Red, another story.  So red flowers bed spread shopping I went.

I found one that was ALMOST perfect.
Bedding I saw at local store.

Love the ruffles!

The multi-red hues were gorgeous!
Love this bedding.  3 major problems.  1 was the price.  It was high-end.  2 was that it was embroidered.  I could just see the dogs and Ashton snagging it in 6 months.  I'd be lucky to have it last as a guest room!  3 was it was linen.  Wrinkle crazy mania!  Yuck!  It wold be snagged and wrinkled and look like an awful mess.  So not worth the money it cost!  If it was cheap and I could buy spares... but no.

So, I tried finding anything like this in a cheap pattern. Here's what I came across... and they were either only in queen and king sizes or out of stock!  Of course... my curse.

Cherry blossoms, red.. not crazy about black makes it have a more mature feel, and no twin

I thought more modern than I like, but great red concept.  Very affordable, but has been 0ut of stock for at least 6 months... of course!

Yes, for cribbing, but thought maybe I could find the pattern.  Well, both pattern and cribbing are discontinued!  But I can still buy the crib bumper, but that's it.

Well, I finally found a cheap red floral pattern that was girly yet sophisticated.  And I bought it!  Take a look at Ashton's bedspread!

I know what your thinking, it's embroidered!  Yes, it is.  But not the whole bed, and the flowers are 3D, so pulls may not look so bad.  And it was cheap, so it's okay!  And it's still whimsical for a girl.  I think the 3D flowers are great!

I even found another fun accent pillow to go with the bedspread.
Hard to tell, but the reds do match!  Do you love the petals?  Perfect with the other petals on the bedspread!

So here is where the obsessive part comes in, that I mentioned when I first wrote this post.  I want a throw rug.  But I have only 1 in mind that will work and be perfect.  It's those t-shirt rugs.  I think it will pull in those 3D flowers perfectly and the light and dark shades of the throw. 

I also think this rug is perfect to tie in the red and gold Chinese lanterns and poms I want to hang in her room.
Kinda like that but with poms too, and over her bed.

I searched all of Indianapolis yesterday.  Nothing!  So I searched ebay and etsy, and I can't tell if they will be the right shade of red.  So what am I going to do about it? 

I have decided to make the rug myself!  It will be cheap, but lots of man hours.  But instead of using t-shirts... because why buy millions of white t-shirts then dye them when a great way to save a whole step is to use jersey knit sheets!

I hope to find the color I want in the jersey sheets. I’m hoping the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases will provide me with enough fabric for my rug.  If this doesn't pan out, I'll check for material at JoAnns or go back to using shirts and dying them.

I found a great tutorial here http://xoelle.com/2009/05/t-shirt-latch-hook-rug-tutorial/ and hope to be able to do it myself!  Pay day is next Friday, so perhaps next weekend I'll buy the supplies.  I hope it will be fun to do.  But it's for silly things like this so I can make the "perfect as possible" room for her.

Call it nesting, call it obsessive, call it whatever!  But at least the rug should look good as it seems simple enough and should have sentimental value.  And more importantly, affordable!  I may get it done just in time for a referral!  I'm afraid it will take lots of time.

I hope I can find all the items I need and stay inspired!  Wish I thought about it on Friday so I could have started it this Memorial weekend!
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enjoying the Beautiful Day

Today's weather is perfect.  Not humid, perfect breeze, warm sun... it was fun just lounging with the pups outside.  Amadeus was chasing Kiara who was chasing my husband.  I so tried to get it on video, but to no avail.

But I was able to steal a few shots of our day.
Dawson was loving checking everything out

Kiara was running around in spurts, and Arwen only wanted to watch from the stoop.

It looks like the Memorial weekend is going to be hot and humid.  Nothing like today... sigh!  Oh, well.

I can't wait until my daughter is out there chasing our babies.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Consulate Ruling

I got an email from our agency about the Consulate ruling on our documents.

"We heard back from the Chicago Consulate officer, and unfortunately, the Consul General is not willing to budge.  We had another discussion by phone with them, and they remained very steadfast in their original decision and were no alternative, mutual solutions.

So I am very sorry to say but you need to do the following to get your documents authenticated:

1.     Take a document that includes the following statement to the Notary—then sign your piece and allow the Notary to verify your signature.  (You will each need to do this once.)

I, _(document owner)_, do hereby swear or affirm that the attached is a true copy of _General Physical Examination_ and that this copy contains no alterations from the original.
_(document owner’s signature)_”

2.     Attach a photocopy of your Physical Exam Form to the signed/notarized statement, and get it certified by the Secretary of State.

3.     Send them to the Consulate in Chicago, referencing your specific case number.

As soon as the Consulate receives your documents, they’ll authenticate them and return them—and everything else you’ve sent for authentication—back to you. 

I’m so very sorry that we couldn’t get the Consulate officials to budge in your case; we did do our best however they were unrelenting with their final decision.

Now we get to figure out how best to adjust our materials so that families do not find themselves facing the same problem in the future.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you."

Yes, this is very sad that we can't move forward and that we have to go to the doctor a third time, a notary and state authenticator twice!  And we have to go together, which is going to be tough if we don't do it soon, as my work obligations are heightening for the conferences and so forth that are happening this June.

But at least my grandmother is better and home.  With something like that which just happened, it puts things in perspective.  So, all is good.  We're just delayed a bit.  That's fine.  All will happen in good time.  HE has the perfect child picked out for us and maybe this is the delay we need to have everything else fall into place. 

But I'm still not looking forward to more of this paper chase do-over, again!  But again, it's got to be done, so might as well do it with a smile... one... big... obnoxious... smile.
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Grandma is home!

Grandma got released yesterday from the hospital.  She's under supervision for the next few days by her daughters, but everything is looking good!  I'm so glad!

She's acting more like her usual self.  Her heart rate is good for now! 

We're so blessed that she's doing better!
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jordan's Place

I'm am so surprised, because I got an email early this morning... from Jordan!  I wrote him an email for encouragement as soon as I read that he was closing months ago.

I am jordon, How is your family?

I was so glad to receive your mail, it is sorry that I write to you now.

I had to close my store on 5th April, I were sad, but at that night, when I opened my computer, I received 115 pieces of the e-mail from the american adoptive families, I were touched, I said to myself that I will do the service for the american adoptive families in the future, because when I were in trouble, only the americen adoptive families helped me, I belong to this group, I love this group, this group people are full of love!

This past one month, I were from sad to hope:to set up a website for my products; to use my office's one room to be the showroom of my products.

On 5th May, I got my website address, two things happened on the same day of the different month, thanks!

My website is ready,
Here are my contacts:    JORDON'S  PLACE
Email:                           jordonlee86@yahoo.com
Products Website:         http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/511754
                                     Room2801, G31Building, LiGangNanWan, Nan An Road,
                                     LiWan District, GuangZhou, P.R.CHINA

You can check my products website, please help me to show my contacts to your friends, I need you to spread the word, when you are in guangzhou, you can shop in my office,because I have a showroom of  the products in my office,

When you are in guangzhou, I can be your guide,my charge is $5/hour, doesn't matter how many people in the family or in the group.I can show you the best to visit,to eat,,,,,,I won't get any profit except $5/hour.

best wishes


It took a lot of strength to get back on his feet and he's doing it for the love of adoption.  So I beg anyone and everyone to support an amazing individual and go to his store and see if there is anything you would buy.  Even if it's small.  And if you can't afford to, just spread the word.  He deserves the support and love he has given thousands of adoptive families over the years.
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Friday, May 18, 2012


My husband got a call today from the Chinese Consulate in Chicago.  OUr paperwork is wrong they can't move forward.

What's wrong with it?  We found out about the new form in time, what could we have missed.  Our agency said we had everything right. 

My husband was told that our medical exam forms were wrong.  Yes, it had our signatures at the bottom and was noterized correctly and authenticated.  But we didn't have the doctor's signature noterized.  My husband argued with the Consulate that there is no way we could get our doctor to leave her office to get her signature noterized!  But the consulate reamined firm saying beacuse of the termonology, we coudln't go forward.

Well the termonlody on the form, was the form from our CCAI agency.  So we called our agency.  They contacted the Consulate and defended us for over half an hour!

How it stands now is that the Consulate can't make exceptions going forward, but as we were the first case since their rule change, they'll see if they can make an exception for us.

So we don't know where we stand or if we'll get through.  Sigh!  We will find out the Consulate's decision on Monday.  CCAI said we have a 50/50 chance of being the exception.

I pray that the Chinese Consulate thinks well of us and will let us be the exception!
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Jordan Has a Store

I am thrilled beyond words to say Jordan has an online store and would love to give personal tours to any adoptive parent (AP) He's had several struggles in the past.

I was on a forum and saw this post from another AP that reposted an email from Jordan,
"Please keep these information, and please help me to show these information to your friends.  I need you to spread the word,  If your friends come to guangzhou, I can be their guide, show them the best to visit, to eat ...... also they can come to office's showroom to shop, I will treat them as my family guests."

And for those who want to see Jordan's store: http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/511754

If you want to find his store go to, Office: Room2801, G31Building, LiGangNanWan, Nan An Road, LiWan District, GuangZhou, P, R, CHINA.

I'm so happy for him.  What a wonderful man.
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lucy Mae

Grandma and Grandpa on their wedding day.
I love my grandma. 

I love all my grandparents, but as of 2 years ago grandma is all I have left.  My dad's parents both died 6 months within each other in 2010.  It was very hard and somewhat unexpected.  Grandpa died years earlier and it's just been Grandma going strong. 

I'm very lucky to have known my grandparents and have them around for so long.

My grandmother is an amazing person.  Her name is Lucy Mae.  She is a clean-aholic and everything has to be just so.  Neither of my grandmothers were the spoiling kind, but they had their soft spots.  She's an avid reader and loves to play bingo and go gambling time to time.  She loves her scratch off tickets.  And she just adores my Dawson!  Maybe because he was like Grandpa's Missy from years back.  Grandma is very matter of fact, and focuses on the practical things.  But she is an amazing spirit.  I always swore that she'd out-live us all.

My mother with Grandpa and Grandma.
Last night she had a stroke.  She's had a few TIA strokes in the last few months, but this is her first full, blown out stroke.  She's having a hard time being engaged.  She's not in-tuned as she usually is and there are huge lapses in her response time.  

I am really beginning to worry about her.  Luckily she lives on the other side of the city, so I can see her easily.  All three of her daughters and 3 of the 4 grand kids live close by.  (Only my brother who lives in Hawaii, isn't close.) 

She has a great support system to take care of her and love her.  I know she's had a great and full life and if God decides to reunite her and Grandpa, it was the right time. 

Grandma and me on my wedding day.
However, I feel so selfish.  Because I want her here.  I want to share Ashton with her.  I want her around to see my cousin's baby due in August.  I want her to experience our milestones that are her family continuing on.  I also just want my grandma to stay healthy and around because I love her.  Again, I'm selfish I know.  But it's hard when I see that she could possibly go.  I love her so much and it was hard when my other grandparents passed.  I know it's the way of life and she'll be in heaven with her soul mate, but I'm not ready.  Are we ever ready?

I don't want my last link to that generation gone.  I want to hear more stories, more anything... I know she's not the type to reminisce and do that, but I feel at a loss.

I love you Lucy!!  I pray your heart and clogged arteries get better!  You bring out the best in our family, and I'd love for you share it with us for a long time to come.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Change

There have been several changes already during our journey.  From adding new post-adoption visits to our last minute Chinese Consulate form change.
Now there is another change, and this one is from the CCCWA.

As of June 1, the CCCWA will no longer permit agencies to translate their own post adoption reports or Waiting Child Letters of Intent – the CCCWA will now require that their translation company, Bridge of Love Adoption Services (BLAS), perform these translations, for a fee of $60 per post adoption report (total $360 for the six required reports) and $40 per Letter of Intent. 

Previously our agency completed its own translations of post adoption reports for $25 per report (and Letters of Intent, for which they did not charge). 

So of course the fees per report has gone up.  They are reports we haven't done yet, so they don't really affect us yet.  But it's just another bump in the road.  It would have been easier I think to have it done by our agency, but luckily our agency will still take the reports and get it to the CCCWA, or rather BLAS.  I think that will keep thing going smoothly.

It's not a big deal, just a change and something to make note of.  Just want to be sure all other adoptive parents knew.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Next Stop New York

We got back my husband's birth certificate and got it all ready to send to the NY Consulate of the PR of China.  However, since they only take walk-ins and not mailings, we called a courier service.  The courier service asked if we had this, this, this,.... check, check, check.

Then they said, "...and it's all on the new form right?"

New form?  What new form?

The Chinese Consulate changed forms less than 2 weeks ago.  And it's of course more complicated and detailed. 

My husband was able to get the new form, but we couldn't figure out some of the questions. 

Who is your agent?  Did that mean our agency, our social worker?  We thought our agency, and call our agency about the form.  They we're just as clueless.  Then the form asks is the agent male or female.  So we deduced that agent must mean courier.  But we don't know the name of the courier who wil be hand delivering.  So we'll have to submit that blank and hope we're right.

This is crazy.  We don't want to have to pay a hefty courier fee if we're wrong.  However, the Consulate is hard to et a hold of, and so our agency isn't sure the procedure yet as it's hard to get a hold of them.  So our agency said we're the test guina pigs!  I'm not sure how I feel about that!  I love guina pigs and all, had some as a child, but I never did tests on them.  I'm sure they wouldn't have liked it... okay off track.  Point being, I dont' want us to fail.

With all this being said, we're submitting our NEW form on a hope and a prayer that it is right and will be accepted so we can have the birth certificate stamped and sent back.  If not, we hope they'll accept my husband's signature via email/scan for all this trouble.  We won't know what will okay during this transition until the time of our submittal via courier to the Consulate.

Sigh!  Love surprise hoops, don't you?

I pray it goes smoothly, and if not, that we can easily smooth out the bumps.

Tomorrow we meet with our pastor to go over grant/loan forms that require an interview from our church pastor.  It's like a home study all over again.  I'm actually nervous!  you'd think I'd be used to this by now.

We're applying to four, and hoping for at least one to help us along.  We'll see what happens.  It would be a great relief and amazing will of God should we get a grant that allows us to speed up the process.  But I'm not expecting much.  We're expecting nothing, but hope for something.

In the mean time, we focus on the New York Consulate's new form... and pray that the new form doesn't take effect in Houston or Chicago until after our paperwork has cleared.  But as of now, we're still okay for those cities!
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Care Packages to China

I know that when I am matched I will want to send a fun and personal care package to my girl.

I have bought several things and thought, maybe this will go in the care package.  Such as the baby blanket I bought her and toy (yes... it's a mini-version of big lady).

Well, I have good intentions.  But now I'm second guessing myself.  Why?

Many orphanages who had been sent a care packages from well-meaning adoptive parents can have the packages stuck in customs. Since care packages have multiple items inside, customs can insist on charging the orphanage a HUGE fee to pick it up. The orphanage staff will go to the city several times to fill out paperwork before a care package can be released.  Between the time and the fees, usually the package just gets "lost".  And there is no delivery.  The orphanages don't have the time or money to pick up the packages stuck in customs.

This being said there are 2 amazing resources for care packages.  There may be others, but these are the top 2 that I know of and have heard rave reviews. 

One is Red Thread China.  Of course I adore the name!  Ann there will help put a package together, and being she is in China she can be sure of its delivery.  I also hear she's an amazing personal shopper if you need help getting around and finding bargains while your in China.

The other is Ladybugs and Love From Above.  However, currently Angela is sick.  So the site is currently on hold.

If you do send a care package, please make sure and mark “gift” clearly on the box and customs form. Make sure the customs forms are filled out completely with the exact quantity of each item, material and brand of item, etc. Incomplete forms can cost the orphanage both time and money.  And we want them to thrive as best they can, as they're taking care of not only our children, but children of the world!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Double Happiness

Today I had to go to work.  I wasn't thrilled about it, but sometimes you gotta do it.  We'll it was especially hard because driving on my way to work I saw a electric green sign that said, "Adoption Fundraiser Garage Sale".  

And it seemed that several huge neighborhoods surrounding ours were having garage sales.  My husband and I were ecstatic.  We were thinking of all the cheap clothes we could get Ashton and maybe find a clean good twin mattress and box spring for her room.

Well, my work was done in third the time I thought it would.  So I called my husband up and we went shopping, with a mission to find the adoption house.

We didn't know if they'd have any baby stuff for sale or if they were fundraising for their first baby, or where their adoption was.  But we were excited to meet anyone who was adopting.  Especially so close to home.  But would we find their house?

We did.

As we walked up to the crowded house a little Asian girl was selling brownies and cupcakes for her future sister who they want to adopt, named Mary-Kate.  The brownies were in a little baggie with a business card attached I noticed the Chinese character for love right away.

I talked with the mother for quite some time.  The family isn't matched yet, but they're preparing and fundraising.  My husband was so smitten with their little girl and bought a bag of brownies from her.

I learned that Indianapolis has a Chinese Brownie Troop.  Who knew? Central Indiana Girl Scout Troops #42 and #43 are comprised of girls in grades kindergarten through eight who are adopted from China. 

The mission of these troops is to educate its members about Asian cultures through traditional Girl Scout activities and programs. The girls have learned about Asian festivals, Panda conservation, kites, tai chi, Beijing opera and more. Leaders also include non-Asian activities in their programs such as theater and horseback riding.

The troops encourage giving back to the community. The Cadette/Junior troop is actively involved in securing Asian bone marrow donors.  The troops have also made a donation toward the snow emergency in China and collected money for the China earthquake victims.

I'm so excited about this!  I can't wait for Ashton to join!  But I have to wait to be matched, then wait for Gotcha Day, then wait for her to start Kindergarten!  Dang it!

While at the adoption fundraiser garage sale we also bought a beautiful red and silver poncho from them.  I can't wait for  Ashton to wear it.  It will have more meaning knowing another adoptee from China wore it.

I was just so smitten with the entire family.  Their eldest is wanting to work for adoption, and they just got this adorable puppy, and everyone was just so kind and sweet!

Her blog is www.2000tutus.blogspot.com if you'd like to check it out and her youngest daughter, Caroline.

Then we had to head out as we had an appointment today down in Broad Ripple.  Ms. J knew a family whom we hadn't met yet that just joined our theater and adopted 3 girls from China.  The girls are all in their teens now, but it was still a chance to talk to someone face to face.

So before today, I never spoke to anyone, face to face, who had adopted from China.  And today I did twice over!  That calls for double happiness in my book!

I didn't learn as much as I think I did from our first family, but we still learned quite a bit.  They were very open and casual about it all.  We learned what was different about each girl's personality and stresses when they got adopted and came home and how they coped with it all.  It was very interesting!

Then my husband and I looked for a twin mattress and box spring in regular stores... no we didn't find one garage sale shopping.  We got some pricing and decided to look at flooring next for her room.  It was a full day.  When I got home I pretty much crashed.  It was a fun day!  Full of hope, fun and excitement.  

You would think days like today would appease your sense of urgency to get through the wait, but it only excites you to rush forward, even though you can't.  

One day though... one day.  And it will timed to perfection.  All in His plan.  But man, it's so hard to wait.
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Wo Ai Ni Puzzle

Got our first order yesterday on our Cafe Press site!  Someone ordered a Wo Ai Ni puzzle!  Yay!!!  Slowly but surely we'll get there! 
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Isaiah 43:5-6

Made another new design for my Cafe Press fundraising site.  My mother wants to embellish on this one and draw something for the center, replacing the heart.   So that will be another version i'll have coming soon.  You'll just have to wait and see.  But I will say my mother is an incredible artist!
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

On Way to Houston

I just got my birth certificate back from the state.  It's now authenticated.  I now have to get it to the Houston Chinese Consulate.  However, one of their rules are no mailings accepted.  Papers must be delivered in person.  

Luckily, my father lives in Houston.  Therefore, I only have to mail it to him to have it taken in!  Yay me!  Also i think it's neat to have my father have a "hand" in the adoption process.

My husband is still waiting for his birth certificate to come back.  Then we have to send it to a courier service in New York, for the Chinese Consulate there.  Yep, the New York Chinese Consulate doesn't accept mailings either!

We are so lucky that the Chicago Chinese Consulate accepts mailings!
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Juliana is adopted!

I haven't shared this with anyone, except my husband, my mother and Ms. M from Finland.

But now I feel I'm allowed to share.

On September 4, 2011 I fell in love with a little girl from China.

I had just joined CCAI and I happened upon this photo of a girl named, "Juliana". 

However, she was with another agency.  They wouldn't transfer her file.  I couldn't "lock" her file until she moved to where her file was open to other agencies in October.  (For those who don't know (aka my friends and family) there are ways to be matched before LID... but I won't go into all of that.  Currently, I'm trying to be matched after LID.)

However, she was older (turned 2 years old last July - and we wanted to have Gotcha Day with a child 2 years or less) than we were thinking of and had complicated heart problems... very complicated. 

My husband and I talked and talked.  We were financially ready, and as an only child, if I lost her... if I couldn't save her little heart... I don't know if I could ever recover.  I was so brokenhearted.  After looking at doctor reports and my husband not on board, I knew that the girl who stole my heart couldn't be my daughter. 

In September, I was emailed updated photos of her and learned more about her personality.  She sounded perfect!  And she looked amazing!  And I so wanted to say I want to take her home, but I couldn't.

I always had her in my thoughts and prayers.  I felt guilty for not adopting her and I felt guilty for not having everything together sooner so I could get her.  I felt guilty that I felt that she was too much of a risk for our family.  I just wanted us to be a match so badly.  So all I could do was pray for her that there was a perfect match.

Last night I got an email from my mom.  She has the PERFECT family and her family is in China right now to get her!  I am SO HAPPY for Juliana... now Lily Grace

I can't express how grateful and happy I am that she will be loved, taken care of and have a family.  She is amazing and the family who is bringing her home is amazing.  I'm just so glad that they are all blessed with being a united family.  Thank God!

I hope my Ashton will be as strong, amazing, and resilient as sweet Lily Grace.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Superman is adopted!

I'm a huge Superman and Supergirl fan!  I wore shirts, jewelry etc. of the famous symbol.  So when I heard of the "Superman was adopted" I thought I could make my own version for shirts.

Oops!  I had to pull my Superman design off of Cafe Press.  According to their team, "The term Superman is a trademark, and thus we cannot allow it on merchandise for sale on CafePress.com. The design featuring the silhouette of the superhero is fine, as long as it is nonspecific."

I tried.  I didn't know.  I thought as I didn't use the font, symbol or character, I was okay.  But I was told the term was trademarked.  So they are pulled, which is okay because you can still get the shirts, just not from me.

For those who love the idea, here is a place where you can order "Superman is adopted" shirts (with the symbol - to boot) :) !


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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Small World of Adoption

After church today, I met Sherrie Eldridge.  For those who don't know her, she is an adoption facilitator and counselor.  She travels all over the world with her speaking engagements.  You can find out more at http://sherrieeldridge.com/

Anyhow, I found out last week that she and I attend the same church (I attend a HUGE church).  Anyhow, our pastor introduced us today.  And she just came back from California and Colorado (more speaking engagements).  She was very happy to meet us and said we were well on our way and rather prepared.  It was so nice to have someone validate our studies.

What else is funny is she was talking about Karyn Purvis, and how impressed she was with her, and I told Sherrie that I was reading her book right now, The Connected Child.  It's amazing how small the world can be.  It's like 6 degrees of separation.

Then Sherrie introduced me to her daughter, Lisa.  She was such a sweetheart.  It was so nice to have met them both.  They're going to try and get me in touch with a family they know who have adopted from China twice.  It'd be so nice to actually meet someone in person who has adopted from China. 

I've met people who have been adopted themselves or have adopted domestically.  And all of that is wonderful, but I can't wait to meet a multicultural family with China roots.

It doesn't cease to amaze me how our red thread journey has taken.  I couldn't have imagined all the twists and turns.  I also love every one's blogs I follow daily, to the amazing children books I find on adoption, to this crazy paper chase.  It's all the ebbs and flows one takes to become united as a family.
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