Monday, April 30, 2012

Two Orders

Wow!  I'm so shocked!

We got not only our first order from our Just Love Coffee Fundraiser, but we got 2 orders today!  Two people today from my husband's work ordered 2 orders of coffee!  We just got some money proceeds for Ashton!

How sweet of them!  I didn't know anyone would!  I'm very excited.  I hope they love their coffee.  Every bit helps!  God willing the coffee fundraiser will take off.

Regardless, we are both very grateful! 

Whomever bought the coffee, do let us know if you love it so I can promote peoples favorites.

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Noterize Check, Authenticate Check

Today we notarized and authenticated all (but our birth certificates) our paperwork.  Our birth certificates are getting mailed to be authenticated by the states we were born in.  Then they go to other Chinese Consulates for that corresponding state.  So, we technically have 3 separate paperchases going on.  1 to our Chicago Chinese Consulate and 2 to the states we were born in for authentication then their Chinese Consulates.  But at least we have a good chunk done!  We're inching forward on that red thread!
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Envisioning Ashton

I wonder if she will have bow lips, thick hair, dimples, and everything else a prospective parent wonders about.

Some don't think it's healthy to wonder.  I think because they think you'll be disappointed when it's not what you envision.  However, I don't think so, at least not for me.

For me I have seen many versions of Ashton.  From dreams, fantasies and speculation.  What I do know is no matter whatever she loves football, ballet, snakes, puppies or whatever... inside and out she'll be the most beautiful to me, no matter what.

I read on Pickle Chatter's blog (thanks Charity for reminding me which blog it was) months ago that she posted a picture of what she thought her girl would look like.  Then was surprised that to her her girl did end up looking like the photo she posted.  It was a beautiful story. 

Here's a snippet of what she wrote:

"On this site, I also made a page for Cici. I included all the information about our timeline, the process we had to endure to adopt from China, and then I put up my own little digital visual board just for the universe. I included some guesses about her birth date, the province she'd be from in China, and after lengthy searching through a gazillion images on the internet, I included a picture. I went through countless photographs of little asian girls and downloaded the one that spoke to me the most. That picture has been up on my website since the summer of 2008. I was so drawn to her big eyes. I wanted her to be mine.

When we got Cici in China, there was something about her that was so familiar to me. I couldn't place it. She looked so different from all the other babies in our match group and she quite frankly, looks very different to me than any other Chinese baby I've seen through all my years of following China adoptions. And then it dawned on me, I thought for a moment that she looked like the baby I put up on my digital visual board. So I pulled up the website in our room at China hotel and I was awestruck."

So I thought I'd post a picture of a random model that made me think of how I picture Ashton in my head.  It wouldn't be her "match" photo as we're asking to be matched with an infant to 12 months.  But after she's here and her hair grows out this is what I picture.  I can't wait to post real photos of her one day.

It's funny to miss someone you haven't even met yet.  It's so hard to convey.  I wonder is she growing in someone's tummy now?  Does she exist?

We won't turn in our medical checklist until early next year, if not later.  This is all because of finances.  Be was are looking into financial aid.  So if any of the organizations actually help, perhaps it will be sooner.  But we're doing what we can, and are being as patient as possible.  If God decides we should be blessed with financial assistance, great.  If not, we're still getting Ashton, just later than sooner. 

So with our medical checklist not being turned in until next year the earliest, we know we won't be matched until probably next summer.  But that doesn't mean she isn't alive now.  That thought sends chills up my spine.  Could it be?  May be not, but very possible.  That makes her more real than ever. 
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chinese Finding Ad

For those who don't know what a Chinese finding ad is let me explain. In China, a parent can't turn in their child to be adopted.  This is illegal in china, so they must make an adoption plan in secret.  The parent(s) typically will leave their child in a highly populated area where they can be found and taken to an orphanage.  The birth parents leave no trace of their identity. 

Since 1999, the orphanages run a newspaper ad for these children in hopes that someone from the family will recognize them and bring them back home.  These are the finding ads, and are the first photographs usually of the child, some from as young as a few weeks old.  These ads contain information about where and when the children were found and which orphanage is caring for them.

If no one claims the child, the child gets a certificate of abandonment that proves the biological parents have relinquished their parental rights through abandonment.  There is no legal avenue for the birth parents to reclaim custody. 
Because of this, it's a real mystery knowing who their birth family is.  The only link tangible to this is where the birth parent(s) carefully chose their child to be found.

So the finding ad can be a part of the puzzle of their life that is very important.  Not only for the photo, but possible details of the very "beginning" so to speak.

Some families get the finding ad from their orphanages and sometimes not.  For those who don't get them there are a few avenues to try.  One is to pay someone to search for you.  But before you do that, you can try yourself.

1. You need your child's Chinese name in Chinese characters.  If you have a word document from referral where you can copy and paste that, awesome!  You can skip step 2.

2. Somewhere in your referral info is your child's name in characters.  Maybe handwritten or maybe typed but in pdf so you can't copy and paste. If that applies to you, go to  Search each word of your child's name separately and look through the characters that come up.  Copy and paste the correct character (comparing to the pdf or whatever you have showing the characters in your child's name) into a word document.  repeat until you have all the characters in your child's name.

3. Go to (I've heard may work as well.)  This is a Chinese search engine.  It is best to use Google chrome as your browser because of its easy translation capabilities (at the top, below the address bar it will ask you if you want to translate the page to English).  Copy and paste your child's name in Chinese characters and click search.  With any luck you'll find something.

4. Wanted to add that not all ads have the child's name.  Each province and area does them differently... example one ad had a boy's name, BD, date found, and where, but did not mention his special need.  As another example for a girl, it did not have her name, but did have the name of the social welfare institute (SWI) or orphanage, birth date, date found, not where found, but did mention her special need.  If you are still having trouble, change up the things you are putting in the search box. 

Google the Chinese characters for "baby girl"  "abandoned"  "tracing ad"  "(special need of child)"  "(date of birth and or found)"  and mix and match.  One found their daughter by using the key words "baby girl", date of abandonment, and SWI name.
I hope this helps you who are searching for ads and for those not adopting who just want to know what a finding ad is.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

China Babies Clothing

I love this article from Love Without Boundaries and wanted to share:

When I was waiting to adopt my first child from China in 1999, I read story after story in online forums about the infamous “clothing police” I was sure to encounter on my adoption trip. I was warned about grannies who would come up and yell at me or wag their fingers if my child-to-be wasn’t covered from head to toe even if I thought the outside air temperature seemed fine.
Well, now I can say that many of the clothing police are women I greatly admire.  They are devoted foster moms and grandmas and orphanage nannies who have watched far too many children over the years struggle with issues like pneumonia and fevers when they fall sick.  As I’ve already covered in my last two posts, many orphanages and foster homes don’t have central heating, and even in the southern provinces of China, the orphanages are quite cold at times.  To protect children from the cold and becoming more vulnerable to infection, they are bundled, almost from the very moment that they come into the world.
It is not uncommon for children in orphanages to wear a coat 24/7.  Kids will nap in them, eat in them, sleep through the night in them.   It is a very familiar site in rural areas to see children toddling around looking like the Michelin man, bundled in 5, 6, or even more layers to keep them warm.   We often play a game when we get in foster care photos where we try to guess the number of layers depending on how far out to the sides a child’s arms are sticking.  This is the “norm” for many children, and while some kids might look red faced or even sweaty, that is what they are used to.   There is a comfort in being bundled as it is often all they have ever known.
Many parents feel a real need to strip down their children almost immediately upon receiving them, however.  It is common on blogs for parents to comment that their children were “sweating to death” or so bundled that the parents worried about possible heatstroke.   They remove all the layers as quickly as possible and feel a need to wash off all the smells and scents that could very well have been a comfort to the child.  It can be extremely stressful for a child to have lost everything that was known to them, and then lose all their clothing as well.   Of course each situation is different, and so parents need to watch their child’s signals very carefully.
Each orphanage handles the clothing for adoption day differently. Some save new clothing donated by parents until this special day, and so the outfit  the child is wearing is brand new to them and might hold no sentimental value.   But some clothing might be very important to a child.  For example, one little girl was in foster care, and the very last special day she had with her foster mom was going to the store to buy a new pair of shoes for her adoption day.   Those shoes meant the world to the little girl, as it was the last memory she had of the only mom she had known.  She clung to those shoes, and even wanted to wear them to sleep in.  How wonderful that her new parents recognized quickly that these shoes must have held a very special meaning to their new daughter, and they didn’t make any efforts to make her remove them.
The clothes your new child arrives in might look ragged or worn or even dirty, but remember that they might be a piece of comfort to your child that will be very important during those first days together.   I once read a blog where the mom was complaining about how the sweater her daughter was wearing had a terrible smell that she couldn’t stand to be around, and so she stripped it off her daughter and washed it in the hotel sink.  Well, of course her daughter had a complete melt down.  It reminded me of my own children, most of whom had beloved blankies as toddlers, and woe to the person who tried to take it from them to put in the washing machine.  I had one son who would drag his blanket around the house as soon as it came out of the dryer to try to make it “smell right” again.  Part of his comfort was in the smell it carried when it had been loved for a few days (AKA, when I thought it smelled terrible).  So any new parent needs to remember the deep importance of smell to many children, and perhaps not rush to immediately wash off every scent that the child carries with them to adoption day.
Every child handles this day differently, of course, but just remind yourself before you walk into the building to meet him or her for the first time that your child is about to lose everything they have known.   The only concrete and material thing from her past life could very well be the clothing on her back or the shoes upon his feet.    Watch their cues carefully on how important those items might be to them.  If  having to snuggle your new child in a stinky sweater is all that your child asks of you in those first few days together, then just take a deep breath and give thanks.  Just as that item brings comfort to your child right now, you will soon be her biggest comfort in the world.  Don’t be in a rush to wash off all she has known.  You have the rest of your lives together, don’t you?
Amy Eldridge, Executive Director
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Off To the Doctor

Yay!  Okay we’ve been hard at work talking to the nurses trying to get us squeezed in to redue our physical exam forms sooner than "past May 4th" and not have to pay for a full physical. 

After talking to CCAI, as of right now, the Consulate in Chicago does not require the labs to be within the previous 6 months.  So we can go to the Doctor’s as just a “check-up” over a complete physical since we don't have to update the labs part.  A check up is something we can afford (since it would have 6 months since our last physical – meaning our insurance wouldn’t cover it).  However, this we can do.

Just found out minutes ago that we were able to both be seen today at 1:00 p.m.  Yay!!  That means next week we can start our notarizing then authenticating!  It’s going to be a whirlwind of a week to next Friday it seems!

I'm so glad we're moving forward!
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Families race to adopt before U.S. tax credit ends

Here is the link, but if it's ever broken, here is the story...

(Reuters) - Julie and Brett Redden are in a hurry for the paperwork to go through for the 6-year-old girl they are planning to adopt from China.
It's not just that they are impatient to start their lives with her as she joins an 11-year-old sister adopted from China two months ago. The Reddens are also playing a game of "beat the clock" so they can take advantage of a generous federal adoption tax credit.

They have already missed out on the refundable 2011 credit, which allowed tax savings of as much as $13,360 per child. In 2012, the credit is $12,650 and not refundable -- meaning if their total tax bill is less than the amount of the credit, they will not get additional money back from the Internal Revenue Service.

But the Redden's real worry is that the adoption will not be completed by year's end. And unless Congress acts, that credit will expire on December 31, 2012.
"We are not rich. We are very middle-income, and we have scraped and saved and done everything humanly possible to bring these girls home," said Julie Redden, a 31-year-old teacher in Houston.

Redden said she expects adoption costs for both girls to top $50,000, and there will be ongoing medical expenses because both have special needs -- the older child is legally blind, while the younger one has cerebral palsy.

"The tax credit will be enormously helpful to pay for medical bills," Julie says.

The rules shift regularly on the adoption tax credit, making planning difficult, especially when combined with the uncertainties of adoption itself, which can typically cost $25,000 or more and take months to years to complete.

"The adoption tax credit has never been a permanent part of the tax code, so every year, or few years, you have to deal with what's going to happen it," Chuck Johnson, president of the National Council for Adoption, said.
This year, the credit is not refundable but families that cannot use the entire credit in 2012 can carry the unused credit forward for up to five years, using it to offset their income taxes through 2017.

Next year, without an extension, all that will remain of the adoption tax credit will be a much smaller $6,000 credit for domestic adoption for children classified as having "special needs," a determination made at the state level.
If that sounds confusing -- it is.

Last week, in an early legislative effort to deal with the adoption credit's changeability, Rep. Bruce Braley, an Iowa Democrat, introduced a bill that would make a $13,360 refundable adoption tax credit permanent.

Mark McDermott, a Washington, D.C., adoption attorney who serves as legislative director of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, believes there will be a credit in 2013, but that it will be enacted as part of a larger tax and finance bill.

"I don't think any stand-alone bill will pass," McDermott said. "That's the way things happen on the Hill."

Not surprisingly, there has been confusion over the rules and processing delays.

"It's quite a rich benefit," said Kathy Pickering, executive director of the Tax Institute at H&R Block. "We've had a number of conversations with the folks at the IRS because there is still a lot of confusion around the rules. Some people have not been claiming that credit, or not been claiming the full benefit."

To claim the credit, file Form 8839 along with supporting documentation. The paperwork varies, depending on whether you are adopting domestically or internationally and whether you are adopting a special-needs child. Parents who should have qualified for a 2011 credit but missed it can file an amended return to maximize their savings.

For a regular adoption, whether domestic or foreign, you can claim the credit up to the amount of your expenses (including adoption fees, attorneys fees, court costs, travel expenses, etc). While for a U.S. special-needs child you may qualify for the full amount of the credit even if you paid few or no adoption-related expenses.

In 2010, nearly 100,000 taxpayers claimed the credit for a total $1.2 billion.
Expect the IRS to take its time examining your return. Roughly 68 percent of those who claimed the credit in 2010 were subject to what the IRS calls a "correspondence audit," a request for more information, according to a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) study. Only 17 percent of them were assessed additional tax, and in no cases were the adoption credits claimed fraudulently.

"IRS used a disproportionate share of its audit resources on the adoption credit," the GAO report said.

When Kelly and Jeff Elliott claimed the tax credit for adopting their now 2-year-old daughter Kaylee from Ethiopia in 2010, the process dragged out for months.
"They wanted to see piece of paperwork after piece of paperwork. It got kind of ridiculous," Kelly recalled, noting that they did ultimately receive a check for the full credit.

The Elliotts, who live in Klamath Falls, Oregon, are in the process of adopting three Ethiopian siblings. Kelly said that with all the costs of adoption, they hope to get the full credit again.

With a big family and a middle-class income -- Jeff is a munitions supervisor at the nearby Air Force training base, while Kelly works a few hours a week as a Head Start consultant -- they would like to buy a car that would fit their whole family.

"The credit would be a godsend this year," Kelly said.

(The writer is a Reuters columnist. Opinions expressed are her own.)

(Amy Feldman; Editing by Chelsea Emery, Linda Stern and Maureen Bavdek)

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Slight snag

We thought we were all good to go, however, our physical exams are from October.  The Chinese Consulate won't accept anything over 6 months dated.  Therefore, we have to do our physical exams again.

Of course since we did our exams less than a year ago, our insurance won't cover it.  There's another expense we weren't hoping for.

Also, there aren't any appointments open until May 4th.  So were trying to see what they can squeeze in.  But in the mean time, we're waiting.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012


We are currently puppy sitting Merlin.  His family is off to a 10 day trip and we get to play with Merlin in our house the whole time.  He's so adorable. 

He loves to play and loves all the dog toys we have, except for the stuffed animals that make animal noises.  Those scare him.  So no elephant roars or monkey squeals.  Of course my husband likes to "scare" him time to time, just to get a reaction outta him.

He is a ball of energy, but is loving and sweet.  He pounces around like a little rabbit.

Ami is a bit jealous, but loves that he can tell him who is boss and listens.  Kiara just tells him she runs everything.  Skylar is interested the first 5 minutes then is okay and checks out.  Arwen is come and go.  And Dawson is a friend one minute then jealous the next.  After a couple days, they all will be best friends.
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goodbye Kajal

We barely knew each other, and we never will.  It's very sad.

Barely two months ago we started sponsoring a little girl named Kajal.  We were very excited.  We even were excited about her first package, which I don't know if we'll ever find out if she ever got.  Then 10 days ago, we got her first letter.

Today we got on the sponsorship sight to find another child in her place.  This wasn't our Kajal.  She was from India, was four, but not our little girl.  Where did she come from?  What happened to our Kajal?

We called up the sponsorship to find out that the family moved away.  We don't know if they just left or found better circumstances.  It was very disheartening.  I can only hope that she ended up in a better place.

We asked if we could choose another child of our own choosing.  We didn't like the "impostor" that replaced Kajal.  If we had chosen her, it may have been different, but seeing her without knowing about the change, it felt wrong.  So we browsed to see who tugged our heartstrings.

We found 2 girls that tugged our hearts.  We wanted to sponsor both, but with adoption, we didn't think we could manage.  We chose the one we thought looked like she needed our help more.

Thus I'm introducing Gloria.  She too is from India.  She was born August 25, 2007 and loves dolls and loves to color.  She helps about the house by picking up trash.  Her father is a farmer and she has 3 brothers and a sister.

I hope our time with Gloria isn't as short as Kajal's.  I also hope we get to actually get to know her and her family.  But if it is for a short period of time, I hope it because her family's luck has changed for the better.

We sent a welcome email to her today.  I hope it brings her some joy.  We will give her the rest of Kajal's prepackaged gifts that we have stored away.  But we'll have to buy her coloring pencils and send another family picture of ourselves as that was sent in Kajal's initial gift.

This is bitter-sweet.  We lost Kajal, but are embracing Gloria.  It's been a crazy day today!
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I-797 Form Received!

Can you believe it?  In our mailbox today our I-800A form is now a returned I-797 form!  the ball is now in our court.

Now we are scanning all of our dossier to have our agency double check that everything is correct before we get it notarized, then authenticated, then sent to the Chinese Consulate, then back to the agency to have it translated into Chinese so we can have it sent to China for a LID!  Yay!  So exciting!

Now we get to go through all our mounds of paperwork to be sure everything is in order.  I'd be heartbroken if we missed anything.  It's too hard to correct a mistake after a certain point.  So better to be safe than sorry.

I may have bronchitis, but I'm excited now.  This definitely lifted my spirits!  We're going to be running mad over the next week to get this all out!
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Enjoying the Benefits

I am enjoying the wonderful benefits of bronchitis!

I was helping my husband with the furniture arrangement in Ashton's room.  We found out that the room we originally planned could fit all the furniture, but it was rather snug.  Just everything too close to everything.  If she had a crib, she'd be fine, but a bed... no space.

So we decided to move her in the other spare bedroom (which is currently our... I mean my workout room.)  The room looks very nice.  Everything fits well.  But moving the furniture I just got so exhausted.  I mean dizzy and started coughing, just pure fatigue.

I've been coughing for 2 weeks on and off.  But just kept up my usual coughing medicine.  The worst part was 2 weeks ago when it started.  But yesterday the cough moved from irritation to chest ache and wheezing.  I laid down to rest, as I felt that my heart would pound out of my chest. 

I didn't wake up really until this morning!  I think I was up half an hour in between just enough to change for bed.  That was about 12 hours of sleeping and I could still sleep the day away now.  Today I still feel just as exhausted.  Like if a butterfly were to land on me, I'd fall over.  I hate this jelly feeling.

So I saw the doctor this morning who confirmed it was bronchitis and that I'd be jittery on the steroid she'd be giving me, but that if I got worse in a week instead of better, to come back.

Jittery, exhausted and weak... loving it!
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Coffee Lovers

We would adopt tomorrow if we could; however we are actually taking our steps slower than most people to be sure we are paying off monetarily what we can in this adoption.  So we are going about our adoption a little slower, being sure we can afford each step as it comes.

It's still too early for us to think about grants.  And anything from the government comes after the adoption, if it's still there when our adoption is complete.  That being said, my mother stressed looking into fundraising.  Maybe I could sell jewelry, or shirts, or something.  I told here I didn't know how it all worked, and what I had to fill out to do something like this.  I'm clueless. 

I'm even afraid of selling on ebay or etsy because of what I have to track and pay out to the government or shipping, I don't know if it's worth it.  not that I have anything to sell... yet.

Anyhow, I found this site through where they had a link to  There was a video on how they started this coffee business to support adoptions like we're doing.  It was so easy and neat.  So I thought, why not? 

So I started,

There you get coffee and we get some fundraising to get to our Ashton!  I didn't know it could be so easy!  I'm hoping I can find other things like this so that non-coffee drinkers like myself will have options. 

No matter how easy it was to set up, it still doesn't take out the butterflies I have in my stomach about the whole thing.  I guess starting anything like this is nerve-wracking.  Hopefully, it is as easy as it appears.  Curious how long until the "first" order happens. 

I'm not expecting a lot, or hardly anything really.  But if people love their coffee, why not get to my daughter closer by it.

So you coffee lovers, please try some of their coffee through out link to help out our Ashton, and thank you!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Desk

Today our inspiration is growing.  I mentioned just 2 weeks ago that we'd love a matching desk for Ashton's bedroom.  It could double as a changing table if she's young enough.  Guess what?

Yep, we found one for sale on Craigslist!  You gotta love a bargain.  So my husband is driving now to pick it up!  I can't wait to see it.

It looks just like that, but without the chair.  It is so exciting getting this furniture at a fraction of the cost.  I also love knowing that all the pieces were loved before and had a history. 

I can't wait when we get all the pieces in her room laid out.  Right now they are there, but so is other furniture that doesn't match and the bed isn't assembled.  So it's just a storage area look.

But with us wanting to rip out the carpet and my husband wanting to raise the ceiling, it doesn't look like I'll be able to "see" a finished type of room soon anyhow.  Though I'd love it if we could assemble the bed and buy a twin mattress so that Bubba could be there "waiting" for her.  But it looks like he'll go in the closet with Big Lady.

With this desk though, I now will have a place for all the books we've been getting her!  That's so exciting!  That means more drawer space (where I've been keeping the books) to buy clothes!  Shhh!  Don't tell my husband ;)
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Consignment Jackpot

There was a consignment sale at a church today.  So my husband and I decided to go, because we knew we'd get things dirt cheap there.

First thing we found was this board book, 25¢.  I just loved that there was a Chinese girl on it and talking about eating was good and fun.  I've read many blogs where the children have trouble eating sometimes, so I thought this would be a good book to have.  We also found a few other books too, one was a Chinese doll picture book for coloring and stickers - I couldn't resist!

Of course tons of clothes.  Who could resist at 75¢ or $2 for all of this? (not all are pictured)

Then we found this adorable Peek-A-Boo-Pooch.  He was $2, but got him for a buck!  His paws are magnetic and cover his eyes or hold his bone.  And Peyton loves the bag he came in, shiny!

We then went to go home after our amazing score, however, my husband remembered a consignment store for children that is always closed on Sundays when we drive by.  Today was Saturday, so it should be open.  So we drove over since we were nearby.

We loved a lot of her stuff.  the store is moving in 2 weeks, so she said she'd get us good deals on anything we were interested in so she wouldn't have to pack and move it.

I grabbed a few outfits to check on pricing.  We even found a Chinese outfit.  I think it's a boys, but it can be a fun pajama outfit or she can wear it about if she likes it.  I brought the clothes to the counter to see what she could knock down.  She knocked down every single one of them!

While I was pricing these and a few others out I saw a frog and he was a puppet and made ribbit noises.  (I have a soft spot for frogs.)  Also I knew my husband has been looking for a puppet to play with Ashton on our trip to China.  He loves to do voices and he thinks she'll love a puppet!  I just loved this round frog.  He was so incredibly soft and adorable.  I just held on to him and made over him while pricing out the clothes to see what we could "live" without.

Then my husband spotted a panda way up on a top shelf just standing proudly.  He asked the store owner if she'd mind pulling him down.  She had to get a hook and knock him down.  He was magnificent so life like and the panda is bigger than our dogs.  The most life like panda I've seen.  His original tag was still on and he was $60!  She was selling him for considerably less.  Now we were in a dilemma, clothes or cute toys. 

While my husband was holding the panda and I the frog and looking over the clothes, the shop owner said she'd throw in the toys for free!  We were floored.  (And I must say Dawson is adorable next to the panda, whom I named Bubba after the brown bear I used to have as a child that he reminds me of.)  Oh, and we ended up getting all the clothes!

We then were checking out and the pirate lovers that we are, my husband found a fun magnetic pirate scene.  She threw that in for free too!  It felt like we made out like pirates!  We got amazing clothes and fun toys and all for dirt cheap prices!

It was a fun day getting so many things for Ashton and not feeling guilty about spending money!  It was a great day!  I hope she loves these things as much as we do!  I can't wait to make memories with these things with her!

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