Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Op

The dreaded photo op....

It didn't take long.  I didn't know what to wear and didn't decide until last minute.  I told my husband to wear a long-sleeve, button-down shirt.  I wanted us to look classic.  As I assume these will be the main photos used for almost everything.

Well here is how they came out with and without our fur babies.  This is us by the side deck going to our backyard.
My husband and me

Our family (except for house cats are inside)

I'm so proud of our furbabies.  Arwen (the blue Chihuahua in my husband's arms) was cold and just wanted to go inside.  But she's a little lady and will do anything for her Daddy.  Dawson (the black and white Tibetan Spaniel) and Kiara (the Pekingese) wanted to run and play.  It was hard to get them to stay still for the pictures.  Skylar (the Tibetan Spaniel on the right) is her usual, hunched for pictures.  She's a laid back type, but just doesn't take pictures very well.  It's hard to get her to sit up straight.  So other than looking depressed, she's at least looking at the camera.  She has gorgeous blue eyes.  Amadeus (the Chihuahua in my arms) did fine as long as he was in my lap.  He is such a Mommy's boy.

I know we need only 1 photo for the Home Study.  But we need several for the dossier.  So hopefully we can use both for the dossier.  But just for the home study, I've got to decide which to use.  But I'm not too sure if pictures of the furbabies is best for the dossier.  But they are our family.

Anyhow, that's done!  Now just waiting for my hubby to finish his autobiography.  He hasn't attempted it again since that first night.  I'm hoping he'll try again tonight.

If not no big deal.  I want him to write it with no pressure, else it might come out with less heart or something.  It's all good. 

I'm just glad we have pics for Christmas cards this year.
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