Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

In the "spirit" of Halloween, I decided to look up Halloween facts and paste them here for fun!


Halloween was commonly referred to as "All Hollows" Eve. It originated from the pagan holiday honoring the dead. The Roman Catholic Church created All Saints Day (also called Hallomas) on November 1st to honor Saints and All Souls Day on November 2and to honor and pray for the souls of the dead. These holidays were created by the church, in part to downplay the pagan holidays. Needless to say, it did not succeed. Halloween as we know it today, has grown from the ancient Druid Holiday. Along the way both fun, frights, and Satanic twists have been added to the mix

Halloween is second only to Christmas in spending. Consumers spend over $2.5 Billion during Halloween. That's a whole lot of candy, costumes, decorations, and party goods.

Like Christmas, Halloween is steeped in traditions. While Christmas can be a stressful period, Halloween is all about fun. People really get into the Halloween tradition and "spirit". Some religions are against celebrating Halloween, citing its roots in ancient Druid religion. While this is true, Today's Halloween celebrations are all about fun, with a generous amount of imagination.

Pumpkins have inhabited the planet for thousands of years. They originated in Central America. They were used then (and now) as a food crop. Over the course of centuries, pumpkins spread their vines across all of North and South America. When Europeans arrived in the New World, they found pumpkins plentiful and used in cooking by Native Americans. They took seeds back to Europe where they quickly became popular.

The Irish carved Turnips and put coals or small candles inside. They were placed outside their homes on All Hallow's Eve to ward off evil spirits. They were also known to use potatoes and Rutabagas.

When Irish Immigrants came to America, they quickly discovered that Jack O'Lanterns were much easier to carve out and began using them. This truly neat tradition quickly spread to the general population in America and elsewhere.

Others believe that the first Jack O'Lanterns came from the Story of Stingy Jack.

As the story goes, Stingy Jack was a miserable, old drunk who liked to play tricks on everyone: family, friends, his mother and even the Devil himself. One day, he tricked the Devil into climbing up an apple tree. Once the Devil climbed up the apple tree, Stingy Jack hurriedly placed crosses around the trunk of the tree. The Devil was then unable to get down the tree. Stingy Jack made the Devil promise him not to take his soul when he died. Once the devil promised not to take his soul, Stingy Jack removed the crosses and let the Devil down.

Many years later, when Jack finally died, he went to the pearly gates of Heaven and was told by Saint Peter that he was too mean and too cruel, and had led a miserable and worthless life on earth. He was not allowed to enter heaven. He then went down to Hell and the Devil. The Devil kept his promise and would not allow him to enter Hell. Now Jack was scared and had nowhere to go but to wander about forever in the darkness between heaven and hell. He asked the Devil how he could leave as there was no light. The Devil tossed him an ember from the flames of Hell to help him light his way. Jack placed the ember in a hollowed out Turnip, one of his favorite foods which he always carried around with him whenever he could steal one. For that day onward, Stingy Jack roamed the earth without a resting place, lighting his way as he went with his "Jack O'Lantern".

On all Hallow's eve, the Irish hollowed out Turnips, rutabagas, gourds, potatoes and beets. They placed a light in them to ward off evil spirits and keep Stingy Jack away.

It is believed that the Irish began the tradition of Trick or Treating. In preparation for All Hallow's Eve, Irish townsfolk would visit neighbors and ask for contributions of food for a feast in the town.

I found these facts here: There are others there that I didn't paste and links to recipes and other fun things. 
Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Op

The dreaded photo op....

It didn't take long.  I didn't know what to wear and didn't decide until last minute.  I told my husband to wear a long-sleeve, button-down shirt.  I wanted us to look classic.  As I assume these will be the main photos used for almost everything.

Well here is how they came out with and without our fur babies.  This is us by the side deck going to our backyard.
My husband and me

Our family (except for house cats are inside)

I'm so proud of our furbabies.  Arwen (the blue Chihuahua in my husband's arms) was cold and just wanted to go inside.  But she's a little lady and will do anything for her Daddy.  Dawson (the black and white Tibetan Spaniel) and Kiara (the Pekingese) wanted to run and play.  It was hard to get them to stay still for the pictures.  Skylar (the Tibetan Spaniel on the right) is her usual, hunched for pictures.  She's a laid back type, but just doesn't take pictures very well.  It's hard to get her to sit up straight.  So other than looking depressed, she's at least looking at the camera.  She has gorgeous blue eyes.  Amadeus (the Chihuahua in my arms) did fine as long as he was in my lap.  He is such a Mommy's boy.

I know we need only 1 photo for the Home Study.  But we need several for the dossier.  So hopefully we can use both for the dossier.  But just for the home study, I've got to decide which to use.  But I'm not too sure if pictures of the furbabies is best for the dossier.  But they are our family.

Anyhow, that's done!  Now just waiting for my hubby to finish his autobiography.  He hasn't attempted it again since that first night.  I'm hoping he'll try again tonight.

If not no big deal.  I want him to write it with no pressure, else it might come out with less heart or something.  It's all good. 

I'm just glad we have pics for Christmas cards this year.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Unwanted Super Power Anonymous

I have a gift.  A very unusual, unique gift. I believe that everyone has a gift.  It can be more commonplace or very unique.  One, like my husband, has the gift of animals.  He is like the Horse Whisperer.  But it helps that he did work with the man, so I sure he picked a lot up.  But he’s amazing, they flock to him.  Any animal and they all snuggle and love him.  They see me like Elmira from Tiny Toons and flee for their lives.  I think I have “I’ll love you and squeeze you 'til your insides come out!” stamped on my forehead.  I love animals and want to play and protect and care for them all.  But it is always a bummer to see any and all animals gravitate to my husband.  He’s not called Dr. Doolittle for nothing!

Now don’t confuse gifts with talents.  There are those who can draw, sing, do math at lightening speeds… these are talents.  A gift is more 6th sense type of thing.  Like my husband’s animal thing.  It can be huge like someone who has amazing luck and typically wins in casinos or small as someone who can always get a taxi almost immediately.  Other gifts can be someone who always seems to find stray money, someone who can’t take a bad photo, someone who always gets hit by lightening, someone who always weasels themselves out of bad situations.  It can be anything.  You know a person who always or never... fill in the blank.  It’s just kooky or crazy how they always or never… whatever!  It isn’t something you can control, but it’s just this thing.
All of us have a gift.  It can be a good gift or bad, mundane or cool.  It’s like there is a small superhero power in all of us.  We can’t choose it, it chooses us.  You can be the one that somehow always have your watch stop, no matter how many batteries, types you buy.  You can be one who has amazing intuition and can read people and know what is happening to them without even saying it.
So I yes, have a gift.  I too know my super power.  However, unlike my husband it’s not one of the good ones.  It’s one that I would gladly give to ANYONE who wants it.  It’s like the Midas touch or something.  What is this amazing super power I don’t want?
I have the super power of discontinuing.  What super power is that you ask?  Well, let me explain.  I am a unique individual like everyone else.  But I seem to be more unique than others, because when I find an item I love, they discontinue it (and things get discontinued only because they aren’t popular enough).  Therefore things I like are unique enough that it seems no one wants them and they stop making it.
Case and point:
- Icebreakers Lemon Cool Gum - They had it out for a year or two.  I chew no other gum really.  But this I can forever and love it.  Discontinued and coming off the shelves.  I buy up any I find anymore.
- John Frieda Warm Red Shampoo and Serum – I found a shampoo I loved that enhanced my red hair.  They discontinued it once I was able to figure which store carried it.  Now they only carry the cool red and it’s not the same and they discontinued the serum all together which kept my tangled hair soft and tangle free.
- Motts Gummies – I found a gummie that wasn’t like all the filmy kinds you can buy in the stores.  It tasted great and I loved them.  Gone now.  The other generic gummies just don’t match up.  So I don’t get them.
- My favorite toothpaste was voted on as a favorite flavor from 3 to be put on shelves as a new flavor.  Crest took it back off after a couple years.
- My favorite gloss that matches any outfit and is subtle but perfect… yep gone after a few years on shelves.
- Love the new Volkswagen bugs, then they ruined them this year by flattening the top!  Of course they did!
- Kohls carried my favorite brand of jewelry, called 1928.  They stopped carrying it a year ago or more and started carrying crap in it’s place.  I can find it online, but what good is that if you can’t see it, try it, etc?
- My favorite show last year was FlashForward.  Cancelled!  It was so interesting and different.  But no, too different I suppose.  But yeah, let’s add more crime dramas!
Whatever it is, if I don’t just like it, but love it, it’s gone!  Any food, make-up, vehicle, clothing line, jewelry, store, TV show.  What I like is always hard to find or rare and then is cancelled.  I have the power to discontinue anything I love!
So it came as no surprise that last night I discovered that the ONLY perfume I wear, which is rare and hard to find, got discontinued!  I’m beside myself!!  My Melody Dreams by Muelhens is no more.  I got is in Germany years ago when I was a little girl and lived in Holland.  I had friends ship it to me growing up.  When the Internet came to be, I ordered it online.  Now it’s gone.  I can find a few stray discontinued bottles available, but at almost $200 a bottle it’s crazy!  I can’t justify that!
  I always knew as a little girl if I ever decided to have children I would adopt from China.  Then when my husband I and decide to go ahead and adopt, I look into the process and see that the wait has become agonizingly long!  It was like, hey, you’re late, we’re discontinuing the process!  But I decided, dang it, that I’m going to get my little girl from China one way or another.  So the Special Needs line it will be. This dream of adoption in China, I won’t give up on!  But I do fear in the back of my head that one day before I’m LID, before I can turn in our medical checklist, that China will say, sorry we’re done!  I hope China isn’t trying to wean everyone out, but it doesn’t look very positive out there.  All these poor families wanting a child and waiting 5xs longer than they ever imagined, it’s ludicrous.  Yet somehow I feel as if I'm to blame.  My super power jinxed everyone!
So those who are waiting, blame me!  I’ll take the hit!  Why not?  I seem to end everything else I love out there.
Really, don’t send me any hate email or flames.  I’m too sensitive for that.  I know it’s not me. But I keep thinking of this super power and it’s no surprise that the way we want to go in adoption is hard and crazy.
Does anyone else have a gift or super power they want to return and give back? 
I can see me now, I go to a room filled with chairs in a circle.  I smell the weak coffee and stale donuts.  I sit among the strangers.  They are all staring at me.  I wave.  Then I say sheepishly, “Hello.  I’m LadyBug Dragon.  My super power is discontinuation.”  Thus I begin the 12 steps to leave this unwanted gift in the dust so that I can love things without them going away.
Anyone else want to join me in Unwanted Super Power Anonymous?
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Godchild

I skyped with my best friend and her daughter (my goddaughter) last Saturday.  My best friend is from Finland so skyping is a wonderful way of staying in touch.  We try to Skype every Saturday, but sometimes it doesn’t always happen.  Anyhow, we chatted and I saw my lil’ goddaughter growing up again so fast!  She was in pigtails and cooing/babbling.  She is always excited to see my puppies and kitties, but doens't seem to notice me or my husband yet.  But at least our fur babies are a big hit.  She’ll be 2 years old in January. 

It got me thinking my little girl will be so much younger than her.  I always clung to a small hope that they’d be pen pals or good friends in some way, or special sisters.  I suppose all best friends want their daughters to be close.  But being miles and miles apart and I’m sure probably about a 5 year gap by the time adoption happens… they won’t bond.  It’s sad.  I guess my dearest friend will just have to have another baby whenever I get that referral or letter of acceptance (whichever path happens).  I’m sure she’d like to know I have her on a schedule for my needs.  Ha!  But it’s one of my fantasies that is hard to let go. 

I’m sure once my Ashton is real and before me, these thoughts won’t matter because I’ll be consumed with the present and the lives we’re living.  But when you can only speculate, that’s one of the things I think about.  Oh, well.  It is what it is, and I’m sure she’s going to bond with our furbabies and that would mean more as she’d be living with them than to bond with a girl who speaks Finnish and is learning English so very far away. 

But taking my Ashton out of the equation, that little girl, my goddaughter whom I love and adore… it’s so hard to be away from her.  I miss my best friend all the time, but I have never gotten to meet my little godchild.  We hoped to save and go to Finland, but now saving for adoption, it’s been put off.  Hopefully, we can still find a way to go since the adoption will take some time.  Who knows what the future holds.  But China and Finland are two places I desperately want to go to.  I want to see and hold both my girls!
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home Study in Sight

I’m so proud of my husband.  Upon hearing I got my birth certificate he cranked down and began writing his autobiography.  It’s very hard for him.  He just isn’t a “thoughts to pen” type of guy.  He so far has gotten a page done.  He’ll work on it more tonight.

I won’t help him or guide him.  I don’t want my thoughts or my autobiography to influence him.  But when he is done I can’t wait to read it.
In the mean time, I suppose I’m going to choreograph a photo of us with and without our pets somewhere inside.  I just hate the lighting inside our home and love natural light outside and the trees colors now, but the rain and cold temperatures make that undesirable to say in the least.

Getting my birth certificate gave me another wind.  Our house is ready for a home study, the tiling is done!  But I still want to give the house another once over.  And my husband wants to concentrate on cleaning the garage and basement.  Neither of those places I worry about.  I’m thinking more of clutter, dusting, mopping, purging junk we don’t need and vacuuming. Also, with this weather, the dogs muddy feet from going potty outside and bringing in the leaves that get stuck to their fur are an endless chore.  But I know these are minor things we don’t truly need to focus on.  I mean vacuum, mop, dust - yes, but worry about every little cluttering item - not so much.

I think I’ll feel better when the home study is done, may be not, but I have been focusing on that particular goal for awhile so it’d be nice to accomplish it.  My goal is to have everything turned in at the beginning of next week and then they have 48 hours to go over it all then contacts us on when to start the home study.
Regardless, having the birth certificate, I still feel accomplished.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

You've Got Mail

Guess who got their birth certificate FINALLY!?!  One guess, yep me!  Now my husband just has to write his autobiography (which he has kept putting off) and we take our photos (which is both our faults... he not wanting to do it with pets or outside and me wanting it to be perfect so waiting for him to cave) and we can start our home study!  Yay!!!
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Dressing Up for Halloween

Halloween is only 2 weeks away!  How many Halloweens will pass until I can start celebrating it with my daughter?  And how many times can I dress her up before she gets a mind of her own?  There are so many things I hope and imagine her costumes to be.  I’m sure she’ll want none of it and want to be a slug or something.  But I’ll have a couple years, at least, to put her in what I find cute and adorable. 

What are the “musts” I’m thinking of?  Well, I have a fun, long wish list, but only a few “musts”.
I don’t know what I was dressed up as when I was a baby, maybe I wasn’t.  But when I was 5, I was a witch.  (I’ll have to ask my Mom for Halloween pictures of me as a kid). 
To this day one of my best friends still dresses up for Halloween.  She loves the day.  She even went to Salem last year to celebrate the holiday in style.  She dresses up as a witch every year!  And it’s not the same witch.  She designs a new outfit every year and it’s a big-to-do!  She even plays with the idea of selling fun witch's hats on Etsy.  She’s very creative.  It’s so fun to see what type of witch she’ll be each year.  Anyhow, I told her that she HAS TO design Ashton a witch costume for her for Halloween.  I picture something similar to this in mind.
Would she just put a spell on you to love her forever?

Then of course the huge pirate enthusiasts that my husband and I are, she has to be a pirate!  I couldn’t find any baby pirate girls, only boys.  But this toddler one is close to what I have in mind for our lil’ Sea Captain.  Then of course I tangent off thinking, ooh… a mermaid!  But a lot of them just look frumpy and not nice.  The pirate is the more important one to be.  Heck, I might let her just wear the costume all the time, all year long!  (Early on, my husband and I were truly debating whether to decorate her nursery in pirate style or not.  We opted not to.)
I'm sure I could whip up some cute baby version of this.

Then, I think for my mother and think she should be a panda. My mom’s favorite costume from childhood was being a panda.  I have never seen pictures, but I try to imagine.  Anyhow, she made me a panda outfit one year when I was about 7 or 8.  I really didn’t want to be a panda, but it was a warm outfit that year.  I only learned years and years later that mom wanted to impart her savored memory of being a panda with me.  I missed the mark.  But knowing that my mom was a panda and I was a panda, maybe she can be a panda.  And if I make her a panda before she cares what she is, it won’t be I’m forcing her to be a panda.  And we can all look back on her costume with fond memories rather than an unhappy trick-or-treater. This is such a cute panda costume for a baby!
Just needs some bamboo!

Perhaps Ashton can be a panda her first year, and then a pirate, then a witch… hmmm.
So far those are the MUSTS.  But here are some other baby costumes I’ve seen that tickle in the back of my head going, “Ooo!  Ooo! Pick me!  Pick me!”  But so far the above are my only musts.  The others (below) can happen when she’s older or if I decide to celebrate Halloween once a month.  Enjoy the cuteness!
Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.  It's just a fun costume!
Never thought a scarecrow would be cute, but after seeing this... There are fun possibilities.
I love catwoman (Pfeiffer version) but this version is a lot safer for her to go out in and cuter!
Who doesn't love flappers?  And a baby flapper can get away with anything!
I love Little Red Riding Hood, who could resist her in a shimmering red cloak?
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Sunday, October 16, 2011


I don't want this blog just to be a post about gifts for Ashton, but as the paperchase isn't "moving" so to speak and we don't have our little girl; so gifts are the topic for the week!

My mom bought her a seahorse to sleep with.  It's for newborns up to 36 months.  It plays lullaby music with ocean sounds and has a glowing belly.  He is so cute!  I saw him in a store a moth or two ago and was crazy over him, but didn't buy him.  My husband and mother talked me out of it. 

However, my mom researched the toy and found rave reviews.  So she decided to buy the seahorse the other day for her.  She surprised me with him today.  Isn't my mom sweet?  She said she heard that the seahorse really is helpful in sleeping.  So if a seahorse works for sleeping, then by all means, let's use it.  If not, maybe it will sooth her during stressful times in car rides or other moments.  I wonder if I will take the seahorse to China to sooth her when we get her?

I just can't get over how dang cute he is!  I can see her now thinking he's a bath toy and putting him in a bubble bath and ruining him.  Of course I see that scenario clearer than her sleeping with him.  Silly, huh?  Time will tell and we will see.

If Ashton doesn't like him, maybe I'll use him on nights I can't sleep ;)
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

On the Search for Mulan

Today was a little shopping spree for Ashton.  We didn't mean it to be, but my husband and I couldn't help ourselves. 

We were on a mission to get Ashton a Mulan doll.  While I was getting my oil changed at Walmart the other day, I saw My First Disney Princess Toddler dolls on clearance... there are Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Snow White, Rapunzel, Tiana, Ariel and Mulan. I could see the complete set on the back of the boxes.  Of course I found every doll EXCEPT Mulan.  So today my husband and I went to every Walmart we could... nada.  My husband then thought, let's try Target.  Again, same problem... no Mulan. 

But while there I found the cutest baby hat.  It's a snow leopard!  It was the last one they had.  I had to get it.  They had monkeys, ducks, and other types, but the animal print with the cute cat face - I couldn't resist.  And I'm a sucker for the baby pink/black combo.

With no luck at the Targets or Walmarts, we decided to go to the Disney Store.  My husband is the BIGGEST Disney fan.  We even went to Walt Disney World for our honeymoon!  He was excited like a little kid to go.  There we found 2 different Mulan dolls.  They were so cute.  One was a beautiful rag doll that she can have right away as a baby!  Yeah!  The other is an Animators' collection of Mulan and she had cherry blossoms on her blouse!  If you can't tell by my blog, I adore cherry blossoms!  My husband really liked the Animators' doll and I was partial to the rag doll.  So we got both. 

After all this I'm sure her favorite will be Aurora or Jazmine or something, but I wanted her to have beautiful dolls that looked like her.  I'm sure the other types of dolls will follow.  Trust me I'm dying to get her Ariel the mermaid.  What girl doesn't want a mermaid? 

Then we stopped by the Half-Price-Book Store.  It's near the Disney Store, and I wanted to see if they had "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes".  Nope.  But they did have the author's "Every Year On Your Birthday"!  I bought it immediately!  This was one of the books on my "Must Have List".  That I got it at Half-Price was icing on the cake!

So we got her 2 new dolls, a hat and a book!

Here is a picture of Amadeus with her book.  He is proud to show it off.  The book is bigger than he is!!

Then the two dolls.  They're both so neat and very different!!  And don't you love the little dog with her?  The dog is perfect for our family!!  I thought it'd be the dragon.  I'm glad it's the dog instead.  But I am pro dragon or I wouldn't be LadyBug Dragon. (See the cherry blossoms?)

Then I wanted to take a picture of the cute hat to share.  But Peyton was very interested in the hat tie.  She loves anything shiny or dangle-y.  So you see the progressing photos of her playing with the snow leopard hat.  After all that I then just had to take video!  Enjoy!
What is it?

Can I have it?

Oh, it's a new toy for me!

Please give it back. I promise to be a good kitty!


I love my family!  My husband and furbabies are wonderful!!  What a fun day!
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Same as Ever

I know that everyone is being polite, however it’s sometimes hard to answer, “So how’s the adoption going?” or “Where are you in the process now?”  This is one thing I knew I didn’t want people always asking me, and why I wanted to keep it private.  I don’t mind the interest, but it opens the floodgates to a lot of questions that either:

1)      I don’t want to go into for the 100th time

2)      Is too personal of a question

3)      Nothing’s changed and I feel like I’m failing somehow
I’m happy my friends and family want to know what’s going on, but that’s also why I started this blog, so they can check in and follow with me and know where I am.  Too specifically go into the paperwork and re-explain our options and the waiting times are so tedious.
Then for some friends they get into the price question or special needs vs. non-special needs questions and so on.  And frankly it’s none of their business.  But I’m always one to feel guilty and say more than I wish I did, because I’m a people pleaser.  But I’ve got to learn to be wittier and say something clever that doesn’t make the other person uncomfortable, even though they’ve made me uncomfortable. 
The process is slow and every time I reconnect with family or friends they want an update.  Typically there is no update; we’re still just chugging along.  Then I feel like I need to explain or elaborate.  I can’t just say “Same as ever”.  It just doesn’t cut it.  But it should.  If I have a new step in the process that is worth telling, trust me I’ll share.
Again, I knew everyone is just trying to be nice or just curious and wanting to understand, but it gets tiring.  I’d rather focus on the fun stuff.  Like Chinese culture, decorating her room ideas, party ideas, best and worst parts of having a child, daycare, her fur-siblings…  To me those topics are more interesting then were I am in the process right now. 
Talking just about the paperchase makes my baby Ashton seem more like an idea than a child.  I want to talk about the things that make her more humanized by talking about children’s books or play dates or future events that will incorporate her.  However, I know that that is too far in the future for most people to want to talk about.  I can’t plan for any of that stuff realistically right now, so it’s only assumptions.  But still…
I have Ashton’s room pictured in my head and I can’t wait to get started on it.  But I don’t want to start on it, until we’re further in the process. 
My husband thinks Ashton will bond with Kiara, our Pekingese, the most.  I don’t know who of our fur-babies will be jealous and who will bond or who will be indifferent.  But I like thinking of all the scenarios.

 I can’t wait to get her so many books.  I love books, especially illustrated books.  Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone books are my favorite illustrated books.  For those who don’t know them, they are sisters that illustrated many children’s books.  And each page is over the top!  They are so magical and detailed… a work of art!!  I can’t praise them enough!

I think of getting reprints and hanging them in her room.  They’re just so amazing!  I would sit and stare at these photos forever just imagining!

Anyhow, Ashton may never appreciate their work like I did as a child, but you never know!  I at least want to give it a chance.  And if I can collect all their children’s books for Ashton, I’d be so giddy! 

These are the types of things I think about and want to share, which no one really wants to listen to.  I tell my husband, but he really doesn’t care about this stuff.  He is focused on the now.  And now is paperwork. 
That’s why I have this blog, so I can share with the universe and hopefully my daughter one day the things I imagines and hoped for, and not just the dry day to day stuff that is endless and boring such as paperchasing.
But for those who are wondering “stats”, I’m still waiting for my birth certificate.  That’s pretty much the only piece we’re waiting for so we can begin the home study. 
Oh, and the family photo.  I’ve been asking my husband to help set up the photo for us and the pups, but he “doesn’t have the time”.  And now the weather is rainy, colder, overcast, so we can’t do it outside like I wanted to anymore!  So we’ll see where that goes.  I think he wanted just him and me and no fur-babies.  But they’re family and I can’t imagine a family photo without them. I’m curious to see what we’ll end up doing.
So how is the adoption going?  It’s going fine; same as ever.  Thanks for asking.
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alive Panda Cub

My mother came over today and had a gift for Ashton. 

I find it funny how an idea of a child, one that we won't have for years is already being showered with toys and clothes.  We're all just so excited to have her in our lives and want to share the things that we find so beautiful or neat.  But these things are the only tangible things we have to let us know our Ashton is real... one day.

She bought her an animated toy.  It's a baby panda that moves it mouth and coos and snores and interacts with the child.  It's for ages 3 and up.  He's really cute.


Of course we had to take the batteries out so they won't corrode over time.  So our little panda will "sleep" until Ashton is ready for him.

I'm sure Ashton will love her first "teddy bear"!
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Check was Cashed!

I've been slightly worried about my birth certificate.  Everything is falling into place, except that one piece so far.  I knew that it would be coming once I saw the check cashed on my register.  I went online and saw that it was!  That means my birth certificate is on its way!  Yay!! 

I'm so glad I didn't have to track down the check, cancel it, and resubmit the form etc...  Whew! 

I'll be very happy when it arrives!
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Check, Check, Check...

I'm knocking things off the checklist for the Home Study.  We're getting a lot accomplished, which has me happy. 

We have our physicals this week, my fingerprinting is today, my husband is working on the financials, we're making sure our fur babies are all up to date on their vaccines, I've filled out the application, references, copies of passports/driver's license/marriage certificate, etc... so we are in a good way.  But we can't start the home study until this is all complete and gathered. 

The one thing holding us back is my birth certificate!  I sent it out almost 3 weeks ago and am still waiting.  My husband got his within the week he mailed it.  Mine seems to be SLOW!  I checked the website and they said a minimum of 4 weeks.  So I can't follow up until then.  I hope there isn't a problem.  I wish that check would cash out so I knew it was in process!  Oh well!  I guess if a birth certificate is the most I'm worrying about, all is good. 

I'm still putting off the family photos.  I shouldn't.  I'm hoping I can get the fur babies rounded up this weekend for it.  I'm thinking maybe in a park or somewhere pretty rather than just in the house.  But that can be tricky.  I do have pictures of us all in park together, but their "older" so aren't usable.  I don't have anything really recent.  We'll see how it goes.

Well, that's if for now.  The paper chase continues.
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Monday, October 3, 2011

What Makes You Happy?

Don't you wish you could sometimes say this outloud?
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dreaming of Her

Well, I had my first dream of our daughter.  I'm sure it will be the first of many dreams.  And as dreams go, they aren't realistic.

I remember getting the referral and turning around and seeing her in the crib.  So the referral was her arriving in our home.  Her wooden crib was white and she was wearing yellow footsie pajamas.  She was so tiny and very curious.  She didn't peep a sound.  She was beautiful.  I was so overcome.  Both my parents were there and wanted to see her.  I suddenly had to fill out a bunch of paperwork, so couldn't be with the child.

That was it.  It wasn't very long and it wasn't very involving, but it was a dream none the less.  It's already very spotty.  I don't remember if my husband was there.  I don't remember if I held her.  I just remember her looking up with me with these big curious eyes and cutest lips.  I was drawn to her immediately.  And the pastel yellow, I don't know why yellow.  Nothing wrong with it, but I love blues and greens and keep imagining her in reds and whites.  So the yellow is a bit of a surprise.

I wonder how many more I will have an how the storyline will go.

It was a wonderful dream.  The room wasn't like one we had in our house.  It was airy and windows everywhere and sorta like the second floor of a beach house.  Just white washed woods and sheer white curtains.  Then little her sitting in the corner of her crib waiting for me.

I can't remember if my parents held her or what they said.  I just remember them there and that's all.  I wish I could remember more details.  But it was a wonderful way to wake up earlier this morning.
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