Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's in a Name?

Well, I’m still waiting for my husband to finish getting the info from work for the application.  He put in messages on Monday, but they haven’t gotten back to him yet.  He told me that servers are down and problems a–muck, so who knows when we can get the final info to send off our application.

I was really hoping for August 1st, as it was so neat and tidy a start date to be “official” so-to-say.  But there are many official moments.  I just wanted to get started. 
So as there is no new news, I thought I may share some of our first bit of personal info. 
I have long had a name picked out for a daughter since I was little.  I never named any animals or dolls this name (Which I loved naming everything… including middle names.  I guess I’m a name junkie.) and always had it on reserve if I ever had a daughter.  It’s never been popular or over-used, thank goodness!
My husband heard the name and really likes it as well.  Though if he had to pick on his own, he said he would have named his daughter Coral.  He just really loves the name for some reason.

Anyhow, I saw a TV-miniseries long ago when I was in elementary school.  And one of the characters had this name and I fell in love with it.  Then the middle name I thought came from a movie where this little girl, the heroine, had the name, but I misunderstood it and found out I was wrong years later.  But regardless, I love the name I thought it was.  I love movies, books, theater and love names, so it would be obvious that I would name my child after names I heard from a story I saw, heard or read.

Now not to say, I won’t add part of her Chinese name to her middle name or some variation.  But for now I’m totally in love with the name: Ashton Kendall.
Ashton is from the miniseries “North and South”.  And I thought Kendall was from “Ewoks of Endor”, but her name is Cindall.  I prefer Kendall.  So regardless how I found them, I love them and how they sound together.
So this is the name I’ve dreamed about.  And it’s so odd to hear my mother and friends say her name.  It was always “daughter”, “baby”, or “future girl”, but to hear “Ashton” or “Ashton Kendall” from someone else’s lips seems so strange to me.  I also hear my mom say “Little Ashton” or “Miss Ashton” which is so cute.
I wish I could say the names meanings are impressive.  But Ashton means Ash tree.  And Kendall means by the river Kent.  So unless there is an Ash tree by the river Kent in which I can take her photo by, it really won’t have any cool deep meaning.  The only meaning that cares is that it puts a song in my heart.
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