Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kindergarten Photo Day

 Today is Ashton's school photos. She got one during her first time at daycare a long time ago. But switching daycares, none of the others offered photos. So I got "school photos" the year after by taking her in professionally. My husband thought it silly and I couldn't talk him into more after that. I'm lucky to get annual family photos. He thinks that silly and completely unnecessary too. So I've pulled back the reins and just did family photos (with my husband grumbling and saying no one does annual photos... yeah right!).

But now the school takes the photos and I get my school photos from now on! Yay!! I couldn't wait for her to wear this dress. It's simply darling. I hope her photos come out great. In fact, her little owie scab under her eye just fell off in time for photos! Double yay!!

Notice her stylish fox glitter shoes? They're adorbs! She wanted to wear them too! I just hope she stays this nice, unrumpled, and clean by the time they take photos today! I do think they take them early, because I'm sure this is every parent of young kids worry.

I can't wait to see what the photos turn out to be! 

She's a good looking kindergartner!

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

1st Dog Star Soccer Game

So technically, this isn't the FIRST game of Star Dogs season. This is the first game for Ashton. The first game was during Walk the Wall, so she didn't get to go. She was excited to not just practice, but play a game.

Our team has 5 girls and the opposing team had four. So it was decided to play 3 girls on the team and we'd rotate out 2 girls and they 1 girl for rest breaks. Ashton and Miss C were on the first rest break.

Ashton did really well, she really got in there. She's a very good hustler.

It was cute to see them do the "Go Star Dogs" group hand raise. 

Ashton gets very into the game that she sometimes trips over her own feet. Luckily, no one has steps on those little hands. She was okay!

We won last week (which Ashton didn't get to see) and this week we didn't get one score. But the girls all had fun, played as a team and that's what counts.

As for her eye incident, it seems the whole class got around the water fountain and fell like dominoes trying to get first and so she got "pushed" accidentally like a domino effect from her entire class. They now will only allow 2-3 kids go up at a time to the water fountain. So all seems fine on that front. No bullying or anything. Just an unfortunate accident. I'm so thankful.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Water Fountain Incident

I got a call from the school today to come pick up my daughter. Seems during aftercare someone pushed my daughter into the water fountain and scraped her eye. I rushed to get her. She was isolated from all the students sitting at the front reception desk drawing. She was very happy to see me.

I was not happy, this was too close to her eye. My husband and I have a parent/teacher conference on Thursday and afterwards we will be discussing this with the principal about her safety, if she's being bullied or if this was an isolated incident.

Since this didn't happen during kindergarten and only during aftercare, I wasn't too concerned about her Kindergarten class, but her teacher said she'd keep a closer eye on her just in case. And the principal emailed me letting me know that she was going to investigate before our meeting.

We went home and just used water and a q-tip to try and clean it up. Ashton wanted to do it herself as she kept closing her eye when I tried and her lashes covered her scrape. She did a good job trying to clean it herself.

We didn't have much time to baby her as we had soccer right after. She did complain off an on that it hurt, and I'm sure it does. But overall she did pretty well not touching her eye. She was nervous about them seeing her eye, but I told her there was nothing she could do about it. And it all went fine. One girl asked about it and I'm not sure how Ashton responded (I was too far away to hear - but I could see the girl touch her eye and point to Ashton's eye, so I knew it was being discussed) but a second later they were playing soccer. So it seemed to be fine.

She's getting better during practice and only had 1 incident where she got huffy. She accidentally hit someone with the ball. I told her to apologize, and she just clammed up. She eventually did, but only after some tears. It wasn't because she didn't want to apologize, but because she was upset she hurt her. But the girls hugged it out and were chasing and playing together shortly after.

The Star Dogs are doing really well together. I think we have a pretty good team!

Can't wait for the game on Saturday!
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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Still Laying Down the Sod

We got up super early today because we still have a lot of sod to lay down. Ashton has been helping collect rocks, sweep and such. She really wanted a picnic, so she ate her lunch outside.

I've been on errands to the hardware store getting different irrigation heads for last minute changes. I can't wait to see it all working and completed.

The pups got turns checking out our new lawn. Brenley wanted to stay out and just watch us. She sat on some dirt where the shade from the tree didn't reach and just sunbathed. So we decided to lay a patch of grass for her to make it more comfortable. She loved it.

Of course as the sod got closer to her she was sniffing it like crazy. She was wondering if the grass truly was greener on the other side.

Amadeus really loved the grass too. He was content in the shade just watching off and on.

The other pups were a little more rowdy. No problems there, just too blury for photos. Today is the last day we can sod for a couple days as tomorrow is Monday and after work is soccer. Then Tuesday after work is violin. And it may rain on Wednesday. So we may not get back to finishing up until Thursday. But at least most of the front yard is complete.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Windy Walk the Wall

We had Indianapolis' 4th annual Walk the Wall today! We had 6 kiddos from Sanmenxia and 9 children from China! It was amazing!

While everyone was registering, the kids were warming up on the playground. It was very windy. The registration tent actually picked up off the ground and started to "fly away" at one point. 

The kiddos were ready to go before the parents.

It was really great, it was like the children were bonding and really having fun.

There were many photo ops we tried to take advantage of.

As usual it was just a short 1 mile walk. Just perfect for the kiddos. Afterwards we had photos on the pavilion and then back to playtime on the playground.

Unlike the years before, everyone had time to spare after the walk. So after playing we all went to Chic-fil-a and had lunch together, and the kids took advantage of the indoor playground there.

It was a really fun day. I think all the kids really had a special time! And more importantly they raised money for an organization that helped them and they passed it forward to help the kids there now.

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